Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where have I been?


    Its been a while since I posted on PotS! I got kidnapped by a strange old Wizard named Ambrose and he asked me to fight this spider lady named Morganthe! =D
(Psst.... new world on test realm W101 -- Azteca)

    Dont worry, I am returning to Pirate101 tonight fellow pirates!
Remember the Letter Marco Pollo sent to Headmaster Ambrose over in Wizard City?
He mentions the world of "Azteca", well the lady above named Morganthe has a bigger plan in mind and is threatening to destroy the world of Azteca with a comet called Xibalba. (She-balba)

   Here are some pictures of me through my adventures in Azteca! PSSt you will see that those pesky Monquistans followed me to Azteca!

    -- All joking aside, I want to thank Kingsisle for creating this awesome new world for Wizard101! You just released Pirate101 on the 15th and now are releasing a whole new Main world for Wizard101! Wow! All your hardwork is definatly being shown! The storyline and Graphics for the new world are amazing and I love the ending! Didn't expect that at all!
    Lots of Pirate101 crossover in the new world of Azteca. From Monquistans, to a Monquistan ship, to learning how to fly a raft from a monquistan, and much much more! If you are interested in Wizard101, please visit Wizard101.com today!
    Thank you all and have a wonderful night! We just got hit with a big storm, but thankfully I have restored power earlier today! Goodluck to all that have been impacted by the storm!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Zephyr Train - Cool Ranch


    While I was side questing in Cool Ranch on my Swashbuckler, I came along to this questline in the Junction area. Now you know how Cool Ranch has a bunch of Railroad tracks, but lo and behold no trains anywhere to be seen? While talking to Mr. Evans for this certain quest he explains why the folks of Cool Ranch are afraid of using locomotives as transportation.
    I found this very interesting so I looked online for a "Zephyr Train Crash" and there was an actual Train called the "Zephyr" that crashed in California on June 26th, 2011.
Nevada Amtrak crash involving the Zephyr that departed from Chicago. 
    Now I am not sure if this is the exact crash that they used to create this quest, but it is the closest I could find. Towards the end of the quest after you go collect pieces of the train on the bottom level of the Junction and bring them back to him, he explains that he thought the Zephyr Train was indeed created in Marleybone, but the workers obviously had lied since the professor found that the pieces from the bottom floor of the Junction did not match up. Very strange indeed. ;)
    Until next time Pirates!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ratbeard where art thou?

    There lies Blood Shoals, Ratbeards secret hideout. After he ran away with Gunn's Will from Skull Island's Tavern, Blind Mew says he heard the evil rat say that they were returning to the "hideout". It is time to find out if he is truly here!
Blood Shoals Island
    As we boarded the docks, the sand was crawling with small crabs, and the yum yum fruit was flying everywhere! We see footprints leading into a dark cave over in the back, so we decide to go check there first. What do we find inside you ask..?
    When we head inside we find Lasko and 3 other rats are dead, but their spirits are still here. Lasko tells us that Ratbeard tricked them and poisoned their food so he could have Gunn's treasure all to himself. He has more information on where Ratbeard may have went, but he wants us to help out the 3 other rats first before we can continue the ratbeard hunt. Time to get some quests done!
    Jack, Manny and Moe all need something done that they can no longer do themselves since they are dead. So we are nice enough pirates to help them out. ;) One of them needs us to find a necklace for the love of their life that he gambled away, one needs us to go save his nephew from Buster Crab on a cave in Skull Island and return him home to his mother, and one needs us to go and defeat some batacudas in the skyway!
    After finishing up some of the quests seen above, we headed back to Skull Island to go save one of the rats nephew's from Buster the Crab! But before we do that, lets head back to Skull Island Tavern, Prospector Zeke has a quest for us, who woulda thunk it? :)
    Zeke and Mark want you to find all the "Funky Bunch" spread around the Islands nearby. If you collect them all of course Zeke gives you a training point just like in Wizard101! Hey Zeke what is it next? First your asking Wizards for help, now you want Pirates help? Let me Guess, Ninjas? Vampires? ;)
    Head up the side of Skull Island a little past the shack and you will see a path leading up the mountain. When you approach the cave entrance tangled with vines, it magically opens and a sigal appears. This is black rock cave, the cave Buster crab has one of the rats nephew! Lets go save him!
    After saving him we return to blood shoals and bring Nick back to his mother. Ding level 6! :)
We finished the rats quests and lasko tells us to go to a town called Jonah town! He thinks the captain their may know where ratbeard is! Until next time! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meeting Vadima and learning more about Gunn's Will!

*Fills up big glass of Yum* - *Takes a gulp*

    Last time we left off, we had just returned Avery's lost amulet from defeating Fin Dorsal in Gloom Temple on Skull Mountain! He had us go "retrieve" our new ship which turned into being a little raft lol! When we confronted him as to why he gave us a little raft, he says he fufilled his end of the deal and we will just have to manage with it.

    He then tells us the story of Captain Gunn and how his treasure is still out there somewhere in the Spiral! He wants us to find it and he has a lead on where Gunn's Will is! He tells us to go talk to our Pirate Class teacher for more information. In this case, I have to go talk to Madame Vadima since I am a witchdoctor!

    Before I go any further though, first I wanted to inform you all that I added a new companion to my crew not story related so I want to show you his stats etc if you have been following my pirates adventure! I recieved in the Mail yesterday a duplicate of Marco pollo's treasure map! We will learn more about this map later in the story, but it is a very important map in the Pirate101 storyline! You can see a picture of the map and more located here. The Map has a bunch of riddles on the side of it that you have to solve. If you correctly solve it, you must put the 20 digit code together and enter it on Pirate101.com as it unlocks a special companion to add to your crew! In this case, I introduce you to Shan Pao! :) He comes with the First Strike talent, and 1 companion training point. This unit is apart of the Swashbuckler class.
    So now, I have my firstmate Kan Po, Fox Musketeer Bonnie Anne, and finally Ninja Pig Shan Pao.
For this early in the game this is a stacked team. Anways back to the story...
Entrance to Madame Vadima's cave
    As we entered her cave, you can see the Witchdoctor magically levitating her crystal ball around her hand. She tells us that Gunn's Will is actually on Skull Island right now, in Krakens Skull Taverns basement. Then tells us to go there and ask the bartender where Mormo the witchdoctor is. But before leaving your class trainer to the tavern, you should check out any new talents you can learn from them. In this case I am level 4 so I can learn the first witchdoctor skill.
    Mojo Strike is a great starter aoe for Witchdoctors. After checking the talents and skills, head over to the tavern! :)
    Skinny Pete tells us that Mormo is in the tavern basement discussing Gunn's Will with some other Pirates! Time to go figure out whats going on!

    Until next time Pirates! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Marco Pollo's Treasure Map!


    Look what Gamma dropped off in my Mail! A duplicate of Marco Pollo's map!
    It contains Marco Pollo and his crews adventure across the Spiral! You have to decipher a secret code by reading Marco's clues about each world! The worlds on the map are as follows: Mooshu, Monquista, Grizzleheim, Wizard City, Polaris, Marleybone, Dragonspyre, Valencia, Skull Island, Aquila, and Krokotopia! By each world icon there is a special 4 digit code. If you correctly answer each riddle on the side of the map and put the digits in the correct order you can redeem the code at Pirate101.com for a special Companion!
Here is what Mine gave me! A ninja Pig companion! Woot! Swashbuckler!
~Also after using the 5 worlds code, there should be 2 other worlds that you didnt use from the riddles on the side of the map! If you put the digits after "pirate101.com/_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _" you get to see a special message between Marco Pollo and Headmaster Ambrose! It is fantastic and will tie up alot of loose ends about the Spiral!! Once you recieve your map figure it out as each map has different codes on it! Goodluck young pirates! See you in the Spiral!

Skull Mountain and Gloom Temple!

    Last time we left off pirates, we had just talked to Bonnie anne! She explained to us that the Troggies were causing havoc and shooting things at the west bastion in town. We then are instructed to go kick some troggie butt! =) *Before I go any further, you may notice my pirate has a pioneer eyepatch on during this part of the story, I went back to my room in Skull Island and took it out of my shared bank, the rouse healing spell is very useful for the beginning parts of the game!*
    So we headed off to the path past Bonnie anne and found a whole bunch of troggies roaming the mountain. My pirate and Kan po did about 3-4 battles and helped out a few other people in there battles. We got a bunch of loot we are saving up in our bag to sell off to the vendor later on back at town. After we have cleared the quest, we headed back to Lt. Smollet.
    While talking to Lt. Smollet about the troggies, Bonnie anne chimes in and says that she wants to join our crew! Bonnie anne is a "Fox Musketeer" and will be very useful during your adventures. She has a talent right off the bat, called Scatterblast, which can hit multiple targets on the battle board, and -25% dodge for them the next 5 turns! She also comes with a talent called "Double Tap" which is exclusive to Musketeers! Double tap allows the shooter to attack again if they defeat an enemy on the battle board. This talent is a big reason why Bonnie anne is a beast in the game!
    You see the "Gained 2 Companion Training Points" at the top? I leveled to level 2 when I handed in the quest to Lt. Smollet, and each time you level up you gain multiple Comp training points. These are used by opening your Companion Board up by pressing (U). At this time, you only have 2 you can use, I personally save mine up untill I really have to use some to level up some of my companions.
    The higher the level you are the more your companions level up when you use them on them. For example on my Swash level 30 pirate, I have a level 1 companion still in my companion crew, if I used 1 training point on him, it would bring him to about level 15. 1-15 levels!
    You also can drag your companions while your board is open, so if I wanted to have bonnie anne following me through the spiral, I would drag her Icon to "Firstmate slot". Kan po is currently in that spot.
    After talking to Lt. Smollet, he wants you to go mark a map with all the spots that the troggies are flinging barrels at. Once you mark all 3 spots, head back to Lt. Smollet and he then wants you to go to each and set the barrels on fire to make an explosion getting rid of the troggies! :) Woot explosion time!
    After causing the explosion and getting rid of the troggies causing problems, once you go talk to Lt. Smollet he asks you to go check on Ensign Livsey up on the mountain. Once you head over the bridge, your camera pans into a cage with Ensign in it. He asks for your help since the Troggies captured him and locked him inside. You then have to go fight some of the nearby troggie shamans for the key! Once you get the key, head back to the cage and he tells you to meet him up on Skull mountain to help you find out where Fin is with Avery's amulet!
Once you are up here, you will see all of the Cutthroat sharks roaming about. Fight 5 of them and then head towards Livsey near the bushes right before the entrance to Skull Cave.

    Livsey tells you he found a letter that hints that Fin is inside of Skull Cave. Your first companion hints that you should enter the cave. Walk in for your first adventure!
    Looks spooky right? Nah, your a pirate! You love the thrill of a brand new adventure! Head towards the stairs infront of you past the stone gateway and your camera pans towards the chest at the top of the stairs. You are then instructed about chests you find around the spiral and to open them to see what is inside.
"Look there, Dragonfly - a Chest! It might hold anything...Only one way to know"
    I feel like the Karate kid here with Kan Po LOL! When you open it, you recieve a piece of gear for the pirate class you chose at the beginning of the game. It is the best gear you have found so far so equip it!
    After you open the chest, head down the pathway to your left, you may find a chest at the top with some gold! Woot! Then head to the right pathway and you will see an exclamation point over a cane. Head over to it and pick it up. Bonnie anne will tell you that it looks like Mr. harkers who is the merchant/minigame guy over in Avery's court! Once we head back to Town you can give it to him as a good gesture, or would you rather not take it and be a real pirate? ARRR! Head towards the vines and Bonnie anne tells you to cut them down, walk up and press X to cut them. Once inside you see that you are now in some sort of temple, Gloom Temple to be exact!
    Head down the stairs and your companion will tell you that there is a quick way out of the temple to your right if you would like to leave. Nah! We want thrill and gold move towards the temple door! Once inside you will find Tons of Cutthroats roaming the temple halls!
    Head to the end of the Hallway and you will see a flooded room. The camera then pans over to a Dog pirate named Sergeant Shepherd! He informs you that Fin is in that doorway past the flooded area. He then tells you that Fins helper, Marcus is nearby who may know how to clear out all of the water in the room. To unlock the door to Marcus's room you must defeat some of the cutthroats in the halls we saw coming here.
    Once you recieved the key after fighting some of the cutthroats, its time to get some answers from Marcus! Your first boss battle! Goodluck pirates!

    After defeating Marcus, he tells you that you must head over to the Troggie Shrine near the beginning of the Temple to flush out all of the water blocking the doorway to Fin & the amulet! This next battle is an interactive battle, the idea isn't to defeat all of the enemies, but to use all 3 statues. Each battle has a requirement you can see at the top of the screen when in a battle. You will see that it says to activate the 3 statues. The battle will be completed when you finish the requirement.

    After using the 3 statues, you will finish the battle! =) Time to head back to the flooded hallway and to talk to Sergeant Sheperd. Time to finally face Fin Dorsal and collect Avery's stolen amulet!

    This next battle is a bit different, instead of fighting all of the enemies on the board, you just have to defeat Fin Dorsal. Sergeant Sheperd will come with you to fight Fin as an allie. This means he helps you fight, but you have no direct control over him (movement and attacking etc..) The requirement for this battle is to only defeat Fin Dorsal. After finishing the battle, collect the chests and then grab the amulet! For a shortcut instead of walking all the way down the mountain, click the Lifestone icon near the bottom of your screen to be sent back to Avery's court!
    Head into Avery's office and give him the amulet, you will see Fin Dorsal behind Avery all ashamed of what he did. =D Bad cutthroat! Avery tells you to go to Skull Island docks for your new ship! Woot at this point you are so excited, but just wait till you get to the docks LOL. One of the best moments in the game! haha.
    After you see your ship...errr raft, Blind Mew chimes in and tells you to go back to Avery and demand a new ship. You go back to talk to Avery and he tells you that he fufilled his part of the deal and that you just have to manage with it for now. You then will encounter your first Puppet Show of the game! These little shows are quick tidbits of a storyline that is important. We learn about Captain Gunn and his treasure. Avery wants us to find the Treasure, and has found a lead. There is a crew in Kraken Skulls Tavern that has Gunn's Will that tells where his treasure is hiding. He then tells you to go talk to your Pirate class's teacher, in this case Mine is Vadima, who will tell us more information about the Will.
    To be continued.....
PS: Thanks for reading Pirates!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Adventures ahead!


    Howdy Pirates! I am going to be adding a new dynamic to Pirates of the Spiral!
Yep you heard right, I will be showcasing my 2nd pirates adventure through the Spiral!

    Now my first Pirate I made for P101 at the beginning of headstart week was a Swashbuckler. I am loving that class and wish I had documented all of his travels but I didn't. So I have decided to create a Pirate for the official launch date and start showing his adventure! For this I created a Witchdoctor pirate because that is the next class after swashbuckler I love! You will beable to see how I created my Pirate, what options I chose, and much more.

    It isn't always going to be videos, sometimes I will show parts of the adventure through photos and describe what I did in some situations. Mostly all big boss battles will be filmed and shown, maybe even more. I may even incorporate some future contests during my pirates adventure, there are so many options I could do. :)

    Anyways I hope you all enjoy the new feature on Pirates of the Spiral! Don't fret, I will still be sharing updated Pirate101 news and everything else that is on here, but I want to show the adventure of one of my own pirates!

*Passes out Yum bottles* Yohoho! Anchors Aweigh!

    As you know, (or if you dont!) when Mr. Gandry and Boochbeard ask you how your parents died, your answer actually chooses a companion for you later in the game! Below are the choices and the companion you will meet on your adventure.
Sky Squid- Birgus Latro, Crab Thug, Buccaneer
Storm- Milo Greytail, Rat Brigand, Swashbuckler
Armada- Gaspard De Vole, Guinea Pig Buccaneer, Buccaneer
Shipwrecked- Lucky Jack Russel, Dog Private, Privateer
Mutiny- Undead Mike, , Buccaneer

    I chose the storm option, because I absolutely love Milo Greytail as a companion! He is a Swashbuckler and has great attack power and gets the job done in battles! I have heard others say they really like the Lucky Jack Russel companion, I may try him out in the future. After they ask you how your parents died, they will ask you where you grew up and who raised you. What option you choose gives your pirate a talent that suits whatever you choose. For example, if you choose Marleybone, your pirate will get the keen eyes talent which gives them a boost of +5 accuracy right off the bat! Each class has a preference, since I'm going to be a Witchdoctor, I chose Krokotopia since that gives me a boost for my hoodoo power! Below are the talents each option will give you.
[Marleybone: Keen Eyes]
[Skull Island: Born Sneak]
[Krokotopia: Naturally Spooky]
[Grizzleheim: Naturally Tough]
[Mooshu: Born Warrior]
    Now I wanted to keep the same look as my Swashbuckler so I basically created my new Pirate the same way I did him. My swash used black and red as his flag colors & companion colors. So I decided to switch it up and use Black and Green, which reminds me so much of the Slytherin school in Harry Potter! =) The Slytherin school is well known for dark evil wizards, well I decided to use the colors because Witchdoctors have a dark magic they use called Hoodoo.
    Next I had to choose a design for the flag, I was going to use the witchdoctor mask symbol because they look totally awesome on the sails, but the color combination on the witchdoctor masks are weird and do not blend well how they are set up. So I decided to use a simple skull face for the sign of Death of all who challenge me! ;)
    After I created my Pirate, the tutorial began and I rescued Kan Po the Swashbuckler companion that all Witchdoctors recieve.
    After rescuing him, we travel to the above deck and see that the Armada isn't very happy that Boochbeard and Gandry has released us. The tutorial then shows you how to use the battle system in Pirate101. After the battle, Deacon one of the admirals for the Aramada warns us that the Armada will come after us, then shoots the barrels that explode which almost sends boochbeard flying off the ship LOL!
    We then travel to the other ship which is Mr. Gandry and Boochbeards and they show us how to sail, and broadside ship fight. Then we learn about the fuel tank on ships and Windlanes. We then are instructed to head onto Skull Island to meet Captain Avery!
    He quickly assigns you a quest to go talk to someone named Rigby about the Problems arising on Skull Island. Once you head outside, you are informed about Life fountains, and then your adventure officially begins! Tutorial over! :]
    Finally after talking to Rigby and heading to Skull Mountain, we meet Bonnie Anne who is a Musketeer. She gives you a quest to go defeat some of the Troggies who have been causing havoc shooting things at the town. That is where we ended for now.

~Until next time pirates!