Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How do YOU think the game will start out?

Hey everyone! Earlier last month, in a Gamespot article about Pirate101, Kingsisle explained on how the game would start out at the very beginning when creating your pirate.
"The game kicks off with the players in prison, and the initial character generation/class selection. (Players end up as a Buccaneer, Witchdoctor, Privateer, Swashbuckler, or Musketeer) are performed by questions about the character's past. "We needed to explain why your character was a pirate by telling some of the backstory," explains Coleman. "We do this by shaking up the family unit, establishing a tragedy that affected the player's parents, and the subsequent criminal path that this led the character towards. All of this creates a moral backbone for the game."
Earlier this month, J todd Coleman released a storyboard version of the intro of the game when explaining about creating games--
You can see an explosion>Mr. Gandry and Boochbeard enter the hole in the wall>come towards your Cell> Opens it>You then most likely create your pirate,name it, answer questions as to why you are here (which chooses your class). I'm thinking they will place a skip button and let us choose our class? Kinda like in Wiz you can skip the book questions and just choose a magic school. Will be interesting.

The purpose of this blog post isn't any of the above though, its what YOU think will happen after escaping the armada jail cell with Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry? I would love to hear some of your ideas. Me myself, thinks something like this will happen~ They end up bringing you to Skull Island, you have to go meet Captain Avery, and the other trainers through a quest, check out the island, probably many side quests, get your first companion that is unique to your class, check out the ruins on skull island as your first dungeon/challenge after doing some quests around the forest on the island. I could be right on spot, or completely wrong lol. So what do you think will happen after escaping jail?

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  1. I think you will end up getting some quests on the skull island and then after a while captain avery will send you off on an adventure and give you a little boat to start off with.

  2. You will probably be given a few quests then be given a small boat, not a ship yet.