Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mixing Companions!

    I had a great idea and I'm wondering if KI will ever go down this route since Pirate101 is about companions. Instead of Pets like in Wizard101, how about we get to hatch companions? :) Here is a rough design I just made up of a hatch hybrid between Bonnie anne and Egg Chen. LOL
    LOL Hatch gone wrong... xD
So what do you think? Would you want Pirate101 have a new feature to let us mix and hatch our companions with other players companions? Unlock cool new talents and epics? I think it would be a great idea!


  1. What, and you mean get a possible endless stream of companions just for paying gold? Unlikely. Or even crowns, highly unlikely. Plus, think of the implications of using companions to create a new one. Companions, unlike pets, are living, sentient beings! Well, okay, Batacuta, Nikeeta, Scorpius, and Madclaw aren't. Why would sentient beings with their personalities wish to combine to create a new person? I say, yes bring in pet hatching. No to hatching companions.

  2. Oh my gosh Johnny, that's awesome! (And totally not creepy)
    I kinda have to disagree though, I think companions are great just the way they are, and unbeatable types of companions may be formed that can lead to trouble if PvP is implemented.
    For example, a companion with Vengeance Strike, Relentless, Riposte and Double Strike would be nearly impossible to defeat, and a killing machine.

  3. i love that idea but i dont see that being possible i think it would work the same way pet mixing would. u get either or pet with a mix of both skills or better. but i love that idea of combining to make better and stronger companions. but then how would promotions work?

  4. That would be awesome!! I really hope they do that! :D

  5. It sound like a good idea like to make an almost invincible companion but is kinda weird.