Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dead man's hand!

Hi everyone!

    I hope you all are having a blast testing out Pirate101! Its been a wonderful experience playing it and I have to say it has great storylines and references to the real world, just like Wizard101 does! Pirate101 has some of my favorite storylines, the 7 lawmen and a dungeon in Cool Ranch called Miranda which refrences to the "Dead man's hand".
    After helping the lawmen reunite during the Cool Ranch storyline one of them joins you in your journey. The vampire lawmen joined me since I am a witchdoctor. After a few more quests you get the quest to travel to Isles De Muertos. Which translates to the Island of the Dead. When you dock your ship there, you will find a friend of Madame Vadima there. She reads your fortune through her magic cards.
    The Fortune teller reveals to you that you must find "Death" and figure out how to defeat Captain blood who is still alive from long ago because he tricked death into a deal while playing cards. After getting your fortune read, you have to go back to Santo Pollo and gather some corn for the crows on Isle de Muertos. Bring it back to the crows and Death himself will appear. He tells you the story about how Captain Blood made a deal with him while playing cards. Death tells you that Captain blood took a break during the game and never returned. The only way to defeat captain blood is to collect all of the cards he had in his hand to finish the card game with death.
    You then travel to Miranda in haunted skyways which was where Death and Captain blood played their famous game but never finished. During the whole dungeon you must go around the small town and find all of Bloods cards.
    Once you find all of the cards after fighting many battles, you will have the famous "Dead mans hand". Wikipedia details on the Dead mans hand:

The make up of poker's dead man's hand has varied through the years. Currently, the dead man's hand is described as a two-pair poker hand consisting of black aces and eights. Along with an unknown "hold" card, these were the cards reportedly held by "Old West" folk hero, lawman and gunfighter, Wild Bill Hickok, when he was assassinated.
    Once you recieve all of Bloods cards, you go back into the Saloon in Miranda and finish the card game with Death. But guess who shows up? Captain Blood! Finish him up! Everyone in Miranda in ghost form and others are watching the epic battle while you fight.

    This is one of the reasons why I love Pirate101! So many connections to the real world and other things. This is the kind of thing that hooks me into Kingsisle games! Great job!


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