Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yarrr! Fansites ahead!

Earlier today, Captain Avery tweeted to check out the community section of Pirate101.com
Everyone rushed to see what was added and it turns out that he released the community Pirate101 fankit that is loaded with a bunch of graphic goodies! :) *Looks up at new header*

Along with the fankit came the official fansites and podcasts, and blogs.
The following sites are now official-
Captain Avery Twitter
Kingsisle Youtube Channel
Captain Avery on Pinterest
Pirate101 Google+ Page
Pieces of Eight Radio

The Official Fan blogs are "Coming soon..."

Now is your chance to submit your Pirate101 blog! To learn more visit here.
Goodluck to you all and go explore the fankit! Its full of goodies! :) Yarrr! A bottle of yum for everyone!


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