Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fansites growing!

AHOY mateys!

   How have you all been these past few stormy days? There has been some great news in the Spiral!
Remember this?
The official Pirate101 fansites have grew since the last time we saw them!
    The count went from 4 to 9! :)

Links to each site are to the left under the "Wonders of the Spiral", and will also be posted below with a quick description of each site.
-Pieces of Eight Radio- Join Stephen and Christina for their pirate-y podcasts! Did ya miss one? No problem! You can listen to in any older episodes you may have missed! This is the sister site to "Ravenwood Radio". Keep an eye out for future episodes and contests! Follow @Piecesof8Radio for more information!
-Pirate101 Skyway- Check out Kelsey Firehearts Pirate101 site! Her site has a Wizard101 side called "Wizard101Gamma" if you are into the magical stuff, and the Pirate101 side is called "Pirate101 Skyways". Both have tons of information she has compiled and collected! Follow @Pirate101Skyway for more information! Keep an eye for news and contests!
-Ditto Monster- Join Ditto, everyones favorite fabricated American for news on Wizard101 and Pirate101! Multiple videos of him playing Wizard101 and now Pirate101! If you are interested in listening to some cool stories, check out the "Daring Adventures of Ditto" tab on the top of the site.
Keep an eye out for future videos and contests! Follow @dittowizard for more information!
-Pirates-of-the-Spiral- Join me at Pirates of the Spiral for up to date P101 information, blog posts, and the adventure of my first pirate when the game goes live! Weekly site poll, Interviews with Kingsisle staff, and contests! Follow @Jcentral1 for more information!
-Paige's Page- Stop by Paige's page for Wizard101 and Pirate101 information! Some call her the House master of the Spiral! She has plenty of housing tips to share with you and has recently shared her Pirate101 houses! Sometimes Paige tours another wizards house and shares it with everyone on her site, which is called "Housing Showcase"! Follow @PaigeMoonShade for more information on news and contests!
-Pirate101 Central- Join Jester and Olivia for all the Pirate101 information you need! The sister site to the popular "Wizard101 Central"! Meet new friends, get help, tips, read guides, and talk about Pirate101 at this new forum! Be sure to check daily for news and contests! Follow @Pirate101C for more information!
-Stormgate Pirates- The sister site to "Legends of the Spiral", this site has up to date Pirate101 information and cool features you should check out. Quizzes, Questhelp, Parties, Fiction section, and more! Be sure to check daily for new news and contests! Follow @StormGateP101 for more information!
-Mercenaries for Charter- The sister site to "Mercenaries for Hire" this site will have tons of information on Pirate101, strategies, tips, videos, and guides! The Mercs are well known for helping wizards in need, and now they will be helping fellow pirates! Be sure to keep an eye out on news, future events/contests! Follow @Mercs4Hire for more information!
-Ambrose2Zeke-  Check out Ambrose2Zeke for all your Wizard101 and Pirate101 needs and information! Tips, tricks, guides, blog, fiction, and more! This is a site that continues to grow! New features will be released soon and will sure to be awesome! Be sure to keep an eye out for news and contests! Follow @ambrose2zeke for more information!

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