Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Madame Vadima's Fortune


    Hello there pirates! Today we have a special guest aboard the ship. The famous witchdoctor herself, Madame Vadima! She has a special fortune for all of us that she forsaw with her crystal ball.
Look carefully at the message as it may be useful to you in your pirate adventures very soon!

    "Hello young one, it is I Madame Vadima! Come closer and see thy crystal ball, you shall see your future!"
"You see 2 caverns in the crystal ball correct? This place will soon be very important in your adventures. I urge you to not touch the ancient relic located here. Many people in this place are seeking it out, but it is a trap, do not touch it or you will be doomed! Ah you have finally figured out where this place is? Yes it is in the rugged lands of Monquista. Many of the folk there who have dug deep into the ancient ruins have never returned. Ancient lore has said that when the folk go down there searching for the lost relic "Monkey Paw" they never return! Again I urge you not to touch the relic if a pirate like you finds it, see go look in my Magic Mirror and see what it does to Monquista Folk!"

    "Look into the Mirror, do you see now?" It was said that Monquista soldiers were sent down into the ruins to look for the Monkey Paw by the King and Queen themselves. What you see is what happens to them if they touch the paw, turn into the undead. Beware young pirate, beware... I wish you goodluck on your future quests"

-Madame Vadima

    Very interesting a ancient monkey relic that turns things into the undead?
Get your swords and pistols ready mates when venturing down in the Monquistan Ruins!
Untill then! Happy Sailin'


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