Thursday, June 21, 2012

So ye wanna be a Musketeer?


Ahoy Mateys! One o' th' pirate classes ye can be in Pirate101 be th' Musketeer! Expert marksmen who use their mastery o' firearms t' win th' battle! They use traps an' obstacles t' make it harder fer th' enemy t' win! Check out this lustily movie that was released last fall!

- Th' Three Musketeers -

At 'blitheringly round 55 seconds ye will see some sky ships in th' movie! These be th' kind o' ships that will be used in Pirate101! In many lustily different ways! Thar will be a variety o' them in th' game an' ye will be able t' customize many things on them. Th' sail an' much much more! Aft watch'n th' movie trailer do ye have a second thought o' what pirate class ye will be in Pirate101? Musketeer's seem blastedly cool, an' who doesn't love a pirate wi' a pistol? ;) I cannot wait t' see th' traps an' obstacles th' Musketeer's will use in th' game.

See ye all very soon in th' skyways! Yo ho yo ho a pirates life fer me!


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