Sunday, September 16, 2012

Concept Art 101

Hey Pirates! Its been a while! =)
Kingsisle has released some new Concept pictures during the past week.
Ill show you some of my favorites and leave the link for you to go view all of the fabulous artwork they have to share over at!
The distant realm of MooShu has yet to adopt the sparque buses and lightning muskets most other realms favor. Instead, the folk of MooShu still use Crossbows, no less dangerous for being old-fashioned. This Jade Dragon Crossbow, fashioned for a Khan of the Amber Horde, is a formidable weapon any Musketeer would be happy to carry into battle.
Rarest of the Sky Sharks, Hammerheads are also the smartest, and the easiest to tame. The Pirates of Skull Island cherish Hammerhead Mounts, who are all the more precious for being rare.
The weapons favored by the warrior monks and assassins of MooShu seem strange and exotic to the other peoples of the Spiral - these Tiger Claws are one such example. Sharp as any sword, they can only be utilized to their fullest by masters of Moojitsu.
Ever since the first pirate trained their trusty parrot, pets have been a key part of the pirate life. The pirates of the Spiral keep many kinds of pets, from the Jungle Iguanas of Skull Island to the rare Cool Ranch Jackalope. In addition to affection and fun, pets also offer pirates an edge: sometimes they'll go into battle beside their masters, fighting as a bonus ally.
(PS: Where is the Octopus pet? It will be my pirates main pet when I find it!! =D)
Skull Island's Skyways are filled with islands too small for a port or colony, but perfect for a pirate's lair. Successful pirates often build hidden strongholds on these islets, fashioning mansions out of ship debris and tunneling hidden vaults to store their treasure.
(What pirate wouldn't love their own little secret Island?!? Store all your treasures and gold in your lair!)
To see all of the new Concept Art, follow this link to the main site;

The ones above are some of my favorites from the new batch. :)

Stay tuned for the adventures of my swashbuckler and much much more!
Have an awesome week Pirates!


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