Monday, August 29, 2016

Arrrgust Winners!

    How are ye landlubbers doing these fine days eh? Captain Brody here, and I have looked over all of the entries entered into the Creation Contest. Lets see what kind of Mounts ye came up with! Thank you to ever who entered, and enjoy your prizes if you are lucky enough to win! See you in the Spiral! Winners listed in no particular order
Name: Nicolas
Mount Idea: Peg Leg
Description: I was thinking along the lines of how The Mighty Steed is one of the only mounts with 40% speed, and how it's not on any type of animal it's just the player hopping around with coconuts, I was thinking KI could do something like that! Because every good pirate needs a peg leg, right? Also, I was thinking, since companions like Ratbeard use their pegleg to attack, maybe the mount could have +2% weapon damage.
Name: Logan
Mount Idea: Golden Clockwork Squid
Description: I think the next mount would be super cool and amazing as a Quest
reward, The quest is going to be a hunt in Andalusian Skyway, Back in
Valencia. For a Wonderful Golden Clockwork Squid made by Gazpaccio
himself before his death. It was supposed to be a gift for King Casmir
back in the Golden age of Valencia. But sadly it was all left after
Kane and his Clockworks took over Valencia. The journey here is to
find some missing pieces for a key, This key can activate the Squid
itself. But the parts of the key were all scattered all over The
Spiral. 4 Pieces to find, First is in Skull Island and Bobby Bones has
it Won't be easy! , Second piece is in Valencia in Andalusian Skyway
and Gostaf, Gazpaccio's Assistant has a piece, Third Piece is in
Aquila, Turpio has it.
 Which is going to be absolutely challenging to
get, Unless if you're brave enough with a great courage to face him in
his mighty House. Last piece should be in Polaris with a Bear thug
called Shnikov. Once all pieces are gathered, You go back to Valencia
where the Squid and Gazpaccio's Assistant is, Once you activate the
key, Gostaf won't leave you alone with this Bounty. And you'll have to
fight him with your cunning and brave, Alone in a 1v1 duel! Once it
happens and you defeat him, Gostaf will activate it for you, and You
get your reward. The Golden Squid Clockwork Mount. Shiny, Fast and
Permanent! It comes with exclusive special grant for every class too!
Name: Antonio
Mount Idea: Baby Stormzilla
Ok. So my idea for a mount in pirate101 would be a baby Stormzilla. I think this would be an awesome mount to ride around places with. I think that you would get this mount after fighting the Stormzilla, but you need to do a certain thing while fighting the Stormzilla. While fighting the stormzilla, you need to make your way to a stormzilla egg pre-hatched then you need to stand next to it the entire fight. You need to stay in the spot without moving.
That egg will not hatch while the other ones do. If you so happen to be next to about two eggs only one will stay in it's egg. After the battle An animation starts that shows that stormzilla hatching. Since its mother isnt there, It thinks that you are it's mother. So you get to keep it and ride it around. BAM. Thats my idea for a mount In Pirate101 And I hope you think this is a cool idea :D
Name: Lucas Silver
Mount Idea: Fish Out O' Water
A new mount I would like to see in P101 would be called the Fish Out O' Water! It would cost 5,750 Crowns.

This mount is actually a fishbowl, with cartoonishly small and wobbly wheels on the bottom of it. The bowl would have a tiny sandcastle in it, with some kelp, and even a tiny fish (that happens to be dyeable!) that swims around and around your character. Oh, wait... Did I mention that your pirate is the one inside the bowl? Your pirate, as the mount moves around, makes motions like he or she is swimming, even though their motions have nothing to do with the motions of the bowl. Super funny!
Name: Modest Moira Mainstay
Mount Idea: Miniature Pirate Ship
I would love to see a miniature pirate ship mount! One that would look like a pirate ship but actually have a sail or flag that matched your pirates! You could dye it to match your colors and perhaps wearing it could give you a boost in your stats in some way? What better mount for a Pirate than his or her ship?????
I would also like to see this as a mount that could be dropped by the Regalia or could be bought in the crown shop for only a minimal amount of crowns...say around 2500, that way parents could give their kids this amount as a treat for getting good grades or for doing their chores all week.. or be really nice and offer a gold payment option!..The hardest thing for kids is to come up with crowns!
Name: Strong Steven Percy
Mount Idea: The Armada Palanquin
The 2 Armada soldiers, looking like the "armada sniper," carrying a Palanquin that looks like a steam pipe throne. Like the "Mander Palaquin," One of the Armada soldier will be holding from the front end and the other will be holding from the back end. These soldiers were supposed to be used for fighting with their sniper rifles, but Kane decided to use these 2 armada soldiers to carry him around on his very own Palanquin. With the defeat of Kane, the 2 armada soldiers need a new owner to carry around.  
4990 crowns from crown shop(Must complete the quest,"Razing Kane," to unlock) or a drop of the permament version from farming Kane.
Name: Jack Nightingale
Mount Idea: Gold Chicken War Chariot
It would be a quest reward for doing the
place of hyssarik 100 times. it would be solid gold with etchings of
the battle of troy carved on the sides with gold wheels with jewel
encrusted spikes so you could destroy enemy chariots, it would be
pulled by 6 gold chickens while you steer with a rope made out of the
golden fleece.
The chickens would have armor that looks like the
emperors bundle armor but would have a wwI era German soldier hat (all
armor gold and jewel encrusted, note the mount and chickens would have
different color jewels based on class, ex ruby for buccaneers) the
mount afk animation would be the chickens doing the wave with there
wings you would be standing on the back with your gun/wand/melee
weapon on your back. another thing they could do with this if they add
pvp to more worlds they could use these chariots for chariot races and
try to take each other out. titles would be 1 win gladiator novice 10
wins gladiator beginner 30 wins gladiator survivor 50 wins would be
grand gladiator 100 wins would be Spartacus's rival (reference to the
roman gladiator slave who fought his way to freedom) thats my mount

Monday, August 22, 2016

Arrrgust Week 4 Fan Site Contest!

    Hello Pirates! In Celebration of the 4th week of Arrrrgust, the awesome peeps of KI, have hooked up the Fansites up with some really cool prizes! We will be holding a contest this week for them. To learn all the details on how to enter, keep reading down below! Good luck to ye!
    There will be 2 ways to enter! 1 Will be a contest on here, another way will be Retweeting a tweet on twitter. For the contest on here, you have to come up with a brand new mount you would like to see in Pirate. Captain Brody has tons of Crowns and brand new Pygmy Whales he wants to give away.
    You could draw your new mount, or explain it in great detail, how much it would cost, or perhaps it would be a quest reward? Once you have your idea ready, please send it to (please get your guardians permission if you are under the age of 13). The other day I was thinking of pirate class themed mounts, pretty cool ideas to think of! Cannot wait to see what you guys come up with.
    The 2nd way to enter is via Twitter. Make sure to Follow me at @jcentral1 if you aren't already, and RT this tweet. Winners will be picked for both contests at the end of the Saturday, August 27th. Thanks for participating and good luck to you all! Prizes will be shown below further down.
Prizes for the Mount Contest:
1st place: 1 Pygmy Whale Mount Perm + 10k Crowns
2nd place: 1 Pygmy Whale Mount Perm
3rd place: Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
4th place: Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
5th place: Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
6th place: Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
7th place: Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
Prizes for the Twitter Contest:
1 Pygmy Whale Mount Perm + 10k Crowns
1 Pygmy Whale Mount Perm
1 Pygmy Whale Mount Perm
Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns
Pygmy Whale Mount (7 day rental) + 2500 Crowns

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Contest Winners!

    Pirate101 has been very busy lately with their Test Realm release of Valencia 2 and Book 15! Have you guys tried it out yet?? Its really fun and should be on the Live Realm soon enough. But I have been reading all of the entries I have received for this contest and my Wizard101 one, now its time to release the winners entries, and codes be sent.
    Just want to thank everyone who entered, and for many unique entries! Maybe the devs will read them and get some ideas for future companions! Good luck and see you peeps in the Spiral! Below are the winners in no particular order!
    Michael Walker
Companion Name: Skully Scarper
Where Pirate was rasied: Marleybone
Class: Witchdoctor
Epics: Mojo Blast, Doomspell, Mojo Echo, Cowards Bane, Witch Hunter
Talents: Spooky, Resistant, Spirited, Rough, Lucky
Scarper is a cross between a Rat and Skeleton so you can say he is a Zombie Rat. This companion was the result of the Armada's doing. His village was once a peaceful place and everyone was happy until the Armada invaded it and destroyed everything and killed everyone. (or so they thought) Skully was left for dead but was found by Vadima and was taken under her wing. With her powerful Hoodoo Powers she revived him as an undead to help her students defeat the Armada!
Companion Name: Uni-Golem-X
Where Pirate was raised: Marleybone
Class: Buccaneer
Appearance: He looks like a unicorn, but with robotic features and weapons such as laster eyes, magical machine guns, rockets, and a blade similar to a light saber. Due to the shear power of his attacks, and strain on his body, he takes time to recharge. However he can still pack a punch while recharging with his sword skills.
Powers: Vengeance Strike, Blade storm, and relentless. He also has the ability to fly with his rocket powered jet pack, but has limited movement of only 3 squares. Also has hold the line. However, he also has Musketeer as a secondary class. Thanks to this, he's capable of making ranged attacks and protect himself from charging enemies from a distance.

Epics: Valor Fortress, Reckless Frenzy, Healing. He also has three unique musket attacks. These are, 1. repeatedly hit specific target within range three times without missing. 2. hit any target on the battlefield in view once, critical guaranteed, 3. Hit 9 Squares (similar to artillery) with damage and also leave fire traps.
Additional Storyline: At first, Uni-Golem-X is an enemy who remembers nothing of his past. He believes his only purpose was to serve his masters, the armada, and complete their every elite plan. However, upon fighting your pirate he regains some of his memories from familiar fighting stances. It is slowly revealed that he wasn't just a simple unicorn but was a longtime friend of your father who parted ways after he grew tired of the sea. Tears fill his eyes for the first time in years and he begins to show emotions. He leaves the armada and joins your crew after proving he is safe enough and mentally stable.
Companion Name: Alister Mclongtail
Where Pirate was raised: Marleybone
Class: Musketeer
Background Story: He is Bonnie Anne's cousin from Albion, who has come to Marleybone to help fellow fox anarchists. Unfortunately, due to his very bad temper he ends up arguing with one of the anarchist leaders so he's being held a prisoner in his lair. After Bonnie Anne finds out about his mishaps, she asks us to return to Marleybone and free her cousin Alister. Once we've freed him, he joins our crew.
Epic Power: Pay the Piper (he plays his pipes and pipe tubes shoot fire) guaranteed Super hit.
Epic heal- "Fox on the Run" (foxes running around team members) gives 50% health to all players and companions within the range of 3 squares.
Epics, up to 6, max level 4: Overwatch, Burstfire, Doubletap, Return Fire, True Grit
Once per turn, when he dodges blocks a melee attack, swords up (similar to riposte) is triggered and then he uses his short sword to strike back, which reduces opponents damage by 5% for 3 rounds.
Epic Hit animation: 3 shot animation - 1st shot he is kneeling and shooting, 2nd shot he stands and shooting with both hands. 3rd shot he is shooting with one hand.
Mega hit: he jumps up and shoots 3 times one hand
Super Hit: he plays his pipes and pip tubes shoot out fire. 
Companion Name: Valgard Goodell
Where Pirate was raised: Mooshu
Class: Swashbuckler
Valgard is from the ancient land of Mooshu. Was once very close friends with your Mother before she left for El Dorado. You meet with him after securing the last few map pieces for El Dorado! You ask him if he has any ideas where your Mother is and he joins your crew to help you find her. When you meet him he tells you he was just visiting the Emperor of Mooshu after an evil wizard placed a curse on him.
Gavin Firebreather
Companion Name: Sarah Blake
Where Pirate was raised: Skull Island
Class: Privateer
Sarah is the first companion in the game that is a human!! She is a new recruit to help fight the armada but Avery thinks you can help her show the way around. She may start out very weak but once trained and is shown the true art of becoming a pirate, she will be a power house with her magic healing and powers. She wears a necklace that is very important later in the story when visiting El Dorado. What secrets Is she keeping from you?
Anne Radcliffe
Companion Name: Tomooe Gozen
Where Pirate was raised: Mooshu
Class: Swashbuckler
My pirate (Anne Radcliffe) was raised in Mooshu, and she would love to meet Tomooe Gozen, known far and wide in Mooshu as a hero samoorai. While most unusual for a female to become a samoorai in Mooshu, Tomooe took on the task to defend her family and maintain family honor. Sadly, the upheavals in Mooshu with the illness of the Emperor led to conflicts that left her home in flames and her family destroyed. Refusing to serve the dishonorable, no matter how powerful they might be, Tomooe wanders as a ronin, a masterless samoorai, but her staunch code of morals and her willingness to aid the needy have earned her considerable respect, and retained her the more honorable title of ‘samoorai’. Those actions however, have earned her many powerful enemies, and the number of fortified towns that she can enter without an arrest attempt on her are becoming fewer and far between…
So, like Kobe, Tomooe has a very strict sense of honor. When drawing her, I used Kobe as my primary inspiration, with adaptations from the softer Cow females KI has designed (such as Moolinda Woo). While somewhat feminized, my Tomooe looks a lot rangier and tougher than the gentle female Cows seen before (well, she has had a tough life!). However, I gave her beautiful hair (as Tomoe was supposed to have), arranged in an elaborate style around a headdress (inspired by illustrations and live interpretation of Tomoe Gozen in Japan).
Tomooe can use the samoorai’s traditional weapons of the katana and wakizashi, but I rather fancy her using the naginata instead, as we don’t have any companions using that weapon as of yet (but KI has the animations for it, as some of our Pig enemies in Moo Manchu’s Tower use it).
As far as her class, since she is a samoorai, Tomooe would certainly be a swashbuckler, and as such would have a choice of desired swashbuckler epics such as riposte, first strike, flanking, and the like. If she uses a katana and wakizashi (instead of a naginata), an interesting new swashbuckler epic could be ‘double sword’, a distinct two strike attack.
Futhermore, she’s earned a lot of experience in her travels, which could justify a Privateer ability in her repertory. I think ‘Fighting Fervor’ might be appropriate. This could replace one of the standard swashbuckler epics.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Our Next Storyline Companions Contest!

    Howdy Pirates! Kingsisle has been teasing the next update to Pirate101! (Be sure to check out other fansites here for their sneek peek teaser and contests!)  Its dubbed Valencia Part 2, and will continue where we last off after Aquila! In Celebration of it, they have given the Fansites some codes to give out with some Contests! Keep reading below to find out how you can win on our site!
    Remember in the beginning of the game when we had to answer some questions? How it effected our stat boost and a companion we met at the Presidio? Well It has been said that where you picked where your pirate grew up also will effect a 2nd companion we meet in the future! For this contest you have to create a companion that you think will be an option. Below you will find a guideline of what you need to come up with!
Name of Companion
Where was your Pirate raised? (Skull Island, Marleybone, Grizzleheim, Mooshu, Or Krok)
What does he or she look like?
What Powers or Epics can it learn?
(Remember, the more details the better!)
    Remember you can add in a picture of it if you want! Some think that where you chose where your pirate was raised, (SI, MB, GH, MO, KT) that it will be a creature from that world. But it could also not be to mix things up! For ex my Witchdoctor was raised in Krokotopia, does that mean the companion that will join my crew in the future will be a mander? or perhaps a krok lizard? The possibilities are endless!!
10,000 Crowns
5,000 Crowns
5,000 Crowns
1,000 Crowns
1,000 Crowns
1,000 Crowns
    After you create your entry, please send it to with the title "Companion Contest". (Please get your parents or guardians permission to send an email if you are under 13) The deadline to enter this contest will be next Monday, May 16th at Midnight Eastern time. Winners will be chosen sometime next Tuesday. :)
    Ill leave you all to get working on your companions! To end this post Ill be posting an exclusive sneak peek at Valencia Part 2 that Kingsisle has given us to share! What could it be, and where? Enjoy!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentina is back!

    Valentina here! Ye havent seen me since last year when the cupids took over ;). This year I am back in the Spiral with all sorts of goodies for Pirates and Wizards alike! Be sure to check out the crown shop in both games for them! You can see them pictured below as well. Also be sure to check out the Contest we have going on below! You could win some crowns or pets.
Valentines Eyepatch
Beetle My Valentine Pet
Bunny Hug Pet
Hunny-Bunny Pet
    Ok now for the contest, there is a new teaser KI released of a Mysterious Pirate! Who do you think this is, and what does he have to do with the Story? Main or Side? Leave a comment on this post with your guess and leave an email I can send you your prize if you are chosen. (Do not worry your emails wont be posted) Deadline to enter is Feb 18th.
Huggle Hoggle Pet
Huggle Hoggle Pet
Huggle Hoggle Pet
5,000 Crowns
5,000 Crowns

Monday, December 28, 2015


Hello Pirates!
    I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Weekend! :) I just sent the codes out for the Rafflecopter and am posting the winners of the Santa Baar Contest below! Thank you all for entering and if you didn't win this time, keep trying in the future. Thanks a bunch peeps!
1st Place: Logan MistSpear
    Defeating the Armada won't be easy! I think the First Arc is going to end as the following Captain Avery will send us to recover the Red Windstone that Leads to another Part in Valencia, Cadiz Skyway! But to get this Windstone, We're going back to Marleybone to give a Small Stormgate a Visit, Mirage! A Small island there, Raija Khan has a Windstone leads there! But once we go see him, We're going to get surprised. Someone from Kroktopia took the Windstone and went back to Kroktopia. We gotta find him! So Raija Will give us a Pink Windstone that leads to a Stormgate to Kroktopia in Aquila! After we go and help some folks in Kroktopia, They'll guide us to this person who took the Red Windstone, Mighty Krokhotep. Somone who likes to collect anything shiny. But getting this Windstone is not that easy as we thought, His Minions were helping him to stop us.
After we defeat him, He will gladly give us the Red Windstone, Once we go there to Valencia, The Surprise Begins in Kane's Court. He's Preparing to Invade El Dorado!. While he's telling us his goodbye, We're forced to face his Loyal Master, Phule. Where he's either helping us a time, Or against us at a time!
    Once we defeat Phule we're going to realize that Caligostro will be there in the Machine Prisoned, Once we let him out, He's going luckily to give us the last 3 Pieces, He was able to draw them back before Kane Captures him. Finally we go to El Dorado, City of Gold and Face Kane. Once Kane is defeated, We can see our Parents's Grave. Their souls are calling us. They wanted to let us know that they had all that time a Huge Galleon made from Pure Gold of El Dorado. To seek it out, We gotta go to Polaris, City of Penguins! We thought that going there is simple. But sadly it wasn't, The Black Windstone that leads to Wizard City and Polaris is in Captain Avery's Office! But once we ask him to give us this Windsont, He decided to fight us to get our pieces of the map to get the ship before us
Once Avery is defeated, He surrenders with the Windstone, Wishing us great luck in our journey.
When we go to Polaris, Mysterious Surprise is waiting for us, The Polarian Navy thinks that we're a spymasters came from Valencia! But once Napoleguin Identifies us, He's going to remember that we've rescued him back in Fort Elena and set him free! He is going to ask us to do a lot of favors and Impossible missions, And other problems in Polaris! But once that is done, he is going to tell us that he's ready to help us at anytime. When Bonnie Anne Mentioned The Golden Galleon from El Dorado, Napoleguin will get from his Pocket a Bottled Golden Ship. Giving it to us, Then we Unbottle the Golden Ship, Sailing to Skull Island back to Captain Avery for another Adventures waiting for us in the future!
2nd Place: Wesley
    Well, I think Once we get to El Dorado, half way of talking to people, the armada arrives because they inserted a locater on you, as they arrive, they engage in combat with you, at a boss surprising you, the fight holds while the armada joins the fight, during this, the Armada will overpower you, and supposedly defeat you, with you knocked out, it goes into a dialog, and sends you in a box out in the skyway to dispose of, now, Boochbeard and Gaundry find you on there ship, open up the box, you get out, and you see the class teachers with strong students and Napolequin (Because he see's this as a threat), Now you have a discussion with everyone, (While this is all happening, the ship is an Armada ship, bypassing any checkpoints the Armada has set up, the ship is sailing into the Armada headquarters) you realize that you need to get stronger, by doing quests and errands around the ship.
    By the time you actually get decent(Once you get to decent, and improvement, you are at an outpost god knows where, to set up an army to invade the Armada), you, Boochbeard and Gaundry, and the class teachers depart to go into the headquarters to battle, like the magnificent 7, it will be just them, you, and a companion, you go through the Armada, Blah Blah Blah, before you get to the boss, you destroy all the factory's producing militants,you battle, and you win, the main bosses depart with the remaining men to an unknown world, then starts a whole new line of events, by revisiting old worlds, new worlds, finding men all over the place, gathering clues where the epic final fight will begin.  (There will be a ship to go back to  Skull Island, vice versa, all the class teachers are at the outpost to you and all others who's gotten to that point)
3rd Place: Derek
    For the end of Pirate101, when we finally go to El Dorado, I believe we will find all of Kane's Court waiting for us. However, there is a twist, behind Kane, is our parents, being held hostage. Kane will say: This is it Pirate, give up, and you're parents will be unharmed. However, if you wish to engage in combat, there is no telling the amount of pain they will suffer once I destroy you. (Obviously, being the bold pirate I am, I will confront them). When going into battle, you will fight all of Kane's Court, Phule, Deacon, Bishop, Rooke, the unnamed queen, and Kane. After fighting the epic and extremely difficult battle, the vile clockworks fall and shatter from defeat, our pirate emerges victorious and reunites with our parents. However, in the midst of the dust from the clockworks, Kane still stands!
    He says: ''Ho ... how could this be! This is not over pirate! I may have fallen in defeat today but I will rebuild my army! The Armada shall never fall! The next time we meet you will wish you never interfered with us!'' ( Kane goes on his ship and bombs El Dorado, bringing the whole city of gold to start falling to the outer void). Our parents say: ''Kane got away! El Dorado will soon be destroyed! We have to leave now!'' ( We all escape just in time, looking back at El Dorado on our ship, we can see it crumbling into million of pieces.) Back at Avery's office , Avery says: ''Pirate! Thank the spiral you're safe! I heard what happened to El Dorado, don't worry we'll track down Kane and stop him for good! As for now, you didn't get any gold, but you did reunite with ye long lost parents! This calls for a celebration! Don't worry pirate, I'll always tell ye when I find another exciting adventure for you!''  You earned the badge: Annihilator of the Armada.