Thursday, June 28, 2012

What will Pirate101 characters look like?

What will your Pirate101 Character Look like? Names..?

Hey Everyone!!

    Many members have been asking this question, and this post will contain some answers!
People wondered if the facial features from Wizard101 were going to transfer over from W101 to P101. That is not the case. I think Kingsisle wanted a fresh new start to this game and that is what we got! New battle features, new character looks, and much much more! What will your Pirate look like?

~Keep in mind, Pirate101 is still in the Alpha phase, and things shown in the photos could be changed, or enhanced when released to Live in the future.~

    I watched the Pirate101 trailer again earlier today and tried to see anything that I missed the other dozen times. ;) (Yea that is how much I love the game already!) I noticed a couple of pirates walking around throughout the video and decided to try and pause it right at the exact spot to get a clear enough photo of them, so we can discuss. I know there are some pics of pirates on but I wanted to try and get some new ones that no one has really shared yet.

    The first one I stumbled across was actually a Witchdoctor! (Yes with his or her Skeletal Dragon?)
I then wondered if the special spell that was shared with us on was the reason of seeing many skeletal dragons in much of the media for Pirate101.
(Through their training they can learn the Mournsong power which summons spirits to drain the health of their enemies)
    Anyways here is the photo I caught from the Trailer of a Witchdoctor;
    What do you think? The gear obviously showcases much of the "witchdoctor artifacts like the skull on the chest. You cannot really see the face in the photo but This is one of the first photos I saw of a witchdoctor, there isn't any on the Main site except of Madame Vadima. I personally hope there is more selection of what witchdoctors can wear, I love the style of Madame Vadima's gear.

    Next I continued watching the trailer and noticed during the camera's sharp turn at one point, there was a pirate running along with their companion. I quickly snapped the pic to share with ya'll. Now from what I see I think this could possibly be a Privateer (female?)

    The reason why I believe it may be a Privateer is because the weapon (or item) in their hand looks like a telescope which would resemble a privateer. Thoughts?

    Finally I caught at the very end of the trailer an awesome glimpse of a pirate up close! You can really capture what the faces will look like in Pirate101 from this photo. I believe it is either a Swashbuckler or a Buccaneer. Here it is:

    See? Very nice facial features for only the alpha stage of the game. I personally like the way they look, Once they polish them up they are going to be great! I want to know your thoughts on the Pirates that we have seen so far either on here or the Main site. Do you like the looks of them, or do you personally like the looks on Wizard101 better?

    The next part of this post is going to be about the naming of our Pirates. On a past Pieces of Eight episode, Stephen and Christina interviewed our very own community manager, One-Eyed Jack!
One of the questions Christina asked him was about the naming system. Friendly responded by telling us that it will basically have a very similiar look like Wizard101. We will have a choice of 3 spots in our name. There have been some examples of what the names will be like in the game.

    For example, Paige Moonshade from Paige's Page was an alpha tester. She shared her Pirates name which was Perilous Penelope Nightingale. Another one was on a fan art when the site was opened. Impish Felix Parkinson. Finally Friendly actually shared his also, which was Friendly Thomas. So it sounds like the naming system at the moment (could change?) will consist of an Adjective in the first spot, A regular first name in the second spot, and finally a last name in the third spot. It should also be noted, that there will most likely be no "magical" names from Wizard101 on a game directed towards Pirates. Kingsisle has confirmed that Pirates do not know about Wizards even though they co-exist in the same Spiral. I want to know how you feel about the naming system. Do you like the new set up of an adjective in the first spot? I'm sure there is an option to have no adjective in the first spot for those who do not like it, kind of like Friendly's pirate has no last name, just the adjective and first name.

    Thank you all for reading, I had a lot of fun writing this post and looking for the pics. I would love to hear some of your thoughts on the looks and names for Pirate101. Do you like the set up in Wizard101 better? Would you rather have the same looks from Wizard in Pirates? Please leave a comment below explaining what you like or dislike about it!

    I'm so pumped to play the game, cant wait for beta!! Hope to see you all soon! I have some cool things coming soon to Pirates of the Spiral! Stay tuned!

Happy Sailing!



  1. I like the name system.. an adjective for our name, yay!

  2. How extensive do you think the list of adjectives will be?

  3. Not really sure, I'm sure there will be a bunch of pirate like adjectives along with some normal ones. Probably a nice variety.

  4. I hope my name can be Dreamy Christina! :)
    Christina IceDreamer

  5. Haha I remember you said that on last epi on Pieces of 8. :D

  6. Haha, great information Johnny. I'd love Cunning Chase. :P