Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where have I been?


    Its been a while since I posted on PotS! I got kidnapped by a strange old Wizard named Ambrose and he asked me to fight this spider lady named Morganthe! =D
(Psst.... new world on test realm W101 -- Azteca)

    Dont worry, I am returning to Pirate101 tonight fellow pirates!
Remember the Letter Marco Pollo sent to Headmaster Ambrose over in Wizard City?
He mentions the world of "Azteca", well the lady above named Morganthe has a bigger plan in mind and is threatening to destroy the world of Azteca with a comet called Xibalba. (She-balba)

   Here are some pictures of me through my adventures in Azteca! PSSt you will see that those pesky Monquistans followed me to Azteca!

    -- All joking aside, I want to thank Kingsisle for creating this awesome new world for Wizard101! You just released Pirate101 on the 15th and now are releasing a whole new Main world for Wizard101! Wow! All your hardwork is definatly being shown! The storyline and Graphics for the new world are amazing and I love the ending! Didn't expect that at all!
    Lots of Pirate101 crossover in the new world of Azteca. From Monquistans, to a Monquistan ship, to learning how to fly a raft from a monquistan, and much much more! If you are interested in Wizard101, please visit Wizard101.com today!
    Thank you all and have a wonderful night! We just got hit with a big storm, but thankfully I have restored power earlier today! Goodluck to all that have been impacted by the storm!

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