Sunday, June 24, 2012

El Dorado



    Ahoy everyone! Today I will be talk'n bout th' lost city o' El Dorado! What ye havent heard o' it before? It be th' lost city o' gold! Many pirates have spent their entire lives look'n fer it! Do ye think ye could find it?

    In Pirate101 ye will spend th' majority o' your adventures search'n an' collect'n pieces o' map that leads ye t' El dorado! Th' armada be also search'n fer it, so ye have t' be lustily quick. Yarrrrr!
Along your adventures ye will meet many companions that ye may choose t' br'n on your ship. Each have blistering different qualities an' movesets. Be wise when choosing! Who will be th' first pirate t' reach El Dorado? Who shall claim th' golden magnificent land? Only time will tell! Th' ships will be sett'n sail soon enough! Th' armada be gett'n their skyships ready fer battle, ye should be prepared!

    A great movie ye can check out bout El dorado be "The road to El Dorado". It tells a tale o' two swindlers who g't their hands on a map t' th' fabled city o' gold, El Dorado while pull'n off some sort o' scam. Their plan goes foul an' th' rogues end aloft lost at sea aft a number o' misfortunes. Oddly enough, they end aloft on th' shores o' El Dorado an' be worshiped by th' natives fer their foreign appearance. Th' Spanish army be follow'n their every move without them know'n, will El dorado be finally exposed? Check th' movie out t' find out!

    I hope to see ye all in the Skyways!



  1. Wow, I didn't even know that was the main focus of the storyline! Thank you for explaining this bit to the community. One of my favorite movies too! I cannot wait to try out this game, sounds great! Thanks Johnny!

  2. Where did you learn that this was the focus of the storyline?

  3. @Swordroll - It was noted in one of the past interviews on one of the gaming sites. I cannot find it at the moment but here is another passage explaining a little of it from the press announcement from April 25th;

    "•Experience adventures as a Buccaneer, Witchdoctor, Privateer, Swashbuckler or Musketeer! Find lost treasure, battle the villainous Armada, and search for El Dorado, the legendary City of Gold!"