Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Boochbeard Bundle Video Promo!


    Kingsisle has just released a video promo for the new Boochbeard Bundle items in action!
Check it out and see what you think! The items look epic, will you purchase the bundle?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

P101 Bundles are now available for purchase!

    Happy talk like a Pirate day pirates!! Today is an awesome day! The Pirate101 Bundles are now available for purchase!! The Boochbeard bundle and Gandry bundle! To see more information on these 2 great deals, check out the promotional page over at Pirate101.com! https://www.pirate101.com/free_game/presale_bundles
    Above are the outfits you will get with the Boochbeard bundle! Like Wizard101 bundle gear, you will beable to choose which level set you want before redeeming the gear. So if you want to save the gear for your pirates when they are level 50? Redeem the level 50 gear! :) The same goes for the Ruby Sword also, comes in different tiers.
Above is the Cat companion you will get when purchasing the Boochbeard bundle.
This is its first tier stage, but when leveling it, you will be able to unlock its higher tiers with powerful attacks, new gear, and looks! Me-ow!
Next we have the Parrot Mount which will quickly travel you around the beautiful Islands and rocky Valencian sidewalks. You only get the Mount if you purchase the Boochbeard bundle, it isn't available in the Gandry bundle. After that you will see a Scarakeet pet. This pet along with everything else above will be retired after these bundles expire! Get them while you can! Polly wanna crackarr!?
    *Although your Beta access begins upon purchase of the Boochbeard bundle, the in-game items from the bundles will not be available until the Pirate101 game launches. At the end of Closed Beta, there will be one final character wipe followed by the beginning of the one week Head Start. Then the Pre-Sale in-game items will be given to your account and your 12 Month Membership will begin.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pirate101 Pre-sale Bundles!

Exciting news Pirates!!! Get our your bottles of Yum for celebration!
Kingsisle has announced that Pirate101 will be going live in Early October!!!
To learn more go check out the Forbes article!!
They are also going to be selling 2 "Pre-sale" bundles for people who are interested in some cool new exclusive items that will be retired after these bundles expire aswell as getting a headstart in the game!
WOW! What an awesome bundle! 12 months of Pirate101 all access!
A exclusive one week head start from everyone else!! A scarakeet pet, your own house, a parrot mount! A new cat pirate companion! New outfit, and an awesome ruby gemed sword! You also get into the Closed beta when you purchase this bundle before the head start week begins! What a great deal for people who didnt make closed beta and would like to try it AND get exclusive new rare items that will be retired after these bundles expire!!! Get it while you can Pirates!!! Yo ho ho and a bottle of YUM!
This is the 2nd presale bundle they will be selling soon! The Gandry pack comes with 12 month all access to Pirate101, the one week head start, and the scarakeet pet! This bundle is the one for you if you dont want to spend as much as the first, you still get a cool exclusive pet and the special one week head start!! Mr. Gandry salutes to you!
To see more information about these 2 exclusive bundles head over to Pirate101.com!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Concept Art 101

Hey Pirates! Its been a while! =)
Kingsisle has released some new Concept pictures during the past week.
Ill show you some of my favorites and leave the link for you to go view all of the fabulous artwork they have to share over at Pirate101.com!
The distant realm of MooShu has yet to adopt the sparque buses and lightning muskets most other realms favor. Instead, the folk of MooShu still use Crossbows, no less dangerous for being old-fashioned. This Jade Dragon Crossbow, fashioned for a Khan of the Amber Horde, is a formidable weapon any Musketeer would be happy to carry into battle.
Rarest of the Sky Sharks, Hammerheads are also the smartest, and the easiest to tame. The Pirates of Skull Island cherish Hammerhead Mounts, who are all the more precious for being rare.
The weapons favored by the warrior monks and assassins of MooShu seem strange and exotic to the other peoples of the Spiral - these Tiger Claws are one such example. Sharp as any sword, they can only be utilized to their fullest by masters of Moojitsu.
Ever since the first pirate trained their trusty parrot, pets have been a key part of the pirate life. The pirates of the Spiral keep many kinds of pets, from the Jungle Iguanas of Skull Island to the rare Cool Ranch Jackalope. In addition to affection and fun, pets also offer pirates an edge: sometimes they'll go into battle beside their masters, fighting as a bonus ally.
(PS: Where is the Octopus pet? It will be my pirates main pet when I find it!! =D)
Skull Island's Skyways are filled with islands too small for a port or colony, but perfect for a pirate's lair. Successful pirates often build hidden strongholds on these islets, fashioning mansions out of ship debris and tunneling hidden vaults to store their treasure.
(What pirate wouldn't love their own little secret Island?!? Store all your treasures and gold in your lair!)
To see all of the new Concept Art, follow this link to the main site;

The ones above are some of my favorites from the new batch. :)

Stay tuned for the adventures of my swashbuckler and much much more!
Have an awesome week Pirates!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fansites growing!

AHOY mateys!

   How have you all been these past few stormy days? There has been some great news in the Spiral!
Remember this?
The official Pirate101 fansites have grew since the last time we saw them!
    The count went from 4 to 9! :)

Links to each site are to the left under the "Wonders of the Spiral", and will also be posted below with a quick description of each site.
-Pieces of Eight Radio- Join Stephen and Christina for their pirate-y podcasts! Did ya miss one? No problem! You can listen to in any older episodes you may have missed! This is the sister site to "Ravenwood Radio". Keep an eye out for future episodes and contests! Follow @Piecesof8Radio for more information!
-Pirate101 Skyway- Check out Kelsey Firehearts Pirate101 site! Her site has a Wizard101 side called "Wizard101Gamma" if you are into the magical stuff, and the Pirate101 side is called "Pirate101 Skyways". Both have tons of information she has compiled and collected! Follow @Pirate101Skyway for more information! Keep an eye for news and contests!
-Ditto Monster- Join Ditto, everyones favorite fabricated American for news on Wizard101 and Pirate101! Multiple videos of him playing Wizard101 and now Pirate101! If you are interested in listening to some cool stories, check out the "Daring Adventures of Ditto" tab on the top of the site.
Keep an eye out for future videos and contests! Follow @dittowizard for more information!
-Pirates-of-the-Spiral- Join me at Pirates of the Spiral for up to date P101 information, blog posts, and the adventure of my first pirate when the game goes live! Weekly site poll, Interviews with Kingsisle staff, and contests! Follow @Jcentral1 for more information!
-Paige's Page- Stop by Paige's page for Wizard101 and Pirate101 information! Some call her the House master of the Spiral! She has plenty of housing tips to share with you and has recently shared her Pirate101 houses! Sometimes Paige tours another wizards house and shares it with everyone on her site, which is called "Housing Showcase"! Follow @PaigeMoonShade for more information on news and contests!
-Pirate101 Central- Join Jester and Olivia for all the Pirate101 information you need! The sister site to the popular "Wizard101 Central"! Meet new friends, get help, tips, read guides, and talk about Pirate101 at this new forum! Be sure to check daily for news and contests! Follow @Pirate101C for more information!
-Stormgate Pirates- The sister site to "Legends of the Spiral", this site has up to date Pirate101 information and cool features you should check out. Quizzes, Questhelp, Parties, Fiction section, and more! Be sure to check daily for new news and contests! Follow @StormGateP101 for more information!
-Mercenaries for Charter- The sister site to "Mercenaries for Hire" this site will have tons of information on Pirate101, strategies, tips, videos, and guides! The Mercs are well known for helping wizards in need, and now they will be helping fellow pirates! Be sure to keep an eye out on news, future events/contests! Follow @Mercs4Hire for more information!
-Ambrose2Zeke-  Check out Ambrose2Zeke for all your Wizard101 and Pirate101 needs and information! Tips, tricks, guides, blog, fiction, and more! This is a site that continues to grow! New features will be released soon and will sure to be awesome! Be sure to keep an eye out for news and contests! Follow @ambrose2zeke for more information!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dead man's hand!

Hi everyone!

    I hope you all are having a blast testing out Pirate101! Its been a wonderful experience playing it and I have to say it has great storylines and references to the real world, just like Wizard101 does! Pirate101 has some of my favorite storylines, the 7 lawmen and a dungeon in Cool Ranch called Miranda which refrences to the "Dead man's hand".
    After helping the lawmen reunite during the Cool Ranch storyline one of them joins you in your journey. The vampire lawmen joined me since I am a witchdoctor. After a few more quests you get the quest to travel to Isles De Muertos. Which translates to the Island of the Dead. When you dock your ship there, you will find a friend of Madame Vadima there. She reads your fortune through her magic cards.
    The Fortune teller reveals to you that you must find "Death" and figure out how to defeat Captain blood who is still alive from long ago because he tricked death into a deal while playing cards. After getting your fortune read, you have to go back to Santo Pollo and gather some corn for the crows on Isle de Muertos. Bring it back to the crows and Death himself will appear. He tells you the story about how Captain Blood made a deal with him while playing cards. Death tells you that Captain blood took a break during the game and never returned. The only way to defeat captain blood is to collect all of the cards he had in his hand to finish the card game with death.
    You then travel to Miranda in haunted skyways which was where Death and Captain blood played their famous game but never finished. During the whole dungeon you must go around the small town and find all of Bloods cards.
    Once you find all of the cards after fighting many battles, you will have the famous "Dead mans hand". Wikipedia details on the Dead mans hand:

The make up of poker's dead man's hand has varied through the years. Currently, the dead man's hand is described as a two-pair poker hand consisting of black aces and eights. Along with an unknown "hold" card, these were the cards reportedly held by "Old West" folk hero, lawman and gunfighter, Wild Bill Hickok, when he was assassinated.
    Once you recieve all of Bloods cards, you go back into the Saloon in Miranda and finish the card game with Death. But guess who shows up? Captain Blood! Finish him up! Everyone in Miranda in ghost form and others are watching the epic battle while you fight.

    This is one of the reasons why I love Pirate101! So many connections to the real world and other things. This is the kind of thing that hooks me into Kingsisle games! Great job!