Friday, April 11, 2014


    When Vadima summoned up the spirit named Hoodoo Cornelius she only thought there was one, but 2 of them appeared in her lair. One good and one evil! The evil monkey's name is Mojo Jojo. He wants the ancient monkey coins that are located in a locked chest inside Vadima's lair.
    Outraged that he cannot open the chest, he casts a spell on Johnny. Having control over him he kidnaps him and takes him out of the lair. Where did they go? That is up to you pirates to find them! Vadima has a bunch of goodies to give out to the brave pirates to face evil Mojo Jojo and save Johnny. Mojo Jojo made sure that its hard to find the real one of him so he made copies of himself. Below are the dates to find Johnny/Mojo!
    There is a twist though! Before you can go find them, you must find a Monkey Coin somewhere around here! Find it and click on it for the phrase you have to say when you find Mojo and Johnny. Then of course give the coin to Mojo. :P Here is what you are looking for.
Hide and Seek 1
Date: 4/11/14
Time: 9:00 PM eastern
World: Skull Island
Realm: First armada leader you meet
Hint 1: In a cove
Winner: Generous Abe
Hide and Seek 2
Date: 4/12/14
Time: 3:00 PM eastern
World: Cool Ranch
Realm: Boochbeard and _________
 Winner: Stubborn Duncan
Hide and Seek 3
Date: 4/13/14
Time: 12 PM eastern
World: Monquista
Realm: Character who steals Gunn's Will!
 Winner: Evan Silver
Hide and Seek 4
Date: 4/14/14
Time: 3:00 PM eastern
World: Skull Island
Realm: Bucc trainer
Hint 1: Honest Roger
Winner: Katherine De Bouff

The Evil Spirit Lives!

    Congratulations to Stubborn Duncan Freeman for finding all of the items and being the first to send them to me! Enjoy your Hoodoo Cornelius Companion! If ya'll are wondering where the items were located here are the links:
    If you didn't win anything this time around, do not worry! There are plenty of more contests coming soon! This Monkey has way more antics up his sleeves. He is still looking for those coins! Stay tuned!

Vadima's Summoning Potion Recipe

    Madame Vadima needs your help Pirates! Yesterday an evil monkey spirit appeared in her cauldron demanding his "coins" to be returned to him. To learn more about him, we need to create a summoning potion to summon his full form. Vadima's materials were scattered everywhere and needs your help finding them!
    There are 5 items total and she needs all of them to concoct the potion to summon the spirit. When you find an item somewhere on the site, quickly click on it and it will bring you to a code! If you are the first to use it you will get a secret item! What will it be? Crowns? Pets? You will just have to find out! But do not stop there! Copy down the link you found one of the materials on and hurry to find the rest of them. Once you have found all 5 materials and have their links copied down send them to me at The first person to do this will get the monkey spirit himself! (Hoodoo Cornelius Companion)
    So for example, say I found one of the materials on the "Ryan the Relentless" Article on PoTS, I would click on the potion and try to redeem the code to see if its been redeemed already. I would then copy the link to the article and paste it on a notepad while I go look for the other materials.
    Once you have found all the materials and have all 5 links copied down, send them quick to my email and I will see if you got them correct. You can work with other people for this contest if you want, but only the person who sends all 5 links to my email will get the reward.
    If you do not win one of the codes from clicking on the materials themselves, or the grand prize of sending all of the links to me, do not fret, once the evil monkey spirit is in his true form after Vadima creates the summoning potion, he will be on the loose around Pirates of the Spiral! Be on guard! So you want to see the 5 materials ya'll need to find?
    Have fun and good luck!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Message from the "Other" Side

    Landlubbers! Madame Vadima has urgent news! While she was concocting her hoodoo potions, a spirit from the underworld appeared with a message to you all! When we get more information we will let you know what he wants and why he came here! Keep your eyes peeled to Pirates of the Spiral in the coming days! Oh no another message has appeared out of the cauldron! Until then Pirates!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


    Good Mornin' Pirates! Yesterday we looked at all of the New Class Companions that are currently on the Test Realm. Today we will be looking at a huge new portion of the game; Pet Pvp and Bestia! This is a big change to the game and it may at first look confusing, but once you get use to it and try it out, you are going to enjoy it! Keep in mind that its very different from Wizard101 Pet Training. Are ya ready then? Off we go!
    To get the quest to explore the new expansion in Skull Island (Bestia) you will need to pick up the quest from the Town Friar standing on the box near Avery's Office. He lets you know that Skull Island has been invited to join the Great Petathelon on Bestia. Only problem is, is that Skull Island is short an egg! The water moles over on the upper island have it but wont give it up. Mickey hands you a Tiki to offer as trade. After you bring the tiki to the water moles, they accept your trade and now you have a pet egg!
    Aquila brought the Petathelon to us! Its floating in the skyway behind Skull Island. To get there you need to ride the Aquilan ship near the Musketeer Roost. Gladia will bring you to Bestia from there.
    When you arrive, head up towards the entrance to the coliseum, and Sepia will tell you all about the Petatheleon history. After talking to him, enter the coliseum and find Trista under the Skull Island tent to deliver the egg. She tells you to keep the egg because One-Eyed Jack managed to get another egg for the races. Woot your first new pet! It will hatch in about 5 minutes.
    Open up your Character UI and click the Pet Icon to open your Pet window. All of your pets will be located here (similar to your companion page). Click on one of your pets to show their Talents and Powers. The Ostrich you get is a Hatchling so none of the talents will be unlocked. (Any Pets you have prior to this update will match your Pirates level) After talking to Trista, move to the Marleybone Tent.
    You will meet a Marleybonian Dog named Abigail Downton who gives you a few Pet snacks after learning you just acquired a new pet egg! She explains to you that after your pet finishes a training activity, you can feed it a snack that makes them faster and smarter. Eventually your Pet will grow into its older stages (Hatchling>Baby>Teen>Adult>Ancient, etc.) The difference in Pirate101 pet leveling is that the pet actually grows larger! Next head to the Krokotopian Tent.
    Before entering, speak with Hep Kat'mun. He will teach you all about "Morphemancy". It is when you join 2 pets together to create one. Talents will be passed along to the new pet. Head inside the tent and try one of the Ancient Idols!

    In the Video, I used my Level 55 Sabretooth Bunny and Level 50 Ostrich. Together they created a "Feather Egg" which hatched into another Ostrich. Kingsisle said there are some Hybrids out there but are tricky to find! I'm sure once someone figures them out their combinations will be shared around all the fansites, keep an eye out!
    After leaving the Morphing Tent, there will be a Mooshu themed Pavilion. Inside will be Mooneko who will teach you all about Pet Training. Long ago the Sages of Mooshu created and perfected Training activities to strengthen pets. It requires Pet energy and Time.
    You will notice that your Pirate has a new Energy globe next to its Health. Some of these activities also require "Pet Gear". You can get Pet gear by buying some with gold or Pet Pvp! After your pet trains in one of the world activities you can feed it a snack like Abigail said earlier to make it grow. Before leaving, Mooneko will give you 3 Pet Gear cards to get you started.
    The final Pavilion is the Grizzleheim one to your left. You will find Bjorn there who will tell you the basics of how to gain more snacks and pet gear other than buying them; Pet PvP. If you do matches you will always gain some snacks/pet gear.
    Go talk to Decius the Duelmaster to enter a match! You choose which pet you want to use in that match and the system will hook you up with another player's pet to spar with. If you continue to play matches, you will unlock special badges which allow you to use more pets in Pet PvP. For example after 5 matches you will unlock the ability to use 2 pets in Pet PvP matches instead of only 1.

    In my first match, I was faced against 2 high leveled pets with my low level ostrich. After being quickly defeated, I tried again but this time using my Level 65 Armadillo! He kicked some behind with his Riposte and Relentless abilities! It was also a 2v1 battle.

    You will notice a Cheer button at the bottom of the screen when your pets are sparring. When the left bar fills up you will be able to cheer for your pet. When the Cheer buttons is blue, you can do a "regular" cheer. If you want a max cheer look for the button to turn green and quickly cheer. It will boost your pets other meter for it to use its spells/talents faster!
That is all we have for today! There will be much more to showcase for in this update. Check back tomorrow for the new main quests added to Skull Island!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Class Companions!

    Yesterday, Kingsisle opened up the Pirate101 test realm! There are loads of new goodies we get to test out. From new companions, new pets, and much much more! To read all of the update notes for this test realm, click here. Today I'll be showcasing all of the new companions, enjoy!


    Which one is your favorite? Mine is between the Witchdoctor's and Swashbuckler's! Stay tuned for more Test Realm updates like the new quests in Skull Island.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Congratulations Pirate101 on 30k likes on FB!

    How are all ye scallywags doing? Today Pirate101 announced on their Facebook that they have reached over 30k+ likes! Woot Congrats! As a gift they are giving everyone a XP Elixer for free! To get yours simply click the button below! Enjoy! If you haven't liked P101 FB yet, go do it!