Friday, June 15, 2012

Blizzard Elf Contest

*Contest Over*
*Winner- @Ian Stormstaff*
Thank you all for entering, keep a look out for more contests!
Yesterday I was lucky enough to win a blizzard elf pet over at Legends of the spiral. (Thanks guys!)
I decided that Im going to give it away since I do not have a ice wizard, and hey who doesn't love contests? This little guy has been hopping all over my gold on the contest page and making a mess. I think its time for him to have a new home! Head over to the contest page. (Click the contest tab above) and you will see the rafflecopter! All you gotta do is do some quick tasks and that scores you entries! Pretty easy! Around 3 pm est today I will announce the winner where it picks a random entry/the task/etc.. Thank you all for being awesome! :)


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