Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Tale of 2 Chests

    Lenny the Leprechaun is back visiting PoTS! He has gotten into some serious trouble though already! While exploring Skull Island, he got his chest of gold mixed up with some scrip that belongs to Squid Vicious. After visiting the black market he took the wrong one and Squid Vicious thought he was trying to take it, so he sent his minions after Lenny.
    He is now being held in the depths of the Black Market until all of Squid's Scrip is back in his possession. Lenny promises to reward the Pirates that help him. He had bought some items from the black market that he stashed in his magical pouch. Leprechauns have the power to make crowns grow on trees too, so they are known to be very wealthy in the Spiral.
    Lenny also knows the secret way to the Smugglers Arena that he promises to tell one lucky pirate. So are you interested in helping the little leprechaun out? He has places to go visit like Wizard City and he cannot do that being trapped in Skull Island. If you are interested check the details below! Yarrrr!
    The Chest of Scrip that Lenny had taken outside of the Auction house has been stolen by a nefarious group of Pirates after he was captured by Squid Vicious. It's your job to track down these pirates and get the scrip back. Each Day for the next 5 days at 5:00 PM EST (Saturday I will be doing them at 4:00 PM EST), we will use Lenny's Magical Powers to reveal where one of the Pirates is hiding. If you manage to find them first you win that days prize!
March 3rd, 2015
Prize: Rock Crab Pet + 2,000 Crowns
Pirate to find: Jasmine
Pet: Paper Dragon
Realm hint: Musk Trainer
World: Skull Island
Winner: @_stormy12
March 4th, 2015
Prize: Armored Scorpion Mount + 5,000 Crowns
Pirate to find: John
Realm Hint: He stole Gunn's Treasure
World: Skull Island
Winner: @HunterOrleans
March 5th, 2015
Prize: Rock Crab Pet + 2,000 Crowns
Pirate to find: John
Realm hint: First Armada Leader you meet
World: Skull Island
Winner: @Mrkrazy4074
March 6th, 2015
Prize: Armored Scorpion Mount + 5,000 Crowns
Pirate to find: John
Realm Hint: Hanging above a volcano
World: Skull Island
Winner: @Ma1kavian
March 7th, 2015
Prize: Smugglers Arena + 10,000 Crowns
Pirate to find: John
Realm hint: The one who teaches you all about Voodoo
World: Marleybone
    Big thanks to Tom and Leala for letting us run this contest! We hope you enjoy It, and good luck finding the scrip stealing pirates to save Lenny! If you have any questions you can reach me at johnnycentral1@cox.net or @Jcentral1 on Twitter. Or you can even leave a comment on this post and I'll get back to it as soon as I can.

Monday, March 2, 2015


    Lenny the Leprechaun is in trouble! Squid Vicious saw him take some of the things from the black market without paying him his scrip. Come back tomorrow to see how you can help him. :D

Friday, January 30, 2015

Pirate101 Pillow Fight Event!

    Hello there ye landlubbers! Today Pirate101 announced that they are starting an in-game contest starting January 31st at 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM US Central Time! During that time frame, log into Pirate101 and fight enemies around Skull Island and try to collect as many housing pillows as you can from battle drops.
    There are 4 different type of pillows that count towards your collection. The Embroidered Royal Pillow, Royal Throw Pillow, Embroidered Elegant Throw Pillow, and the Embroidered Regal Pillow. Kingsisle will be keeping track of everyone's collection of pillows they get from drops tomorrow.
    Then on February 2nd, they will see which pirate collected the most pillows during that time and grant them 60,000 crowns! The next 10 Pillow collectors receive 10,000 crowns as a consolation prize! So get ye crew ready for a Pillow fight! Crowns to be had, good luck all! Big Thanks to Kingsisle for hosting this awesome event.
    The following are the rules of the event. If you have any other questions you can send an email to community@pirate101.com. Check out the full details over at Pirate101.com
1. Only Pillows that are successfully acquired by players as loot drops from 12:01 AM January 31st- 11:59 PM January 31st Central Time will count towards your total. Bazaar purchases of pillows will not count.
2. You may sell your pillows you receive after battle to make room in your bag, those would still be counted.
3. Pillows are counted per character, not account.
4. Winners will be announced on February 2nd.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

    Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day. We are lucky enough to have Amazing CM's who actually care about their gaming communities unlike some of the other games around! Tom and Leala do an amazing job keeping the Wizard101 and Pirate101 communities in check while having a great time!
    For example they just recently started doing these interactive events called KI Live where they do a webcam live stream recapping new content while giving out some prizes to lucky viewers. If you want to watch them you can check out Kingsisle's Youtube Channel with them! Just wanted to give a quick shout out that I am very thankful for them. Major Props for Ex Greyrose Kiersten Samwell as well. She is now a dev on the W101 team.
    Cannot wait to see what Tom and Leala have in store for us in the future. I'm sure they will do a wonderful job. :) Make sure to give them a shout out today if you can. You can reach them on twitter at @Lealaturkey and @FriendlyNecro.
See you all in the Spiral!
PS: To everyone who lives on the East Coast , be careful a big winter storm is approaching, stay safe and have fun in the snow!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

KI Live Today!

    I hope all ye pirates are doing fine in th' new year! Did Santa Baar bring all of the presents ye had hoped for? Now that break is now over we are back in action! Be sure to watch Kingsisle Live today featuring our amazing Community Mangers for both Wizard101 and Pirate101, Tom and Leala! (Don't forget about Julia as well!)
    They will be discussing a new year in the Spiral, resolutions and much more! Also they will be giving out some cool prizes to those that are lucky enough to get their questions chosen! If you want to leave a question, make sure to use the hashtag #AskKI on twitter with your question. Be sure to follow @Pirate101 and @Wizard101 as well if ye haven't already! They will begin the livestream at 4 PM Central, 5 PM Eastern time! Make sure you are there! Click here to go to the livestream page!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


    How all ye landlubbers doin this fine evening?! Santa Baar is ready to head back into Skull Island to continue celebrating yuletide! Before he leaves he has looked over all of your entries for the Holiday Companion contest and has picked the winners! We want to thank everyone for entering and wish we could give everyone a prize. Without further ado......
1st Place:
Crazy Ryan Upham
Companion Name: Big Red Nosed Moodolph
Info: The Big Red-Nosed Moodolph companion is a Musketeer. He uses his canon to shoot ornaments at the enemies. His ornament supplies are on his pants for quick access (It never runs out lol). Something special about him is that each color ornaments does different things too not just damage the enemies.
Red Ornament- Decreases enemies attack
Green Ornament- Steals enemies health
Blue Ornament- Decreases enemies defense
Yellow Ornament- Increase teammates' defense, attack, etc.  within range
One of his special talent is the "Skate Kick". Which can only be used at enemies within range. Does high damage. (Secretly a swashbuckler too)
Second Place:
Calamity Pixieshade
Companion Name: Sugar Yum Fairy
Info: The Sugar Yum Fairy is a Privateer Class companion and has a permanent ongoing ability "Yum, Yum, Yum"- (not one you have to select) - any allies ending their turn in the adjacent 8 squares next to the Sugar Yum Fairy will recover 10% of their health at the end of round.  (Unless defeated - sorry she can't bring people back from the dead.)
In addition to Mighty Charge  the Sugar Yum fairy has one additional epic ability called - Mischievous Pixie - The sugar yum fairy can target one opponent and move them to any square of her choosing.  (Bosses like Moo could be immune, but eh, I like this plan)
Third Place:
Loveable Flora
Companion Name: Morgan Snowfitte
Class: Swashbuckler
Some cool talents:
Frenzied Flurry
Bonus attack if you hit (60% chance), up to 5X per round
Infallible Master
+30 accuracy
+15 armor when attacked (50% chance), up to 3X for whole duel
Fourth Place:
Clever Jasmine
Companion Name: Snowball
Class: Privateer
Looks like the snowball pet from wizard101 but is bigger and is on your crew! Some of his special moves is to "snowball strike" into the enemies and it even has snow fall around it like the pet version. Another exclusive move this companion would have is "build a snowman" which summons 3 snowman minions in 3 spots on the board to help you fight.
Thank you everyone who entered! Big thanks to Kingsisle for letting us hold a contest this holiday season! Hope you all get what you want for Christmas. Stay safe and see you in the Spiral!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Santa Baar is coming to town!

    How are all ye landlubbers doing this chilly day in the Spiral? Santa Baar has finally came to town! What surprises and goodies did he bring with him? You will just have to wait and find out! Are you all excited for the black market and scrip hitting live? I know I am! Saving up for all of the cool items there. Anyways back to Santa Baar...
    He has brought his army of Elves to help him with giving gifts to children all around the spiral in a timely fashion. He made a list and he has checked it twice, have you been naughty or nice this year? He has some cool prizes to give away for this Holiday Season and has asked me to come up with some ways to give them away. Check below on how to enter the contests!
    Santa Baar needs your help! He is getting more toys each year for the little kiddies around the Spiral and needs more help delivering the presents. His elves do the best they can but he wants more. It's your job to come up with some cool new Yuletide themed Companions! So far in the Spiral we have the Nutcracker Soldier, and the Mistle Toad!
To enter all ye have to do is name your companion, give it some cool new talents, what class it is, and even draw a picture of it if you want! You have a week to do this so I hope to see some really cool entries! Once your finished send your entry to Johnnycentral1@cox.net (If you are under the age of 13 please ask your parent/guardian for permission first!)
There will be 4 lucky winners! You want to hear the prizes?
1st Place: Empire Bundle
2nd Place: Hoodoo Bundle
3rd Place: 5000 Crowns
4th Place: 2500 Crowns
    I wish you all the best of luck in this contest! You have starting now till Wednesday, December 17th at midnight est time to enter. Winners will be picked sometime on Thursday, December 18th. If you are looking for another way to earn a prize keep reading!
Santa Baar has a few friends that want to go out on adventures with pirates like ye all! You need a twitter account to enter this contest. To enter, all you have to do is first, follow me @Jcentral1 then tweet what your favorite thing about Christmas is using the hashtag #SantaBaarP101.
For the next 4 days, tweet the hashtag and I will select someone at random and send them the prize! We have 4 Random Beastmaster Companions to let ye scallywags recruit. I wish you the best of luck and to see all your responses. Also if you are the lucky winner be sure to tweet out which companion you got to add to your team!
Big thanks to Leala, Tom, and Kingsisle for letting us host these contests!