Monday, October 1, 2012

Pirate101 Official Release Date and more!


    Great news has just recently came in Pirates! We have been hearing around from Skull Island folks that Venture Beats has announced when the World of Pirates opens!
"KingsIsle Entertainment scored big with its Harry Potter-like Wizard101 online game, launched in 2008. The title generates more than 20 million unique visitors a month. Now the company is going all out with its launch of Pirate101, which debuts for early preorder consumers on Oct. 8 and the general public on Oct. 15."
    So everyone who purchased either the Boochbeard bundle, or Gandry bundle, plus regular beta players get to play starting October 8th for the headstart week! On October 15th, everyone gets to play! This is very exciting news as the game is finally going to hit live! Will history repeat itself for Pirate101 like it did with Wizard101? We shall soon find out! Sharpen your blades, and clean out your pistols, its time for the adventure of a lifetime! Yohoho and a bottle of rum pirates!

    Gamestop will be soon selling, 10$, 20$, and a 39$ giftcards for Pirate101! The 39$ is actually called the "Cutthroat Bundle" and here is a photo of it (Darkheart~P101c):
    That looks pretty sweet if you ask me! Glad to see everything going so smoothly for Pirate101. It took a while for Wizard101 to get giftcards. During the Venture beats article, you also can see that Wizard101 has a player base over 30 Million Wizards now! That is amazing! It also notes that Kingsisle is working on 5 projects! Will there be more "101" games? Only time will tell! I myself am hoping for a Ninja101! *Crosses fingers*
Thank you for reading fellow pirates, and I hope to see you in the Spiral in 7 more days!!
[You can view other articles about the release date and more info at these locations]:

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