Friday, October 19, 2012

Ratbeard where art thou?

    There lies Blood Shoals, Ratbeards secret hideout. After he ran away with Gunn's Will from Skull Island's Tavern, Blind Mew says he heard the evil rat say that they were returning to the "hideout". It is time to find out if he is truly here!
Blood Shoals Island
    As we boarded the docks, the sand was crawling with small crabs, and the yum yum fruit was flying everywhere! We see footprints leading into a dark cave over in the back, so we decide to go check there first. What do we find inside you ask..?
    When we head inside we find Lasko and 3 other rats are dead, but their spirits are still here. Lasko tells us that Ratbeard tricked them and poisoned their food so he could have Gunn's treasure all to himself. He has more information on where Ratbeard may have went, but he wants us to help out the 3 other rats first before we can continue the ratbeard hunt. Time to get some quests done!
    Jack, Manny and Moe all need something done that they can no longer do themselves since they are dead. So we are nice enough pirates to help them out. ;) One of them needs us to find a necklace for the love of their life that he gambled away, one needs us to go save his nephew from Buster Crab on a cave in Skull Island and return him home to his mother, and one needs us to go and defeat some batacudas in the skyway!
    After finishing up some of the quests seen above, we headed back to Skull Island to go save one of the rats nephew's from Buster the Crab! But before we do that, lets head back to Skull Island Tavern, Prospector Zeke has a quest for us, who woulda thunk it? :)
    Zeke and Mark want you to find all the "Funky Bunch" spread around the Islands nearby. If you collect them all of course Zeke gives you a training point just like in Wizard101! Hey Zeke what is it next? First your asking Wizards for help, now you want Pirates help? Let me Guess, Ninjas? Vampires? ;)
    Head up the side of Skull Island a little past the shack and you will see a path leading up the mountain. When you approach the cave entrance tangled with vines, it magically opens and a sigal appears. This is black rock cave, the cave Buster crab has one of the rats nephew! Lets go save him!
    After saving him we return to blood shoals and bring Nick back to his mother. Ding level 6! :)
We finished the rats quests and lasko tells us to go to a town called Jonah town! He thinks the captain their may know where ratbeard is! Until next time! Thanks for reading!

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