Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Darkmoor? Wizard101 or Pirate101?

A few weeks ago JTC posted this concept photo while explaining creating worlds.
While playing Pirate101 in one of the stormgates you can see a world that looks just like the top tower in the photo above:

Question is, will we see Darkmoor in Wizard101 first, or Pirate101? It is the home world of Witchdoctor Vadima. Its most likely going to be a dark/black magic world. Is this where Morganthe will go after we collected the sword from Avalon, or will we go to Darkmoor for a piece of the map for El dorado? So many possibilites. It looks like a great world! :)

What is your opinion?



  1. Not gonna say much but, The Mirror has broke, the Horn has called. I believe the shadows is next. So I can assume Wizard101. But Pirate101 is a very possible future world since we heard of it in Pirate101 a bit already.

    1. "The Mirror will break" (Zafaria)

      "The Horn will call" (Avalon)

      "From the Shadows I strike" (Darkmoor)

      "The Skies will fall" (Empyrea)

  2. As much as I'm loving P101 I'm really hoping this will be the next W101 world. It looks so spooky I LOVE IT! lol

  3. I am not sure whether it would come out in wizard 101 or pirate101. Characters like Madam Vadima and Bat masteson come from Darkmoor ,but it's the only world I can think of that could be the Shadow