Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Pirate101 Concept Art

Kingsisle has added in some new Concept art to!
Check them out;

Avery has a small army of pirates who help him govern Skull Island, including Bonnie Anne, a keen-eyed marksman and expert tracker. Anne's cheerful disposition and knack for getting the job done no matter the odds have made her one of Avery's most trusted associates.
The Spiral is full of pirate legends - and not all the great captains had a heart of gold. Captain Blood, scourge of the skyways, is one of the most feared pirates to ever take sail. According to some, Blood met his match years ago, though rumors out of Cool Ranch hint that the terrible pirate may be back...
Out at the rim of the Spiral life is hard, and in recent months the number of dangerous incidents involving pirates has seen a steep rise.
The wastelands beyond the Imperial Border in MooShu are home to the Amber Horde, nomadic barbarians who are among the fiercest and bravest fighters in the Spiral. Subodai, exile of the Amber horde, is a mighty warrior who can become one of your pirate's most valued Companions.
While most Pirates have never set eyes on a true wizard, they deal with their fair share of magic - especially HooDoo, the shady art practiced Witchdoctors and tribal Shamans. A bewildering collection of tricks, hexes, and charms, HooDoo grants the power to curse enemies, see the unseen, and even raise or command the dead.

- I love the last picture's caption! Makes me so excited to be a Witchdoctor when beta opens!
What do you think of these? The skull monkey reminds me of Jack the monkey from PoTC when he is in his dead form. :D

See ya'll around the skyways soon on this beautiful day!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pirate101 Central

*Points* Yarrrrrrr! Thar she blows!! The legendary sky whale! Ready the cannons! *Sky Whale escapes* Nooo!

Oops, Ahoy! Are all of ye havin' a nice day? I just wanted to remind ye all to check out Pirate101Central, a new forum fer Pirate101. Signin' up dont take that long 'n ye can meet other band 'o pirates thar 'n find up to date information. Jester 'n Olivia created another great forum, once beta opens up, th' site gunna be bloomin' wit' information 'n secrets! We hope you join us for the adventure!

Hope to see ye all soon in the skyways!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Hoodoo Magic

Madame Vadima [Witchdoctor Trainer]

Hoodoo (ie. conjure) is basically a Africian-American traditional folk magic. It incorporates practices from African's, Native Americans, and some European practices and grimoires. The goal of hoodoo is to allow people access to supernatural forces to improve their daily lives by gaining power in many areas of life, including luck, money, love, divination, revenge, health, employment, and necromancy.

Witchdoctors extensively use herbs, minerals, parts of animal's bodies, and a person's personal possessions for their rituals/conjuring. They can contact dead ancestors and spirits and conjure them.
They often use a "effigy" or as you know it, a voodoo doll to perform a spell on someone or control them.

There is a difference between voodoo and hoodoo.
Voodoo is a religion while hoodoo is a group of magical practices. Both having origins in the west and central Africa.

Witchdoctors in Pirate101 will use their Hoodoo magic to hex and curse enemies from afar, conjure up dead spirits to aid them in battle, and finally help their crew by casting charms and magic on them.

Will ye be a hoodoo usin' witchdoctor? Or do ye fancy one of th' other classes?
Write below which class ye will pick when Pirate101 arrives! Me' think ye can see which I will choose!

See you all soon in the skyways.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Mythical Sirens

Yarr! I thought I would take th' the hour to speak 'bout mermaids! Yarr that be right th' legendary sirens 'o th' sea! If ye ever encounter one ye must not listen to their song or ye gunna be in trouble. They may appear friendly but they be devil's in disguise! Be on guard!

See? A friendly lookin' thin' at first:

But beware! Once ye be close they gunna take ye in th' Ocean!
They even made it into Wizard101 as a diviner spell:
'Tis makes me wonder if they gunna make an appearence in Pirate101. I hope so! Sky sirens would make a cool enemy woot woot! :)

In Pirates of the Carribean Jack and Blackbeards crew try to capture one for their tear, for the fountain of youth ritual. They are magical.

Be on th' look out when sailin' th' spiral skys, ye dont want to fall into their spell!
I'll see ye all soon! :) Happy Sailin'!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Anchors aweigh!

Yarrrrrr! How be ye all? We be setting sail very soon! I thought I would take th' the hour to speak 'bout ships! What kind oh' ship ye be sailin' through th' Spiral?
Thar be many different types 'o ships in th' Spiral!

Some of th' famouse ones ye be seeing while sailing through th' Spiral

[Left; Captain Boochbeards Ship. Right; Marleybone Ship]

Be on ye guard fer th' Valencia ships! They be lookin' for any Pirates and will take em' hostage!

In Pirate101 we have the option of customizing our own ships! From cannons, sails, types, colors and more! Here were some of the ships we got to see when they announced the game, as you can see there are alot of different kind of ships and styles which is really cool!:

I'm still thinking about which design I am going to use for my sails, have any of you decided yet?
So many decisions, its like a flying house. :)

Lastly here is a concept art of the Water Mole Ships, pretty cool huh?

I love how each region in the game has different types of ships but has things on them that represent their world. Can't wait to see more of them! Which ship is your favorite that we have seen so far? I really like the Valencia ships, very cool looking.

Yarrr! It be th' hour of treasure huntin' see ye all soon!
Happy Sailin'!


Thursday, May 24, 2012


YARRRR! Ye want some tunapie?
What do you think the back story on Catbeard is?
The only information we have learned so far about him is that he is an infamous pirate that once sailed with Ol' Fish Eye the Musketeer Trainer. I have a feeling he will be one of my favorite characters in the game. Who wouldn't like a cat pirate? :) Who is your favorite character so far that has been announced? I have a feeling new information about the game will be announced soon, Mr. Coleman has been sharing the class trainers on Facebook for the past few weeks, and today he posted the last one. Kind of like how they made those puzzles for Celestia release and the Avalon release.

See you soon in the skyways!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Interesting Pirate Facts

We all know Captain Avery from Pirate101 right? 
Well he is derived off of a famous Pirate named "Henry Every" or Avery.
See the similarities? There will be many characters in the game that are derived from real life Pirates and people. Some more interesting facts;
  • Pirates often didn't get enough vitamin C while on long voyages which resulted in them getting a disease called "crickets" that caused them to go blind in one eye. This is why pirates often are depicted wearing eye-patches.
  • Blackbeard's peg leg was a medical necessity, he lost his leg to diabetes, but all the other pirates got wooden legs as a fashion choice. Some of the peg legs used by pirates were actually quite gaudy and covered in jewels.
  • The combination to Davy Jones' Locker was right 32, left 17, right 26.

  • The golden age of pirates was 1764-1856, but there are still pirates today. Today's pirates are not the colorful figures of the past, just boring pretenders to the throne.
  • Although much is made of the fact that pirates used the phrase "arrrrrr", actual pirates actually punctuated their sentences with the letter "q." For instance, "Q, me treasure is over there, matey."
  • Maps with x's to mark the spot are a creation of the movies, pirates would simply memorize where they left their treasure and communicate it to others through dance.
Bet' all ye are anxiously awaiting closed beta!
It is coming soon, get yer cannons ready, sails set, and "weigh ye anchors"!

See ye very soon in th' Spiral skyways!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

X marks the spot Winner!!

YARRR! We have a winner!!
Ye have swiftly' sailed th' skies of th' Spiral!
Congratulations Drakeflame!
Ye code awaits you in your inbox.
 A BIG thank you to Paige over at Paige's Page for hiding a X for me! :)
And also a Big thank you to Jester for letting me hide some over on The central forums!
Whar th' X's wer hidden~

I hope ye all had fun! Keep an eye out for future contests, and have fun travelin' the spiral skies very soon! Happy Sailin'


X-marks-the-spot contest!

ARRRR! Three X marks the spot's have been hidden round' the Spiral. One on Wizard101central, one on Pirate101central, and one on a blog about Wizard101 or Pirate101. Ye have to use ye sailin' skills to find whar they hidin'! Whoever is first to email me th' correct links to whar th' X's are will win a code for 5000 crowns! [First to find all 3 links and email me them wins]Happy sailin' young pirates 'n wizards! Ye can find me email by clicking the parrot on the homepage of me blog! Any questions please send me an email. :) [If you are under the age of 13 please ask your parents permission to email.]

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Skull Island locations and Mini-games!

Earlier today, was updated!
They have added in the locations of the zones in Skull Island, the new Mini-games, and finally some top Q&A.

Zones in Skull Island

Jonah Town:


Great Volcano:


Puerto Mico:

The New Minigames:


Click on each Icon to see what each game is about!
[From right to left-Coin Drop, Pirate's Pub, Powder Keg, Rat Attack, Rogue's Range, and Windjammer.]
You can win cool items and new things to add onto your ship!

Question and Answers:

I'm really excited about all this new information that is finally released!
The minigames are really fun, and the locations via Skull Island are really cool.
Can't wait until Closed beta so everyone can experience it!

Your thoughts?