Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Felix Navidad's Magic Bag!

    We have a special visitor Pirates! Felix Navidad has traveled from the North Pole and has brought some Holiday goodies! Will ye be lucky enough to get a prize?! Since everyone is going to be busy around the Holiday times, all ye gotta do is enter using the Rafflecopter below! Once the dealine is met, I will create a video of the random name generator and which prizes each person will get in order! Pets, Companions, and Crowns are up for grabs! Best of luck to ya!
Deadline: December 22nd @ Midnight eastern time
Prizes will be sent to the email you use with the Rafflecopter
List of Prizes:
Mistle Toad Companion + 10,000 Crowns (x2)
Prince Yulefest Companion + 2,500 Crowns (x4)
One Random Yuletide Pet + 1,000 Crowns (x7)
One Random Yuletide Pet plus a rare chance at a Yuletide Companion! (x10)
(A total of 23 Winners!)
A Big thank you to One-eyed Jack and Kingsisle for the prizes!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Happenings!

    How are all ye landlubbers doing this chilly December evening? Boochbeard and his little sheep elves have been selling some Christmas tree's on the beach of Skull Island! Yohoho! If you didn't already know, Kingsisle is giving a free Holiday Item away for both Wizard101 and Pirate101! Click the button below to get yours! Will ye get a Holiday Weapon or a Furniture Item?
    KI is also hosting a Holiday Contest for their Blog! All you have to do is write a small blog post on this question: What has Wizard101 or Pirate101 meant to you/your family over the past year! The winner will win 60,000 crowns and have their blog published on the official KI blogsite! To check out more details and rules click here!
    Finally earlier today, they released the cool Holiday themed weapons in Pirate101! Woot woot! Some of these are pretty cool and this year we have stitching in the game so you can stitch them to use on higher level weapons! Double WOOT! Check it out!
    To make things even better, I will be gifting out each holiday weapon once to a lucky viewer! All you have to do to enter is send me an email at johnnycentral1@cox.net (please get your parents/guardians permission if you are under 13 first) and say what your favorite thing about the Holidays are and why! If you Celebrate something other than Christmas, let us know what and what you enjoy about it! That simple! There is a total of 14 weapons (above) so there will be 14 winners! You have until December 13th @ midnight eastern time to enter! If you are a winner, I will send you an email back after the 13th, so please keep an eye out!
Happy Holiday Pirates!

Friday, December 6, 2013

12 Days of the Spiral!

    Today Kingsisle has begun the epic 12 days of the Spiral! During each of these days, there will be a special surprise for either Wizard101, Pirate101, or both! Be sure to check everyday! Today's surprise is the new 2013 Charity Mount for both games! The Noelephant Mount is a cute and goofy looking elephant with a top hat and some holiday accessories on its body. :)
    The Mount costs 7500 crowns in the crown shop for both games! Here is a small clip of the little guy swimming underwater! Haha!

    Will you be purchasing one this holiday season? Kingsisle will be donating the money from this purchase to 3 different types of organizations!
Available for a limited time, the Noelephant mount will contribute up to a $50,000 donation between three organizations devoted to helping children: the Austin Children's Shelter, Make-A-Wish® Central & South Texas and Children's Medical Center at Legacy. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What Are Ye Thankful For?

    Land ho pirates! Did ya get your free thanksgiving present from Kingsisle yet? If ye haven't click the present box below to activate the code! Just log in and bang! You should recieve an Autumn Eyepatch along with some gold ingame!
    Kingsisle has also put the Admiral Bundle online for all ye pirates to buy! This is a great opportunity for all the pirates who do not have any gamestops nearby! Click on the Giftcard below to learn more about this Marleybonian themed bundle! Great present for the holidays!
    Earlier this week I asked all ye pirates to send me what ye are thankful for since Thanksgiving is approaching! Below are all of the entries I recieved! Ye all won a Thanksgiving Eyepatch! If ye sent an entry check your email and send me back a TFC! I already have sent some, to those who emailed me back already! Enjoy! Have an awesome Thanksgiving everyone!
 I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, and food
to eat. I'm also thankful that I still have all my hair at
my age. My younger brothers were bald before they were 30. - 
James Morgan
I am thankful for just being alive. - Kaleb P.
I'm thankful for my friends I have in this amazing game - without them, it would be much less exciting and not as fun! They really make the game exciting for me and I want to give thanks to them!! - Loyal Sean
I am thankful for both of the Kingsisle games, keeps me busy when I don't have homework and keeps me out of trouble. - Fearless Sam Nightingale 
I am thankful for my friends i have met ever since i met the twizard community and the twirate comunity. I never met such awesome friends. - Destiny S.
I am thankful for everything in my life. Especially my family. Without them, I wouldn't be here today! They help me when life gets tough and are there when I need them most. Big obstacles may come, but we always stick together. Without them I wouldn't be here today, and that is why I am thankful for my family. - Patrick P.
I am thankful for the amazing pirate101 community I get to be around every day! Everyone brings their own perspectives and ideas to the table, and I feel so blessed to be part of such a diverse and thoughtful group of people - Laura Murphy

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving is upon us!

    November flew by! Wow! Can you believe next week is already Thanksgiving peeps?! Skull Island just got a delivery full of these cool new Eyepatches with a Drumstick on it for Thanksgiving! As you know, November is a time to be thankful for your friends, family, and much much more! I will be giving away a few of these eyepatches in celebration to all of you guys!
    I first want to give a big thanks to everyone who views my blog and all of the other wonderful blogs on Wizard101 and Pirate101! I am so grateful that I got into blogging and the twitter community last year, it definatly is a great experience! We should also take the time to be thankful to Kingsisle! Without them I wouldn't be here right now writing this blog post or even typing this right now! They have been such an awesome gaming company since the beginning and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the future for both Wizard101, Pirate101 and Future 101's.
    Entering to win an eye patch is easy! Just email me at johnnycentral1@cox.net (please get your parents permission first if you are under 13!) and explain to me what you are thankful for! It could be your family, friends, games, sports etc.. I will be posting all of the entries I recieve after tomorrow night!
    A handful of you will win an eyepatch, you will know if you are a winner by me emailing you back!
    I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week, and enjoy the time with your Family and Friends! :) While you are nomming on your thanksgiving meal, all of your companions in game will be having a big feast on Skull Island hosted by Captain Avery taking a break! Arrrrr!
Ill see ya around the Spiral!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Empire Bundle!

    Land ho! A new bundle has been spotted at Gamestop! This new Aquilan themed bundle comes equipped with one of the new mechanics in Pirate101! The Battle Standards! These "Spells" power up you/your companions when placed somewhere on the battle board! The one that comes with this bundle powers up Bird type companions!
    Captain! Make room in yer crew! A Lady Centaur will join ye if you purchase this awesome bundle! She is waiting for yer commands! Tired? Dock your Massive new ship at your new Aquilan themed private island! To read more about this Bundle and the Battle Standards Click here!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sneak Peeks!

    Kingsisle has teased us with another photo! In this one, it seems like a ramp has been magically placed near the musketeer's roost area on Skull Island. It appears to be Aquila themed with a NPC standing on it near a rowboat. But whats really cool is if you look in the background, you can see a bird (giant npc?) holding up a colosseum!
    What do ya'll think it is? Some players are saying it could be a Ship PVP area, or maybe a dungeon? I personally think its a dungeon challenge for pirates of a certain level +. More sneak peeks should be popping up soon! Keep speculating!

Friday, November 1, 2013

November Newsletter!

    Kingsisle has released the November Newsletter for Pirate101! There are plenty of cool things in this one pirates! First they start us off with a new Rogue's Gallery with Ol' Fisheye in the spotlight!

    Next, The Pirate101 Team shared the data they have collected of what our pirates have chosen at the beginning of the game; How our parents died, and what talent/where our pirates grew up! Check it out!
    Finally, they shared this mysterious Image at the end of the Newsletter! What does it mean and who is the NPC in it? Will this be part of a new World? Or Maybe just a Side activity? It seems like it is in Skull Island somewhere judging from the background. Also keep in mind, Bonnie Anne's picture is still in her first promotion when she is speaking so it must be early in the game!

Kan Po's 1st Promotion!

    Today we will be looking at Kan Po's 1st Promotion! Since he is our very first companion it should be an awesome one! Where will his quest take us? Who is that monkey above? You will find out! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spooky Companion Sale!

    How are all ye landlubbers doing this fine Wednesday? Captain Blood has finally left and Im finally out of that cage cell! I hope he didn't bother you all too much. Next time we will be more prepared for an attack like that! Anyways to the news! Starting today, a select few companions will be 50% off! This sale will end November 3rd! Add some horror to your crew today!
    The list of Companions that are eligible for this promotion are below:
SM Arson
Martin Valvida
Moresco de Valvida
Doctor Noh
Bat Masterson
Bones Mcgee
Jim Masterson
Ghost Singer

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Captain Blood Chooses His Winners!

    Ye little scallywags are ready t' see the winners aren't ye! I cannot wait to get on m' ship and back to Miranda. ;) All of the companion ideas were great, so I put all of ye names into a Magical Machine from the future and it picked th' winners! I will also be posting ALL of the entries we recieved! (Even if you were not picked as a winner in the video). Thank you all for entering and I hope you have a very very spooky October and Halloween! *If you see your name chosen in the video, check yer emails for codes! Enjoy!*

Companion name : shadow queen
Class : witch doctor
Talents : riposte, vengeance strike , second chance , first stirke - Rossie

Name: Halloween Spectre
Class: Musketeer
Look: Resembles Spectre of the Brocken from wizard101. Would have a pirate hat as well.
A few talents (made up): Haunting, Shadow Slash, Shriek - Alex Andrews
Companion Name: Jack Gourdon - Salty Padric Otway
Ahoy! I'm Ruthless Destiny!
My Idea Companion is El Tigre!

He is a ghost tiger!!!

He is a witchdoctor.

His Learned Talents are:






His Learned Abilities:


Vengeance Strike

Second Chance

Cheap Shot



He attack by clawing, pouncing or putting a curse on you!
-Ruthless Destiny
Companion Name - Darkfang
Class - Swashbuckler
Subtitle - Cutthroat Shade
How do you recruit him? - A special Skull Island side quest will appear for Halloween... do ye dare accept it?
Ye may think that this 'ere companion be right smart similar t' th' Cutthroat companion, but ye be wrong! Aye, he was a regular Cutthroat, until he was cursed by the darkness of the moon! The player finds him plotting grand scheme on Cutthroat Bay and stops him right before he can threaten Skull Island! He reforms after that and joins the player's crew, and it be a round o' yum for everyone! Yarr!!
He starts with Flanking and can one Epic when he is recruited. He promotes twice, making a total of three new Epics! His Epic pool consists of Riposte, Relentless, Second Chance, and First Strike. He even comes with a Guaranteed Critical Strike card, which improves a tier whenever he promotes! - Zuff98
- Fearless Andrea Kelly
I was thinking how about a companion name, "The Headless Horseman". The appearance would be a haunted looking man with no head but instead he has pumpkin head. He could be riding a horse like the one available in the nightmare pack. He could be holding a spooky sword. His class is Buccaneer. He will have talents like vengeance strike and relentless.
- Crazy Ryan Upham

The spooky companion I thought of is Phobos. He's the Aquilan god of fear. If we have nothing to fear but fear itself, than we all fear Phobos. He is fear.
He fights by scaring his opponents so badly they lose health in the process. He is witch doctor class, and has a special power, called Paralyze. He attacks, then the victim is so frightened he's stunned for three rounds. - Lucas Dodger
Name: Kamakiri (Japanese for Praying Mantis)
Class: Privateer (with some witchdoctor special abilities)
Location: A level 60 character summoned by Madam Vadima in a spell gone wrong so we much fight the creature. After defeating Kamakiri she thanks us for freeing her from a curse and joins our crew in gratitude.
Description: An emerald green praying mantis with yellow eyes. Her clothing includes a mooshu-style robe in appropriate crew colours. As a praying mantis she has a martial arts style of combat similar to Wing Chun. She carries no weapons but her fore-legs have serrated edges like a knife which she uses for slashing and cutting an enemy. When an epic hit is triggered she will rise up on her hind legs and thrust straight down on the targeted enemy with her fore-legs.
Movement: Kamakiri's movement alternates between crawling on all six legs to walking upright. She also flicks her feelers in front of her from time to time.
Powers: Kamakiri comes with two powers:
1. God Willing - Small insects will surround each crew member and each will gain will.
2. Prayers' Prey- Kamakiri will move into a praying position and a green mist will descend on the targeted enemies from above - each will be damaged and cursed for two rounds.

Epics: When received there will be a choice for three of the following epics each of which can be taken to tier three:
Second Chance
First Strike

Stats: Kamakiri's starting stats are as follows:

Strength - 69

Agility - 41
Will - 63
Accuracy - 79
Dodge - 85
Armor - 15
Resistance - 33
Damage - 204-33

Health - 2389
When we recruit her, she will also have 12 open talent slots, which we can use for the following talents of our choice. All of them will be able to be trained up to tier 3.


- Lucy B
-Duncan Stubborn Freeman
(Witchdoctor Class)
-Quiet Keena Davis
I have a special companion that I made for Captain's Blood! I am thinking of a spooky scarecrow pirate. His name is the HAUNTED SCARECROW PIRATE. He has the head of a scarecrow, but has the body of a pirate. It will be the class of a Musketeer along with 23 Accuracy, 42 Dodge, 6 Armor, and 4 Resist. He also has 25 Strength, 30 Agility, and 17 Will.
Thanks for the friendly contest,

-Hunter Silver
My idea is for a FrankenTrogg companion, it would be witchdoctor class.
It would just look like a regular troggy in Frankenstein type clothes!
First Strike
Critical Strike
Vengeance Strike
- Daniel R
Name: Turtle Tang
Class: Musketeer
Talents: Lucky,Accurate,Spirited
- Loyal Martin Xavier
My Idea is a werewolf since it's Halloween and it would be in the buccaneer class and talents it will have will be full moon where you can go on a rage and attack all surrounding enemies another talent it will have is that when you use this talent you will bite an enemy and he will become a werewolf.
The werewolf can be wearing black robes if you want or just plain.
It can look something like this.
-Crafty Tom Noble
 And those are all of the entries!
Thank ye landlubbers! I will be leaving this site when I find the rest of me Deadman's hand cards! Stay tuned! I will take all of these companions with me on me ship after I summon them in Vadima's Summon Circle!
-Captain Blood

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Take over!

    Ye fools, think ye could have stopped me? Well I have Johnny and his crew locked up in the cell and its just me and you little pirates now! The only reason why I am back here is to get what is mine back! Ye know what I am talkin'! Th' dead mans hand! I want th cards back ye idiots!
    If ye find one of the cards anywhere on this silly site, click on it to give it back to me! I'll even give ya a little gift for helping me pirates! When you click on the card you find, it will bring you to a new page with ye code on it, type it in on pirate101.com code redeem quick before another pirate gets it from ye! What tis in it you ask? 2,500 crowns! I know tis! The 9 of horseshoe card is coming out today, I can feel it! Ill let ye know when It will be on th' site when that fool Johnny tells me where they are! Ill let ye know on here and on that blasted twitter!
9 of Horseshoes: Found and redeemed on 10/15/13
8 of Blades: Found and redeemed on 10/18/13
8 of Skulls: Found and redeemed on 10/21/13
Ace of Blades: Found and redeemed on 10/24/13
Ace of Skulls: Found and redeemed on 10/28/13
Create a Spooky Companion!
    The little Witch Vadima left her spellbook and summon circle up! It's time for you landlubbers to get to work! I need a new spooky companion to join me bloody crew! I dont want any ordinary companion, I want it to be spooky fer Halloween! Now get to work! Summon me a new companion! Name it, Which class it will be, and what talents it will have! Even draw me a picture of it if ye want!
    Send yer companion idea to johnnycentral1@cox.net! Please get yer parents permission first ye landlubbers if ye under th' age of 13! There will be a total of 9 winners! If ye send me an entry ye it will be placed in my magic jar and winners will be randomly picked! Th' prizes you ask? Ye greedy little!!!! All right then Captain Blood will tell ye th' prizes for helping him make a new companion!
1st Place Grand Prize: Captain Blood's Jacket, Captain Blood's Hook, 10k crowns
2nd Place-5th Place: Captain Blood's Hook, 5k crowns
6th Place-9th Place: (1) Training Tome
    Ye have till the 22nd of October, then I will leave this silly wretched site! I want me cards back and a new companion pirates! Ye better get tem back! Get to work on me companion too!
-Captain Blood

The 2nd reading!

    We headed over to Madame Vadima's again, she said she would try again the in the morning when she had all of her powers back from resting overnight! It happened again pirates! Just a smokey image. *Vadima whispers a few words from her spellbook, "ala kuma doawu!"
"Child, it is Captain Blood!" Oh no! Captain Blood from Cool Ranch is the one who sent that letter! We need to get prepared, he must still be angry that we defeated him back in Cool Ranch! Ill go get the..................
"Ye aint going nowhere fool"! Muahahahah Tis me Captain Blood! I'm finally here and I'm taking over Pirates of the spiral! Lock that Johnny up boys! Tis my site now! ARRRRRRRRRRRR!
~Captain Blood

Monday, October 14, 2013

Madame Vadima - The Letter

    We sent Madame Vadima the letter that we recieved from that mysterious skarakeet! We are trying to prepare for whatever surprise they have for us tomorrow! Setting traps, cleaning our pistols, and sharpening our blades! She used her hoodoo on the letter and threw it into her cauldron with a whole bunch of special ingredients while she whispered a few words from her magic spellbook!
    Her cauldron started to bubble and the purple water in the cauldron turned to a bright green color while the smoke started to form something. She only could get it so far, whoever sent us the letter is not letting us see who they are! They are blocking Madame Vadima's hoodoo! Who do you think it is? Tomorrow all of our questions will be answered pirates! Get prepared!
See you in the skyways!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mystery Letter!

    Pirates we have an emergency! Pirates of the Spiral has just recieved this letter from a Skarakeet! Who could this be from?! Th' bird smudged th'  name! Whoever it is doesn't seem to be happy! Sharpen ye blades and clean yer pistols! This could be an incoming attack! Stand ye grounds landlubbers!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Talk Like a Pirate Day" Winners!

    All ye landlubbers have been waitin' patiently all day eh? Well here are th' winners of the Talk like a pirate day contest! They were all randomly chosen by the Generator! Goodluck to you all and Congratulations to the winners! Those of you who were chosen as a winner, please comment on this post with your email address so I can send you your prize! (Do not worry, your email's will not be shown)

Grand Prize: Cutthroat Companion + 10,000 Crowns ~
Kyle Hawkins
Thar's a reckless scurvy pirate cap'n out thar known as Ratbeard, 'n wit' th' help 'o a mighty crew, includin' a fine rat brigand by th' monkier 'o Lasko, sailed th' Spiral, robbin' as much as his 'n his crew's hands 'n pockets could carry. On one fateful nightfall though, everythin' changed fer Ratbeard, as he set out th' ham 'n Yum fer his lads, he noticed somethin' peculiar 'bout them after they got a jolly taste 'o th' stuff, then, before Ratbeard could react, 'is crew all fell toth' floor, one by one, in Davy Jones' treasure chest. Years after th' incident, Ratbeard found out he an' 'is crew were sabotaged by a scurvy dog th' monkier 'o Cap'n Fowl, when Ratbeard struck 'is vengeance on th' bird, he felt 'is crew, and Lasko, finally at peace.
1 Military Sabre Weapon + 5,000 Crowns ~
Romantic Rebecca Irving
I cap'n i kno' what you been looking for lets go to the show i like where you go now you dont have to show..oh no lets go to the mow..cap lets go!
Kindly Mary Yearling
After a long day 'o explorin' Mooshu, I sat in a Yum tavern wit' me crew. We talked 'bout all th' wonderful sights we had seen that day. We all really liked th' snowy mountain top. Seein' th' snow glistenin' in th' sunlight be a wonderful sight.
Andrew Christie
In th' beautiful Isle 'o Dogs, th' foxes be takin' over th' underground. As th' dogs prepare to take back their land, th' scientists be makin' th' Golems 'o War.
1 Random Pirate101 Giftcard Pet + 1,000 Crowns ~
Larnell Moore
An overweight crab named Louis Le Bisque has became even more overweight overtime. After 40 pounds later, a experienced scurvy pirate named cap'n Avery calls him Louis Le Bagel due to his weight.'Tis made Louis's cap'n Loyal Martin Xavier so mad that he made Louis go on a diet. Louis diet included a run from Skull island to Wongo Woo 10 hours a day.For food Louis ate crumbs he found on the ground. After 2 days later Louis weighted as much as Wing chun. 'Tis led to the fact that 'tis was a terrible idea and Martin letted Louis eat how much as he would please.
Mason Moon
Pirate101 be th' best battle ever. me favorite thin' 'bout Pirate101 be th' companions. th' more companions I get, th' happier I be. I also like raid new people 'n all th' NPCs because I lust makin' new buckos to get to be knowin' 'n hang out wit', 'n I like th' NPCs because a lot 'o them make corny, but hardyharhar jokes!
Rachel Windtalon
As I fight through Pirate101, I find myself noticin' extra small details that no one else would gift a care 'bout. fer instance, cap'n Gunn has four fin'ers while me pirat had five. Now cap'n Gunn was a human when he was a live, 'n me scurvy pirate be one too, so why th' inconsistency in th' amount 'o fin'ers?
Trevor Wildtail
I lust that battle called Pirate101, th' creatures on it be feisty yet amazin'. They be puttin' up a sword fight but me crew gets th' treasure 'n whats not. th' adventure through th' skyways be a ruckas 'n adventurous!
Lindsey Goldengrove
Ahoy pirate, all I be needin' th' most in pirate101 be jolly companions to sword fight in me side against th' evil Armada 'n 'o course drink a cup 'o Yum spiced rum wit' me !
    ARRRR! Congrats again to the winners! Remember to check out everyone's entries here! They are all so pirate-y! ;) Now all ye will walk th' plank! Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of yum!

Talk like a Pirate Day!

    How are all ye landlubbers this fine day? Today we have a special contest to celebrat Talk like a Pirate day! Below are all the details and the list of prizes up for grabs! Enjoy it and goodluck! Now get going or ye be walking the plank! ;)
    To be entered all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post in a short paragraph of anything pirate101 related you want, but it must be in pirate talk! An easy way to do this would be to go to an online Piratetalk generator! All you have to do is type what you want to say one one side of the screen and it translates it to Pirate talk on the opposite side! Head over to Post Like a Pirate to get your paragraph started! (Please ask your parents permission to go to the site if you are under 13)
    Once you have your translated paragraph, simply copy it and past it as a comment on this post! It's a pretty simple contest, and I cant wait to see all of your pirate talk landlubbers! :D
9 winners will randomly be chosen after the deadline!
Start Date: Sept 19th
End Date: Sept 25th @ 12 am est
    Now ye may be wondering what th' prizes will be eh?
1 Random Grand Prize winner winning a Cutthroat Pirate Companion, and 10,000 Crowns!
3 Random winners winning 1 Military Sabre Weapon, and 5,000 Crowns!
5 Random winners winning 1 mystery giftcard pet and 1,000 crowns!
Any last questions matey's?
If so, just leave a comment or send me an email!
I'll see you all in the Skyways!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Get an Exclusive Pirate101 Ship!

    All ye landlubbers better check out this epic deal! Vision Tek has its own exclusive Pirate101 ship that it is giving out to customers who purchase one of their graphics cards! If you purchase a graphics card, you recieve a special key code for the ship above that is said to be very powerful unlike any other ship in the game! This deal also comes with 5,000 crowns!
    Interested in it? Want to learn more? Go check their Facebook post about it and visit their site!
If you are a ship collector this ship is no where else in the game! Get it while ye can matey! This exclusive offer ends December 31st, 2013!
Below are the stats of what comes with the ship!
~ The ship is a “VisionTek” Origin Galleon and because of this, when you redeem the code for the ship, it will already have a few pieces of gear already attached to it, specifically the Red Bird Figurehead, Star Ruby Sails, Coral Fluke, and Horn of the Crimson Fog.
~ Anchor, Cannon, and Wheel (just like all other ships) are able to be upgraded on this ship per normal.
~ You’ll notice that there is no armor on this ship, and you will not be able to place armor on this ship; however, the defenses for the ship are already built into the stats of the ship. (5% hull armor)
~ The ship can be redeemed in Tiers 1-6 with varying levels. The sixth tier of the ship is level 65.
See you all in the skyways!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Birthday Countdown Winners!

    The first half of Septembarrrr has been awesome! Especially with all the cool contests going around for both Pirate101 and Wizard101! Above are the winners of the main prizes (Pets, Mounts, and Hairstyle)! Many other winners won Multiple packs of different hoard packs! I hope you all got lucky with them! :)
    This was a really fun and different contest for me to hold. I really do love the concept of using a Calendar and showing which prize is going to be given out on that day! It keeps things interesting and different from the same old contests every fansite does! With over 34,000 crowns worth of prizes, fun, and suprises, I hope you all enjoyed it! The Interview with Kingsisle's, Fred Howard was very cool! If you didn't get a chance to read that, head over to the interview tab and check it out! 2 more surprise interviews are also there with Paige Moonshade, and Kelsey Fireheart!
    My 21st birthday was pretty awesome, went out to eat for dinner and then out later that night for some other festivities! Other than that same old, same old! Coming up very soon is Talk like a pirate day on the 19th! What surprises does Pirate101 have up its sleeve's? Well you will just have to wait and find out matey!
See ya'll around the Spiral!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Johnny's Birthday Countdown Giveaway!

    Tomorrow will be the start of September! September is always a fun month! It has many things we can celebrate, like Wizard101's Birthday, Talk like a Pirate day, and even my Birthday!!
    In Celebration of September, below you will see a Calendar. Each day, One prize will be revealed on that date, and one lucky winner a day will recieve that prize. All you have to do to enter in the raffle for the prize that day is Follow me on Twitter @Jcentral1 and tweet #Johnnybdaycountdown each day! Its that simple!
*EDIT- You can also enter by leaving a comment on this post! (For those who do not have Twitter) Ill be picking a winner daily by putting the tweets and the comments on this post in a randomizer! Goodluck!*
    At around 5 pm eastern each day, I will randomly choose a winner out of everyone who tweets the hashtag above and will DM you the details of where we can meet up for your prize. There will be prizes for both Wizard101 and Pirate101. The Last day will be the best prize but you will just have to wait and see what it is!
Goodluck to you all! See you around the Skyways!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Test Realm!

    Kingsisle has just opened the Pirate101 Test Realm! They have added a huge new future called Henchmen! If you are familiar with Wizard101 or some other MMO's you will know automatically what this means. If you are ever in a tough battle, and none of your friends are online, or you want to finish something up really quick, you can purchase a henchmen!
    They come in many different level teirs and each class has one in each teir. Below will be some pictures of the new Henchmen and some of them in battle! The cool thing about the henchmen in Pirate101 is that YOU get to control them! Thats right, you get to choose what talents they use during that battle! This is very different from Wizard101, because when you buy a henchmen there, you have no control over what spells they use! Pretty cool eh? Definatly worth the crowns!
    When you enter a battle, you will see a shadowed out character symbol next to your picture/comapnions pictures at the bottom of the screen! If you click on that, it will bring you to the Crown shop page with the Henchmen. Purchase a henchmen and boom they join you in battle!
    If you would like to see all of the new updates, please head over to the main site here! Do you like the new Henchmen? Do you think you will ever need to hire one to help you out in battles? See you all in the Skyway!