Monday, May 21, 2012

Interesting Pirate Facts

We all know Captain Avery from Pirate101 right? 
Well he is derived off of a famous Pirate named "Henry Every" or Avery.
See the similarities? There will be many characters in the game that are derived from real life Pirates and people. Some more interesting facts;
  • Pirates often didn't get enough vitamin C while on long voyages which resulted in them getting a disease called "crickets" that caused them to go blind in one eye. This is why pirates often are depicted wearing eye-patches.
  • Blackbeard's peg leg was a medical necessity, he lost his leg to diabetes, but all the other pirates got wooden legs as a fashion choice. Some of the peg legs used by pirates were actually quite gaudy and covered in jewels.
  • The combination to Davy Jones' Locker was right 32, left 17, right 26.

  • The golden age of pirates was 1764-1856, but there are still pirates today. Today's pirates are not the colorful figures of the past, just boring pretenders to the throne.
  • Although much is made of the fact that pirates used the phrase "arrrrrr", actual pirates actually punctuated their sentences with the letter "q." For instance, "Q, me treasure is over there, matey."
  • Maps with x's to mark the spot are a creation of the movies, pirates would simply memorize where they left their treasure and communicate it to others through dance.
Bet' all ye are anxiously awaiting closed beta!
It is coming soon, get yer cannons ready, sails set, and "weigh ye anchors"!

See ye very soon in th' Spiral skyways!


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