Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Spiral Worlds!

When Pirate101 is released, there are 3 main worlds (we know for sure) that will be released with it.
The first place you are going to start out at, after you escape from jail is "Skull Island".
There are many islands within skull island;
 Jonah Town, Flotsam, Scrimshaw
You may remember seeing Jonah Town as the Floating Whale.
Skull island is the home of many pirates and the famouse Captain avery.
Your class trainers will also be in this area, which you will train with them until you get to leave skull island to explore many other worlds to follow. Many adventures to be found in Pirate101.

The next main world would be Monquista.
Monquista is home to a race of diminutive Monkeys, the Monquistans, who make up for their slight statures with massive egos and harsh tempers.
Monquista has become a preeminant power in the spiral ever since they struck all of the gold they found on skull island. It is ruled by the queen and king shown below:
Looks like we will be doing a lot of quests for these 2! ;)

Whatever you do, do NOT call a monquista citizen wild or a wild monkey, its the worst insult you can call them and I'm sure they will go ape crazy on you haha.

The next and final World we have been shown so far is Valencia.
Valencia is the home of the Unicorn people.
Marco Pollo, Cowpernicus, Da Finchi - the greatest minds and artists the Spiral has ever known did their greatest work in Valencia, and the entire Spiral is richer for their labors. Valencia is also home to the hardy Crabs and pragmatic Guinea Pigs, who serve as the hard-working middle class to the Unicorn elite. Skilled craftsmen and tireless laborers, their efforts sustain the magnificent (some would say decadent) lifestyle of the Unicorns. Guilds and Merchant Houses of Crabs and Guinea Pigs drive Valencian commerce, and have grown very powerful in recent times.

There are many mysterious things going on in Valencia. The clockwork army has won the polarian wars, and the King casimir has given all the power of valencia to Kane and his army. While the unicorns and citizens work on discovering new ideas and interests, Kane an the army have another plan...which you will soon find out about in the game.

These 3 worlds are the only known for sure so far. It is also said that we will be able to travel to Mooshu. That will be very interesting. The skyway mooshu picture provided on the main site looks awesome.

I'm sure there are plenty of small islands within these worlds so there is a lot of content to explore especially since we basically are traveling throughout the spiral sky!
What world do you think you will like the best so far? I think I will love skull island, the pictures shown so far are really cool, and I cant wait to explore that temple!

Hope to see you all in the Spiral Skyways very very soon. :)


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