Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Admiral Bundle Gear


    Today will be the day you learn about the Admiral bundle pirates!
This gift card is available at Walmart's across the United States, for the price of 29$.

It comes with the following:
  • Marleybone Warship with MB figurehead
  • Bulldog Companion
  • Naval Outfit
  • Military Sabre
  • Crow's Nest furniture item 
  • 5000 Crowns OR 1 month of membership.
    Nice right?
My favorite part of this bundle is definatly the Bulldog companion!! Look how epic it looks lol! Definatly my Privateers new firstmate! If you are interested in this bundle head to your local walmart and pick it up!


  1. Yep! He promotes 1 time just like the cat pirate does from the boochbeard bundle.