Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bonnie Anne

During your adventure around the Spiral in Pirate101 you will meet up with some interesting characters. This one in particular can join you in your crew. Her name is Bonnie Anne and she is a Fox gunner when you first meet her. If you let her join your crew and you level her up to a certain level, she then can be promoted to a Fox Sniper. (You will have to do a quest that involves her backstory to unlock the promotion when she is the right level.) She will gain massive stat boost, gain talents from her specific pool, and awesome gear/change of wardrobe from the previous class. All companions in the game will be able to be promoted. There are hundreds of different companions in the game, which ones join your crew is up to you and certain story options you choose at the beginning of the game.

Bonnie Anne in Pirate101 is derived from the famous pirate "Anne Bonny":
Anne Bonny is the famous female Pirate of the Caribbean, where she started pirating after being disowned by her family when she married small-time Pirate James Bonny. Mingling with the local Pirates in taverns in the Bahamas, Anne became more adventurous after divorcing her husband and then marrying famous Pirate John “Calico Jack” Rackham. Together with her friend Mary Read, the three captured many ships, including the famous Revenge, and brought in tons of treasure! Anne never hid her gender, although it was rare for a big-time Pirate to be female, and she was known to be very effective in combat. 

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  1. Are you in beta, or are you getting this from the website?

  2. I'm also wondering how you got the graphics for your "PLAY" button... and is that your play button? I also saw it at http://thebuccaneerbloggers.blogspot.com/.