Monday, June 25, 2012

Shiver me timbers!!

    Today has been a fun filled day of rain, thunder, hurricane watch, Pirate101 information and much more! I'm super excited and honored that Pirates of the Spiral has been chosen as a Official Pirate101 Blog! Its now added to the list along with, Ambrose2zeke, Paiges Page, and Pirate101 Skyways!

    I cant wait to see the list above grow! The Pirate101 community is great so far, and will be just as awesome as the Wizard101 community! The game has not even been released yet and everyone has great sites! Goodluck to you all when submitting your blogs!
    I have some super cool things in the works for Pirates of the Spiral in the upcoming weeks if they all go as planned. :) I hope you all enjoy it here, I have been having a blast blogging! Pirate101 beta is super close I can feel it, cant wait to see ya'll in game!