Thursday, June 28, 2012

What will Pirate101 characters look like?

What will your Pirate101 Character Look like? Names..?

Hey Everyone!!

    Many members have been asking this question, and this post will contain some answers!
People wondered if the facial features from Wizard101 were going to transfer over from W101 to P101. That is not the case. I think Kingsisle wanted a fresh new start to this game and that is what we got! New battle features, new character looks, and much much more! What will your Pirate look like?

~Keep in mind, Pirate101 is still in the Alpha phase, and things shown in the photos could be changed, or enhanced when released to Live in the future.~

    I watched the Pirate101 trailer again earlier today and tried to see anything that I missed the other dozen times. ;) (Yea that is how much I love the game already!) I noticed a couple of pirates walking around throughout the video and decided to try and pause it right at the exact spot to get a clear enough photo of them, so we can discuss. I know there are some pics of pirates on but I wanted to try and get some new ones that no one has really shared yet.

    The first one I stumbled across was actually a Witchdoctor! (Yes with his or her Skeletal Dragon?)
I then wondered if the special spell that was shared with us on was the reason of seeing many skeletal dragons in much of the media for Pirate101.
(Through their training they can learn the Mournsong power which summons spirits to drain the health of their enemies)
    Anyways here is the photo I caught from the Trailer of a Witchdoctor;
    What do you think? The gear obviously showcases much of the "witchdoctor artifacts like the skull on the chest. You cannot really see the face in the photo but This is one of the first photos I saw of a witchdoctor, there isn't any on the Main site except of Madame Vadima. I personally hope there is more selection of what witchdoctors can wear, I love the style of Madame Vadima's gear.

    Next I continued watching the trailer and noticed during the camera's sharp turn at one point, there was a pirate running along with their companion. I quickly snapped the pic to share with ya'll. Now from what I see I think this could possibly be a Privateer (female?)

    The reason why I believe it may be a Privateer is because the weapon (or item) in their hand looks like a telescope which would resemble a privateer. Thoughts?

    Finally I caught at the very end of the trailer an awesome glimpse of a pirate up close! You can really capture what the faces will look like in Pirate101 from this photo. I believe it is either a Swashbuckler or a Buccaneer. Here it is:

    See? Very nice facial features for only the alpha stage of the game. I personally like the way they look, Once they polish them up they are going to be great! I want to know your thoughts on the Pirates that we have seen so far either on here or the Main site. Do you like the looks of them, or do you personally like the looks on Wizard101 better?

    The next part of this post is going to be about the naming of our Pirates. On a past Pieces of Eight episode, Stephen and Christina interviewed our very own community manager, One-Eyed Jack!
One of the questions Christina asked him was about the naming system. Friendly responded by telling us that it will basically have a very similiar look like Wizard101. We will have a choice of 3 spots in our name. There have been some examples of what the names will be like in the game.

    For example, Paige Moonshade from Paige's Page was an alpha tester. She shared her Pirates name which was Perilous Penelope Nightingale. Another one was on a fan art when the site was opened. Impish Felix Parkinson. Finally Friendly actually shared his also, which was Friendly Thomas. So it sounds like the naming system at the moment (could change?) will consist of an Adjective in the first spot, A regular first name in the second spot, and finally a last name in the third spot. It should also be noted, that there will most likely be no "magical" names from Wizard101 on a game directed towards Pirates. Kingsisle has confirmed that Pirates do not know about Wizards even though they co-exist in the same Spiral. I want to know how you feel about the naming system. Do you like the new set up of an adjective in the first spot? I'm sure there is an option to have no adjective in the first spot for those who do not like it, kind of like Friendly's pirate has no last name, just the adjective and first name.

    Thank you all for reading, I had a lot of fun writing this post and looking for the pics. I would love to hear some of your thoughts on the looks and names for Pirate101. Do you like the set up in Wizard101 better? Would you rather have the same looks from Wizard in Pirates? Please leave a comment below explaining what you like or dislike about it!

    I'm so pumped to play the game, cant wait for beta!! Hope to see you all soon! I have some cool things coming soon to Pirates of the Spiral! Stay tuned!

Happy Sailing!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Madame Vadima's Fortune


    Hello there pirates! Today we have a special guest aboard the ship. The famous witchdoctor herself, Madame Vadima! She has a special fortune for all of us that she forsaw with her crystal ball.
Look carefully at the message as it may be useful to you in your pirate adventures very soon!

    "Hello young one, it is I Madame Vadima! Come closer and see thy crystal ball, you shall see your future!"
"You see 2 caverns in the crystal ball correct? This place will soon be very important in your adventures. I urge you to not touch the ancient relic located here. Many people in this place are seeking it out, but it is a trap, do not touch it or you will be doomed! Ah you have finally figured out where this place is? Yes it is in the rugged lands of Monquista. Many of the folk there who have dug deep into the ancient ruins have never returned. Ancient lore has said that when the folk go down there searching for the lost relic "Monkey Paw" they never return! Again I urge you not to touch the relic if a pirate like you finds it, see go look in my Magic Mirror and see what it does to Monquista Folk!"

    "Look into the Mirror, do you see now?" It was said that Monquista soldiers were sent down into the ruins to look for the Monkey Paw by the King and Queen themselves. What you see is what happens to them if they touch the paw, turn into the undead. Beware young pirate, beware... I wish you goodluck on your future quests"

-Madame Vadima

    Very interesting a ancient monkey relic that turns things into the undead?
Get your swords and pistols ready mates when venturing down in the Monquistan Ruins!
Untill then! Happy Sailin'


Monday, June 25, 2012

Shiver me timbers!!

    Today has been a fun filled day of rain, thunder, hurricane watch, Pirate101 information and much more! I'm super excited and honored that Pirates of the Spiral has been chosen as a Official Pirate101 Blog! Its now added to the list along with, Ambrose2zeke, Paiges Page, and Pirate101 Skyways!

    I cant wait to see the list above grow! The Pirate101 community is great so far, and will be just as awesome as the Wizard101 community! The game has not even been released yet and everyone has great sites! Goodluck to you all when submitting your blogs!
    I have some super cool things in the works for Pirates of the Spiral in the upcoming weeks if they all go as planned. :) I hope you all enjoy it here, I have been having a blast blogging! Pirate101 beta is super close I can feel it, cant wait to see ya'll in game!

Wild Wild West!

    Hey all! Just a few minutes ago, you should have recieved a new Pirate101 email in your inboxes!!
You all are thinking... "Is it beta keys?!?!?" The answer- No. :) But its some great new! Another world, Cool Ranch has now been announced! We have heard "Cool Ranch" in some of the past Interviews for Pirate101, but never officially announced as a world. Now it is!! 4 New worlds to explore when beta opens that is great!

Cool Ranch is the land of desert, cactus, and tumbleweeds! The Bison Tribe and Toads are the original natives to Cool Ranch, any other race you find here is from another world or place in the Spiral! The Stallions (Cousins of the Unicorns from Valencia) were once from here, but have left and created other homes in the Skyways. There is only one left in Cool ranch named Santo Pollo. Chickens, Cranes, are said to be from "The Back East" Hmm interesting.
It is said that Birds have come to Cool Ranch hoping to make a new beginning! They brought all kinds of things such as, locomotives, steam engines, and other modern day items with them. I wonder if there will be any gold in the mines here in Cool ranch ;) ?
Cool Ranch is the Land of many Legendary figures, such as the Chicken Rangers, Wild Bill Peacock, and the masked hero El Toro! But is also filled with plenty of evil outlaws! El Guapo, Dreaded duck with no name, and Libirdy Valence. Will you be able to keep the peace in Cool Ranch? Get your swords and pistols ready for a grand adventure!
    To read more about Cool Ranch, and to see more awesome Photos click here.
New Concept art has also been added to the Main site which you can view here.
Finally if you would like to download and print out some coloring pages for the family or yourself you can view them here.

    All this new information is great! So pumped to get into beta already! :)
Putcha guns up partner! Ill catch ya in Cool ranch soon enough!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

El Dorado



    Ahoy everyone! Today I will be talk'n bout th' lost city o' El Dorado! What ye havent heard o' it before? It be th' lost city o' gold! Many pirates have spent their entire lives look'n fer it! Do ye think ye could find it?

    In Pirate101 ye will spend th' majority o' your adventures search'n an' collect'n pieces o' map that leads ye t' El dorado! Th' armada be also search'n fer it, so ye have t' be lustily quick. Yarrrrr!
Along your adventures ye will meet many companions that ye may choose t' br'n on your ship. Each have blistering different qualities an' movesets. Be wise when choosing! Who will be th' first pirate t' reach El Dorado? Who shall claim th' golden magnificent land? Only time will tell! Th' ships will be sett'n sail soon enough! Th' armada be gett'n their skyships ready fer battle, ye should be prepared!

    A great movie ye can check out bout El dorado be "The road to El Dorado". It tells a tale o' two swindlers who g't their hands on a map t' th' fabled city o' gold, El Dorado while pull'n off some sort o' scam. Their plan goes foul an' th' rogues end aloft lost at sea aft a number o' misfortunes. Oddly enough, they end aloft on th' shores o' El Dorado an' be worshiped by th' natives fer their foreign appearance. Th' Spanish army be follow'n their every move without them know'n, will El dorado be finally exposed? Check th' movie out t' find out!

    I hope to see ye all in the Skyways!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

So ye wanna be a Musketeer?


Ahoy Mateys! One o' th' pirate classes ye can be in Pirate101 be th' Musketeer! Expert marksmen who use their mastery o' firearms t' win th' battle! They use traps an' obstacles t' make it harder fer th' enemy t' win! Check out this lustily movie that was released last fall!

- Th' Three Musketeers -

At 'blitheringly round 55 seconds ye will see some sky ships in th' movie! These be th' kind o' ships that will be used in Pirate101! In many lustily different ways! Thar will be a variety o' them in th' game an' ye will be able t' customize many things on them. Th' sail an' much much more! Aft watch'n th' movie trailer do ye have a second thought o' what pirate class ye will be in Pirate101? Musketeer's seem blastedly cool, an' who doesn't love a pirate wi' a pistol? ;) I cannot wait t' see th' traps an' obstacles th' Musketeer's will use in th' game.

See ye all very soon in th' skyways! Yo ho yo ho a pirates life fer me!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How do YOU think the game will start out?

Hey everyone! Earlier last month, in a Gamespot article about Pirate101, Kingsisle explained on how the game would start out at the very beginning when creating your pirate.
"The game kicks off with the players in prison, and the initial character generation/class selection. (Players end up as a Buccaneer, Witchdoctor, Privateer, Swashbuckler, or Musketeer) are performed by questions about the character's past. "We needed to explain why your character was a pirate by telling some of the backstory," explains Coleman. "We do this by shaking up the family unit, establishing a tragedy that affected the player's parents, and the subsequent criminal path that this led the character towards. All of this creates a moral backbone for the game."
Earlier this month, J todd Coleman released a storyboard version of the intro of the game when explaining about creating games--
You can see an explosion>Mr. Gandry and Boochbeard enter the hole in the wall>come towards your Cell> Opens it>You then most likely create your pirate,name it, answer questions as to why you are here (which chooses your class). I'm thinking they will place a skip button and let us choose our class? Kinda like in Wiz you can skip the book questions and just choose a magic school. Will be interesting.

The purpose of this blog post isn't any of the above though, its what YOU think will happen after escaping the armada jail cell with Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry? I would love to hear some of your ideas. Me myself, thinks something like this will happen~ They end up bringing you to Skull Island, you have to go meet Captain Avery, and the other trainers through a quest, check out the island, probably many side quests, get your first companion that is unique to your class, check out the ruins on skull island as your first dungeon/challenge after doing some quests around the forest on the island. I could be right on spot, or completely wrong lol. So what do you think will happen after escaping jail?

Thank you for reading!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Magic in the skyways!


I found these 3 very familiar symbols in the Pirate101 fankit!
I was surprised since hey this is more of a pirate game.
I looked at their file titles and it is as follows:
Ice, Fire, Shock
Hmm, I wonder what they could possibly be for in the game?
We know for sure that the Witchdoctor class is basically the only school that will be using magic in the game, so I wonder how these will fit into hoodoo magic? Or maybe different weapons/items will be different attributes? So many possibilities, but so excited to find out!!
I didn't find the myth, death, life, balance symbol in the fankit though, so maybe those will not be in the game? Its interesting that the storm school symbol is referenced as "shock" in this game, maybe a spell or an attack from a certain class will shock an enemy for a turn similiar to a stun?

Also found this screencap in the dadlabs video referenced in a past post.
Saw it last night and decided to share it with you all. You know how in Wizards we have the 2 wizards loading screen? Well I saw this and maybe this is possibly a loading screen for P101?
What do ya'll think?

I really have a feeling the beta will be released soon, just a gut feeling.
Goodluck to everyone of you who entered the beta drawing, you all deserve to play it! :)

See you soon and thanks for reading!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Blizzard Elf Contest

*Contest Over*
*Winner- @Ian Stormstaff*
Thank you all for entering, keep a look out for more contests!
Yesterday I was lucky enough to win a blizzard elf pet over at Legends of the spiral. (Thanks guys!)
I decided that Im going to give it away since I do not have a ice wizard, and hey who doesn't love contests? This little guy has been hopping all over my gold on the contest page and making a mess. I think its time for him to have a new home! Head over to the contest page. (Click the contest tab above) and you will see the rafflecopter! All you gotta do is do some quick tasks and that scores you entries! Pretty easy! Around 3 pm est today I will announce the winner where it picks a random entry/the task/etc.. Thank you all for being awesome! :)


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pieces of 8 Interview with One eyed Jack

Yarrrrr! If you didnt already know, last night Pieces of Eight aired!
This is a little recap of what happened since last night a special interview with One Eyed Jack aired during the podcast! Very cool information as well as the awesome Tom aka. Friendly Necro aka. One Eyed Jack of course! :)

- The episode starts off with Stephen explaining to us that Christina aka Icy Wiz cannot make it since her internet died out. He says they will record another show this weekend maybe with no audience and it will be up on their Itunes to download etc. [Will contain the Interview, and the other things they had planned]
-So basically after explaining that he started the recorded interview him and Christina had done with Friendly.  *Cue awesomness!*

- Begins with talking about how Friendly likes his new home in texas and work at KI.
-Stephen talks about how P101 won at e3 the hybrid strategy award. named pirate101 as one of the most innovative titles.
- Stephen asks about ship to ship combat he saw in the trailer and asks Friendly if we will experience it in game; There will be some ship to ship action!! :)
- Christina talks about how much Wizard101 will cross over with Pirate101, (Mooshu refrenced in trailer) Friendly explains to the best of his ability without giving any spoilers~ "Fans of Wizard101 will love the game, and people who never have played W101 will love it just as much!" "When you have your wizard you are always in city walls, and when your a pirate your kind of sailing outside of the city walls." -- Ok that is a really good comparison, one of the best questions answered! I was also wondering how Mooshu would be in Pirate101. So basically in Wizard101 we visit a small part of mooshu (near the emperors palace etc..) But there are ALOT more places in Mooshu we haven't touched in Wizard101. Those are the places we will see in Pirate101. :) [Thats what I make from his answer anyways! And it kinda makes sense!]
- Stephen talks about how people run wizard101 on low spec computers, and asked if your computer can run wizard101 will it run pirate101 just as fine. Friendly answers saying basically yes, KI shot for a low end spec but awesome quality in this game! :) "The game runs on a netbook just like wizard101, its got pretty low specs"
- Christina asks about the Naming selection in Pirate101.
"Will they beable to use their wizards exact name as their pirate name?"
Friendly answers basically saying that most of the "magical" names in wizard101 wouldn't really fit into Pirate101. He then explains that it will be a list of predetermined names kind of like the name choice in Wizard101.
- Stephen asks what is going to be the hardest step coming from Wizard101 to transition into Pirate101. Friendly answers explaining that in Wizard101 while you were in Unicorn way the game was basically teaching you how to play and while you quest further into the game it scales out so it walks you through it. In Pirate101 it does basically the same thing, it teaches you in the earlier stages of the game and walks you through it, so when you are in higher level areas you will be just fine with what you learned in the earlier stages of the game.
- Christina asks what"alpha" testing and "beta" testing is.
Friendly explains what both terms mean- Alpha~ playable version of the game that people can play through, report bugs, comment about it, to help refine the product to make it a pleasent experience for people. Beta~ Is when they ask the majority of the community (potential customers) to play and try out the game, instead of just close friends and family (Alpha). Beta can kind of be compared to the Test realm on Wizard101.
- Stephen asks what a NDA is (None disclosure agreement) and why alpha testers cannot talk about all the awesome things they cannot talk about what they are playing. Friendly explains that family and friends who play alpha are under NDA because alpha stage of a game is always changing, it protects two things, the player themsevlves so they dont get hounded by the community who know thye are in the Alpha. Secondly it protects the product since something that could be shared isn't final nor finished.
- Friendly talks about how on Facebook and other social media when they release a new teaser concept art people comment saying "Hurry release the beta already" LOL
- Christina asks what Friendly's favorite class in Pirate101 is, and Friendly says that he has created a new blog for Pirate101 called; . "Each class has something unique about them that makes it fun to play!"
- After that question, the interview ends, Friendly thanks Christina and Stephen for allowing him to come and talk to them. :) Congratulates them for being an official fansite for Pirate101. Stephen hopes that Friendly can come back after the game is released so they can dive more into the guts of the game without him having an NDA.
*Ends interview*

-Stephen explains that him and Christina will be recording a dead show (no audience) sometime this weekend. It will be available at itunes, on zune, and their website, (sooner than later).
-Stephen thanks us for tuning in and tells us that Pieces of eight may have a contest soon with the prize of a BETA KEY! Very cool prize if your account isn't chosen for the drawn beta on Pirate101!
Make sure you tune into Pieces of Eight's next episode! Check out the past episodes too! -

Just want to thank Stephen, Christina, and Friendly for sharing with us such awesome information and questions that were answered! Thank you guys for taking the time to podcast for the community, Ravenwood Radio was epic, and Pieces of eight will be just as epic! :)

Have an awesome evening everyone!
See ya'll in the Spiral soon!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yarrr! Fansites ahead!

Earlier today, Captain Avery tweeted to check out the community section of
Everyone rushed to see what was added and it turns out that he released the community Pirate101 fankit that is loaded with a bunch of graphic goodies! :) *Looks up at new header*

Along with the fankit came the official fansites and podcasts, and blogs.
The following sites are now official-
Captain Avery Twitter
Kingsisle Youtube Channel
Captain Avery on Pinterest
Pirate101 Google+ Page
Pieces of Eight Radio

The Official Fan blogs are "Coming soon..."

Now is your chance to submit your Pirate101 blog! To learn more visit here.
Goodluck to you all and go explore the fankit! Its full of goodies! :) Yarrr! A bottle of yum for everyone!


Congratulations Pirate101 & Kingsisle!

I would like to congratulate P101 and Kingsisle for winning the best hybrid strategy award courtesy of RTSguru. You can see the article here on there site-

Secondly there is a new Pirate101 based video thanks to Dad Labs over on youtube.
During the video you get to see the UI of Pirate101, looks pretty awesome~

They also got to interview some of the lead designers of the game, definatly a must watch!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Win a Redcap pet for Wizard101!

Win a Redcap pet!
Contest Finished!
Winner: Alex.

Thank you to everyone who participated! There will be more in the future! Keep an eye out!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Busy days in the Spiral!

Hey all! :)
The spiral has definatly been a busy place this past few days!

In Wizard101 the famous Pet-a-Palooza is back untill June 10th!
Go check out the Community fansite's that are hosting cool contests to have a chance to win some cool new pets, crowns, and even energy elixers!!!
Also over at Wizard101central they are having some contests throughout the month so go take a peek for your chance to win the new hallowed knight pet and even some crowns and elixers!
List of Community Websites holding contests and details~
Wizard101Central-  Jester and Olivia are at it again with some very Cool contests!! :) We will be hosting many hide and seeks and contests throughout the month of June! Have your chance at winning a new Hollowed knight pet, crowns, and even elixers!! Daily raffels for a chance at winning 5,000 crowns!! Wow! Dont let this slide by join now! [You must register to join the contests, which doesn't take long, and you get to meet some really cool people and can learn alot from the forum!]
Ravenwood Radio- Stephen and Christina are going to hold a contest during their next RR live podcast! There will be many ways to win the new "Witty Wildclaw", crowns, and elixers!! Make sure you tune in on June 6th at 8:30pm Central! You dont wanna miss it!!
Petnome- The W101 Petnome is holding many different types of contests! From Drawing, to Story telling, to trivia, and even hide and seeks! Don't miss your chance to win a Redcap pet, crowns, and elixers!!
List of Community Fansites holding contests and details~
Paige's Page- Paige is holding small trivia questions on her Twitter. You have a chance at winning the new "Bolt Demon" which gives a elemental blade card! Thats a first! She is also giving away codes for crowns and elixers so keep an eye out at @PaigeMoonShade !
Legends of the Spiral- Legends of the spiral is holding many different types of contests, pick n elf, rune puzzles, and much more! Go check them out on their site! You have a chance to win a new "blizzard elf pet" aswell as crowns and elixers!
Ditto Monster's Blog- Ditto the fabricated american :) is holding many types of contests untill the 10th.
The first one he currently held was to name his new pet pig! Keep an eye out on his blog for more contests to come! You have a chance to win a new "Power pig" pet, crowns, and elixers!
Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards- Valerian is holding a contest where you must send him a photo of your pet for a chance to win the new "Prudent Hound", crowns and elixers! Go check it out! What do you have to lose?! :)
Friendly Necromancer- Or should I say the "Uber wife" Bailey has recently posted TFN pet a palooza contest!! :) You have a chance at winning a rare new pet "Cerise Pixie"! All you have to do is post on the blog article for it and say which pet you currently use for your wizard and its name!
That Pyromancer- That Pyromancer is holding a contest where you must send him a photo of your pet collection in Wizard101! You have a chance at winning the new rare pet, "Scorchzilla", crowns and elixers! Show off your pets!! :)
A Mythspent Youth- Mythspent Youth is hosting a contest where you must write a story about "cheating"! It must involve your main wizard and include atleast one pet! :) You have a chance to win a new pet, the "Mulberry Hound" (my favorite of this pet-a-palooza event!! It gives a tempest card!) ;) crowns, and elixers! Can't wait to see some of the stories submitted if she shares them, had a fun time writing mine!
Diary of a Wizard- DoTW is hosting a raffelcopter contest! Enter as many times as you can by completing small tasks on the raffelcopter! You have a chance to win the new "Snowy cat" crowns, and elixers! Goodluck to everyone!

I wish you all good luck entering these contests! Have a Happy Pet-A-Palooza! :)

Ok back to Pirate101 News!
J todd Coleman has been posting some cool new concept art this weekend!
First we have some sort of owl/eagle/bird concept art-

And also a new volcano area concept art for Pirate101! I love the look of this place-

That is all for today everyone, make sure you check out the contests for Pet-a-palooza! Goodluck!