Saturday, June 16, 2012

Magic in the skyways!


I found these 3 very familiar symbols in the Pirate101 fankit!
I was surprised since hey this is more of a pirate game.
I looked at their file titles and it is as follows:
Ice, Fire, Shock
Hmm, I wonder what they could possibly be for in the game?
We know for sure that the Witchdoctor class is basically the only school that will be using magic in the game, so I wonder how these will fit into hoodoo magic? Or maybe different weapons/items will be different attributes? So many possibilities, but so excited to find out!!
I didn't find the myth, death, life, balance symbol in the fankit though, so maybe those will not be in the game? Its interesting that the storm school symbol is referenced as "shock" in this game, maybe a spell or an attack from a certain class will shock an enemy for a turn similiar to a stun?

Also found this screencap in the dadlabs video referenced in a past post.
Saw it last night and decided to share it with you all. You know how in Wizards we have the 2 wizards loading screen? Well I saw this and maybe this is possibly a loading screen for P101?
What do ya'll think?

I really have a feeling the beta will be released soon, just a gut feeling.
Goodluck to everyone of you who entered the beta drawing, you all deserve to play it! :)

See you soon and thanks for reading!



  1. I think I remember seeing on a website (dont remember which one) with a P101 review, it said musketeers shot beams of energy, instead of bullets.... it might fit into there.

    1. Oh yes!! Now that you said that I do remember.
      On a past Pieces of eight episode they talk about the musketeer's using their shock guns instead of bullets. haha, thanks for reminding me! :)