Tuesday, October 2, 2012

IGN Boochbeard Bundle Giveaway!

    Captain Avery has just found a message in a bottle floating near the shores of Skull Island mateys!
Lets give a read eh?
From IGN~
"You guys remember when we gave away a bunch of exclusive mounts for Wizard101 and you guys went nuts? Well, the same developers are about to release Pirate101 so we thought we'd make you all happy again by getting in on the ground level and giving 10 lucky IGN members not only a special mount, but pet, house, companion, outfit, weapon, and a week headstart on the game! You have until midnight on Oct. 7 to enter. 
10 winners will be chosen at random and contacted on Oct. 8.  
Winners Get All This:

  • 60,000 crowns* that can be spent either in Pirate101 or Wizard101
  • One Week Head Start - Begins October 8th
  • Skarakeet Pet
  • Volcano Island House
  • Parrot Mount
  • Cat Pirate Companion
  • Dread Pirate's Outfit
  • Ruby Slicer Weapon
How to enter:

Leave a pirate-themed haiku in the comments below to enter. In this case a haiku cosists of a 3 line poem. The first line is 5 syllables long. The second line is 7 syllables long. The third line is 5 syllables long.
Arrrrrrrrrrr you ready?!
    Very cool giveaway eh? You heard them scallywags over at IGN! Go over and register at IGN.com and enter to win some very cool loot! Your pirate will be the talk of Skull Island with its Parrot Mount and Shiny Ruby Slicer! ;)

Link to contest: http://www.ign.com/blogs/jinxcellent/2012/10/02/giveaway-pirate101/

Goodluck Mateys!



  1. arrrrrrrr matee land ho

    lets drop anchor right below

    and catch a fortune

  2. Roslyn SilvertalonOctober 3, 2012 at 9:52 PM

    Fly through golden Skies,
    With Companions seeking wealth:
    A pirate's heaven.

  3. Arrr!!! you scurvy cur!
    start getting me some treasure!
    do it at leisure

  4. raise jolly roger!
    rough voyage at sea today,
    get me some booty!

  5. sing a song with me
    come aboard me pirate ship
    n be a pirate!

  6. Let's get some treasure,
    Pirate have to measure,
    With gold they get pleasure!

    1. wow! that is pretty good. and it talks about what pirates love most.

  7. So, ye want me gold, come and get it ye lubber! If ye can, matie!

  8. so, ye want me gold
    then come and get it, LUBBER!
    if ye can, matie!

  9. so ye want me gold,
    then come and get it, LUBBER!
    if ye can, matie!

    by the way my name is strong hunter sharp