Saturday, May 5, 2012


Pirate101 involves a new element which may be new to some.
"Companions" who will be apart of your crew and tag along on your adventure around the spiral.
From what we learned so far in the recent articles that have been released, there are many companions around the spiral, and we get to choose some. Each has its own unique ability's and stats.

We also learn that they will gain xp with us during our battles, and will level up.
On the Main site, it is noted that they can also be "promoted" which basically means, once they are a certain level you have to complete a certain task and then they will be able to "change" into a better companion that looks cooler and is more powerful then the stage before. I am really interested to see all the companions and their new forms. This definatly does add a new element to the game.

We also have the ability to "order" our companions in our companion UI, so whoever you want to fight with you in battles, you should put closer to the top, those you dont want out in battle should be placed towards the bottom.

Another cool thing is that you can choose a companion to come out and be your sidekick while you walk around and explore. Love it!!

What types of companions do you think are in the game?

Thank you for reading and hope to see you all in the spiral very very soon! ;)


  1. One can only hope that Armored Skeletal Minions (and the like) are somewhere in the mix.

  2. That would be pretty neat!
    I'm hoping for a snake or monkey (companion and or pet).