Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Design a Yuletide Companion Winners!

    Winners are announced for the Design a Yuletide Companion contest! Congratulations winners and your codes have been sent out! Thank you for entering everyone! All of your ideas were awesome! Some were very funny and creative.
1st Place:
hello johnny, my pirate's name is bold maya newton .
Companion: -grinch
- green body, with a santa hat and robe (which wont be colored accodring to the flag colors.)
- we get it from avery after doing a quest in which avery points that grinch was stealing the christmas. he defeat the grinch and get him (he says he has changed and wanted tomake it up to me)
-its epic is, he steals any protective aura rounds. ( like the reduce damage over time), he also destroys any enhance power over rounds spell. however, he must be very close tothe caster to do it.-and again the cowards bane. he is witch doctor.
2nd Place:
My name is Crazy Ryan Upham
I call this masterpiece uh the piratecracker!
This companion made completely out of wood. The picture show what it sort of look like.
You get it in Cool Ranch.
It special ability is using it mighty wood sword called the woody sword. Also, during battle, it can quickly move to places by throwing it body parts to the area you want it to go. An epic it has is being able to create multiple nutcracker. These nutcrackers are like illusions so that the enemies won't hit the "true" piratecracker. I think it will be a great Yuletide companion. Just make sure you don't make it battle in water ;)
3rd Place:
Julia Dreamcaster
Captain Gingy
What it looks like: (picture)
Where to get it: crown shop- 2,500 crowns
Class: Swashbuckler
Strength: 20
Agility: 36
Will: 15
Accuracy: 30
Dodge: 9
Armor: 4
Resistance: 18
Damage: 16-31
Health: 325
Abilities: (all made up)
-Decorative (bonus attack when hit)
4th Place:
Mariah Iceslinger
Companion: Nutcracker Pirate
Where to get it: When someone has stolen presents from Skull Island, Avery has you venture off to Scrimshaw to fight off the rats who took all of them. One of them is a magical moving nutcracker dressed up lke a pirate who joins you after saving all of the presents and christmas cheer for Skull Island!
Class: Buccaneer
Epics: Nutcracker- snaps a nutcracker in its mouth then throws it in the air and smacks his sword against it flinging it at the enemy
SnowTime!- Snow covers the battlefield and gives 20% boost to all yuletide companions
5th Place:
Isacc Lifecrusher
Companion: Santa Clause
Where to get it: When some ruffians corner a jolly santa clause in a skull island home on christmas night, you have to go save him and he repays you by joining you for your christmas spirit.
Class: Buccaneer
Epics: Presents- He throws presents everywhere across the battlefield. You can attack them to open them and see what surprises are inside, could be good or bad.
Rudolph the red nose pirate- Rudolph and all the other reindeer fly into the enemy.

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