Sunday, June 3, 2012

Busy days in the Spiral!

Hey all! :)
The spiral has definatly been a busy place this past few days!

In Wizard101 the famous Pet-a-Palooza is back untill June 10th!
Go check out the Community fansite's that are hosting cool contests to have a chance to win some cool new pets, crowns, and even energy elixers!!!
Also over at Wizard101central they are having some contests throughout the month so go take a peek for your chance to win the new hallowed knight pet and even some crowns and elixers!
List of Community Websites holding contests and details~
Wizard101Central-  Jester and Olivia are at it again with some very Cool contests!! :) We will be hosting many hide and seeks and contests throughout the month of June! Have your chance at winning a new Hollowed knight pet, crowns, and even elixers!! Daily raffels for a chance at winning 5,000 crowns!! Wow! Dont let this slide by join now! [You must register to join the contests, which doesn't take long, and you get to meet some really cool people and can learn alot from the forum!]
Ravenwood Radio- Stephen and Christina are going to hold a contest during their next RR live podcast! There will be many ways to win the new "Witty Wildclaw", crowns, and elixers!! Make sure you tune in on June 6th at 8:30pm Central! You dont wanna miss it!!
Petnome- The W101 Petnome is holding many different types of contests! From Drawing, to Story telling, to trivia, and even hide and seeks! Don't miss your chance to win a Redcap pet, crowns, and elixers!!
List of Community Fansites holding contests and details~
Paige's Page- Paige is holding small trivia questions on her Twitter. You have a chance at winning the new "Bolt Demon" which gives a elemental blade card! Thats a first! She is also giving away codes for crowns and elixers so keep an eye out at @PaigeMoonShade !
Legends of the Spiral- Legends of the spiral is holding many different types of contests, pick n elf, rune puzzles, and much more! Go check them out on their site! You have a chance to win a new "blizzard elf pet" aswell as crowns and elixers!
Ditto Monster's Blog- Ditto the fabricated american :) is holding many types of contests untill the 10th.
The first one he currently held was to name his new pet pig! Keep an eye out on his blog for more contests to come! You have a chance to win a new "Power pig" pet, crowns, and elixers!
Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards- Valerian is holding a contest where you must send him a photo of your pet for a chance to win the new "Prudent Hound", crowns and elixers! Go check it out! What do you have to lose?! :)
Friendly Necromancer- Or should I say the "Uber wife" Bailey has recently posted TFN pet a palooza contest!! :) You have a chance at winning a rare new pet "Cerise Pixie"! All you have to do is post on the blog article for it and say which pet you currently use for your wizard and its name!
That Pyromancer- That Pyromancer is holding a contest where you must send him a photo of your pet collection in Wizard101! You have a chance at winning the new rare pet, "Scorchzilla", crowns and elixers! Show off your pets!! :)
A Mythspent Youth- Mythspent Youth is hosting a contest where you must write a story about "cheating"! It must involve your main wizard and include atleast one pet! :) You have a chance to win a new pet, the "Mulberry Hound" (my favorite of this pet-a-palooza event!! It gives a tempest card!) ;) crowns, and elixers! Can't wait to see some of the stories submitted if she shares them, had a fun time writing mine!
Diary of a Wizard- DoTW is hosting a raffelcopter contest! Enter as many times as you can by completing small tasks on the raffelcopter! You have a chance to win the new "Snowy cat" crowns, and elixers! Goodluck to everyone!

I wish you all good luck entering these contests! Have a Happy Pet-A-Palooza! :)

Ok back to Pirate101 News!
J todd Coleman has been posting some cool new concept art this weekend!
First we have some sort of owl/eagle/bird concept art-

And also a new volcano area concept art for Pirate101! I love the look of this place-

That is all for today everyone, make sure you check out the contests for Pet-a-palooza! Goodluck!



  1. Interesting blog concept, and very nice blog design. I look forward to more :)

    -The Anon Blogger