Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pieces of 8 Interview with One eyed Jack

Yarrrrr! If you didnt already know, last night Pieces of Eight aired!
This is a little recap of what happened since last night a special interview with One Eyed Jack aired during the podcast! Very cool information as well as the awesome Tom aka. Friendly Necro aka. One Eyed Jack of course! :)

- The episode starts off with Stephen explaining to us that Christina aka Icy Wiz cannot make it since her internet died out. He says they will record another show this weekend maybe with no audience and it will be up on their Itunes to download etc. [Will contain the Interview, and the other things they had planned]
-So basically after explaining that he started the recorded interview him and Christina had done with Friendly.  *Cue awesomness!*

- Begins with talking about how Friendly likes his new home in texas and work at KI.
-Stephen talks about how P101 won at e3 the hybrid strategy award. named pirate101 as one of the most innovative titles.
- Stephen asks about ship to ship combat he saw in the trailer and asks Friendly if we will experience it in game; There will be some ship to ship action!! :)
- Christina talks about how much Wizard101 will cross over with Pirate101, (Mooshu refrenced in trailer) Friendly explains to the best of his ability without giving any spoilers~ "Fans of Wizard101 will love the game, and people who never have played W101 will love it just as much!" "When you have your wizard you are always in city walls, and when your a pirate your kind of sailing outside of the city walls." -- Ok that is a really good comparison, one of the best questions answered! I was also wondering how Mooshu would be in Pirate101. So basically in Wizard101 we visit a small part of mooshu (near the emperors palace etc..) But there are ALOT more places in Mooshu we haven't touched in Wizard101. Those are the places we will see in Pirate101. :) [Thats what I make from his answer anyways! And it kinda makes sense!]
- Stephen talks about how people run wizard101 on low spec computers, and asked if your computer can run wizard101 will it run pirate101 just as fine. Friendly answers saying basically yes, KI shot for a low end spec but awesome quality in this game! :) "The game runs on a netbook just like wizard101, its got pretty low specs"
- Christina asks about the Naming selection in Pirate101.
"Will they beable to use their wizards exact name as their pirate name?"
Friendly answers basically saying that most of the "magical" names in wizard101 wouldn't really fit into Pirate101. He then explains that it will be a list of predetermined names kind of like the name choice in Wizard101.
- Stephen asks what is going to be the hardest step coming from Wizard101 to transition into Pirate101. Friendly answers explaining that in Wizard101 while you were in Unicorn way the game was basically teaching you how to play and while you quest further into the game it scales out so it walks you through it. In Pirate101 it does basically the same thing, it teaches you in the earlier stages of the game and walks you through it, so when you are in higher level areas you will be just fine with what you learned in the earlier stages of the game.
- Christina asks what"alpha" testing and "beta" testing is.
Friendly explains what both terms mean- Alpha~ playable version of the game that people can play through, report bugs, comment about it, to help refine the product to make it a pleasent experience for people. Beta~ Is when they ask the majority of the community (potential customers) to play and try out the game, instead of just close friends and family (Alpha). Beta can kind of be compared to the Test realm on Wizard101.
- Stephen asks what a NDA is (None disclosure agreement) and why alpha testers cannot talk about all the awesome things they cannot talk about what they are playing. Friendly explains that family and friends who play alpha are under NDA because alpha stage of a game is always changing, it protects two things, the player themsevlves so they dont get hounded by the community who know thye are in the Alpha. Secondly it protects the product since something that could be shared isn't final nor finished.
- Friendly talks about how on Facebook and other social media when they release a new teaser concept art people comment saying "Hurry release the beta already" LOL
- Christina asks what Friendly's favorite class in Pirate101 is, and Friendly says that he has created a new blog for Pirate101 called; . "Each class has something unique about them that makes it fun to play!"
- After that question, the interview ends, Friendly thanks Christina and Stephen for allowing him to come and talk to them. :) Congratulates them for being an official fansite for Pirate101. Stephen hopes that Friendly can come back after the game is released so they can dive more into the guts of the game without him having an NDA.
*Ends interview*

-Stephen explains that him and Christina will be recording a dead show (no audience) sometime this weekend. It will be available at itunes, on zune, and their website, (sooner than later).
-Stephen thanks us for tuning in and tells us that Pieces of eight may have a contest soon with the prize of a BETA KEY! Very cool prize if your account isn't chosen for the drawn beta on Pirate101!
Make sure you tune into Pieces of Eight's next episode! Check out the past episodes too! -

Just want to thank Stephen, Christina, and Friendly for sharing with us such awesome information and questions that were answered! Thank you guys for taking the time to podcast for the community, Ravenwood Radio was epic, and Pieces of eight will be just as epic! :)

Have an awesome evening everyone!
See ya'll in the Spiral soon!


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