Monday, October 1, 2012

New Pets

Shiver me timbers!!!!

With the release of the new build on beta, the old pets have been replaced with a combonation of different colors/themes and the names also have changed. [In the Crown shop anyhow]

Tropical Sky snake, Blanco Buffaloon, Golden Stingtail, Ebon Spectre, and Coral Widow are now all available in the Crowns shop. Now Before they changed this I had bought the regular Sky snake pet and its now called a different name. (I had it in my bag and equiped to my char before the maintenance)


So are you gonna purchase a pet when the game goes live? I definatly am! If I go with a witchdoctor pirate, I am gonna match it and buy the Spectre! If I go with a Swashbuckler pirate first, I will get it a sky snake! :) What is your favorite pet from the ones above?

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