Monday, September 17, 2012

Pirate101 Pre-sale Bundles!

Exciting news Pirates!!! Get our your bottles of Yum for celebration!
Kingsisle has announced that Pirate101 will be going live in Early October!!!
To learn more go check out the Forbes article!!
They are also going to be selling 2 "Pre-sale" bundles for people who are interested in some cool new exclusive items that will be retired after these bundles expire aswell as getting a headstart in the game!
WOW! What an awesome bundle! 12 months of Pirate101 all access!
A exclusive one week head start from everyone else!! A scarakeet pet, your own house, a parrot mount! A new cat pirate companion! New outfit, and an awesome ruby gemed sword! You also get into the Closed beta when you purchase this bundle before the head start week begins! What a great deal for people who didnt make closed beta and would like to try it AND get exclusive new rare items that will be retired after these bundles expire!!! Get it while you can Pirates!!! Yo ho ho and a bottle of YUM!
This is the 2nd presale bundle they will be selling soon! The Gandry pack comes with 12 month all access to Pirate101, the one week head start, and the scarakeet pet! This bundle is the one for you if you dont want to spend as much as the first, you still get a cool exclusive pet and the special one week head start!! Mr. Gandry salutes to you!
To see more information about these 2 exclusive bundles head over to!


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