Monday, August 20, 2012

Johnny the Witchdoctor - Beta Pictures

Hey all! Since the NDA has been lifted, I can share some pictures of my Witchdoctor with you all!
Below are a few pics I collected throughout my files to share. They are really cool, and I hope you all enjoy the game once you get to play it! Its awesome! Enjoy!

El Toro is one of the companions in Pirate101. He is the masked hero of Santo Pollo.
His backstory is very interesting and you will enjoy it when you reach it. :)

You can see the flag logo I chose for my Witchdoctor. Its suppose to resemble the slytherin school in Harry Potter! I named my ship "Black Magic". That is currently my third ship in the game. There are many different types and varieties of add ons you can place on your ship.

Traveling in the Skyways is very interesting. Instead of using magical spiral doors like in Wiz, you have to travel with your ship. Stormgates are the passages that bring you to other worlds. Its one of the most beautiful scenes in Pirate101 in my opinion. The colors go well and you can see all of the worlds in the background floating around.

Many worlds of the Spiral when traveling through the Skull Island Stormgate. (Celestia, Skull Island, Cool Ranch, Marleybone)

Once Pirate101 is released live, I will be starting an adventure on my witchdoctor and will be sharing my adventure through the Spiral with all of my viewers! Its going to be a blast so I hope you all enjoy! See you in the Spiral finally pirates! :)


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