Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gold Mine!

    How are ye landlubbers doing this fine day? Today on our adventures, we will finally explore the Gold Mines on the Isle of Doom! Last time we visited Flotsam again and recruited a new member to our crew named Bones McGee! He is a Musketeer.
    As we step off the ship on the Isle of Doom docks, we see the entrance is very ancient looking. When we head inside we find a small village of Monquistans!
    LOL! Ratbeard interupts the Foreman when he says the last line above. "Pshaw! They may be short, and a bit stinky, but they're hardly as bad as all that!" - Ratbeard he didn't mean literally he meant they are actually revolting against them. Hahaha
    After confronting the nearby Watermoles in the area they tell us they will continue to revolt while Haku stands. We venture inside of the ancient temple (pictured at the top) to find Haku, the leader of the Revolt!
    While inside, there is a sidequest battle pictured above with a special requirement. The mobs do not move towards you, they stay in a line protecting the leader. You have to "Break the formation" meaning you have to defeat one of them to gain access to the leader in the back
    After finding the room Haku is in, we confront him. He says we are too late and the "Old Ones will rise!" This battle is pretty simple mob and Haku the witchdoctor. Just focus your attacks on Haku - After you defeat him he will call out and summon an Aztecosaur Mummy!
This guy can be a challenge! He shoots laser beams from his eyes and growls out mojo towards you. After the fight, Haku says his people and himself will make peace with the Monkeys!
    Once we go back to the Foreman and tell him that Haku wants to make peace, he helps us about finding Gortez! He gives us a lead and direction which is always helpful. Before heading up the trail to "Troggy country" we have another Witchdoctor exclusive companion to get! :) After completing some Side quests in the Gold Mine area, one of the monquistans will have a quest for you to get the companion as a reward!

Next time on our adventures we will be exploring the Troggy infested area on the Isle of Doom and continue our quest to find Gortez! Thank you for reading! See you in the skyways!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

    Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day! Everyone should go ahead and say your thanks to Friendly Necro for being an awesome Community Manager for Pirate101! :) Head over to his Blog and leave him a comment! Or you can leave a post on Pirate101central on the thread.

    Also, for Wizard101, Professor Greyrose! Make sure you give her your thanks on the Wizard101Central thread here. Her and Friendly are a great duo team for the 2 epic games Kingsisle has created.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bones Mcgee!

    Hello ye landlubbers! Last time on our adventure, we docked at the small Monquistan city of Puerto Mico. Avery wanted us to meet the govenor there to ask to sign a treaty. The Govenor declined in the end, but there was a bishop in the cathedral who had an idea on how we could get the treaty signed! The Golden Monkey on the Isle of Doom!
    Before we head to the Island, we are going to go back to Flotsam for a sidequest there that gives us a new companion (Witchdoctor exclusive only!) You recieve this quest from the Captain on the docks before entering Flotsam.
     Once we are near the Ruined Lighthouse, Bonnie Anne informs us that the ship wreck that is floating around the lighthouse is infact the Octavius! We dock and head into Shady Hollow following the footprints we see in the sand!
    When we enter the cavern, there are a bunch of undead who engage battle with us. While we are fighting we can see Young Jack in the back. After battle we talk to him.
    Old Scratch says dark evil is working here and says he will bring help. He summons up Bones McGee! He ends up joining your crew (if you are a witchdoctor). Bones is a Musketeer, and a very powerful one at that! I've been using him in some battles and he crits alot!
    Once we add Bones to our Crew, we bring Jack back to Flotsam and find a cure for what happened to him through the side quest. Once the Captain at Flotsam thanks us for everything, we set sail to the Gold Mine near Scrimshaw! Anchors aweigh!
Until next time! Thank you for reading.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Goodluck Todd!

    Today we learned that J. Todd Coleman, (Director of Wizard101 and Pirate101) is leaving Kingsisle. This is a big shock to many of us but we all would like to wish him the best of luck on his future adventures! It is very sad to say goodbye to someone who has been with Kingsisle since the beginning so we all shall say see you later, Mr. Coleman. We appreciate your hard work for both of these games, without you it wouldn't have been possible.
Here is his message to all of us;

Goodbye, thank you, and a new beginning.
"This update is going to be one of the hardest that I have written, so please hang with me as I try and get through it.

I have decided to leave KingsIsle and pursue my own course. This might sound crazy – and, full disclosure, it probably is – but it is something that I have to do.

What a fantastic experience this has been! As the creative lead of our games, and the first employee hired in Austin, I was in the unique position to...
watch this team blossom, and watch our games grow from niche titles to mainstream popularity. Wow! A handful of dreamers got together and turned an unknown start-up into the market leader for family online entertainment… That’s not something you see every day. I am blessed to have been able to play a role, and I know that I am leaving the company in capable hands. I have no doubt that the Spiral will continue to expand for many years.

What is next for me? I’m a storyteller, so I will keep doing what I do best – dream up ideas, breathe life into characters, build worlds for you to explore… only next time, I want to do it for myself. I’m an entrepreneur at heart. A new company, a new game, a new story… I’m not ready to say, but when I’ve got something to show, you guys will be the first to know.

I want to thank you for becoming a part of this community. Your patronage has allowed me to work with my best friends, and to entertain you, for almost a decade. You gave me a chance to build something, something unique and wonderful. These are more than games to me. I see these worlds when I sleep. I greet these characters like old friends.

These are the dreams that filled my childhood. I cannot tell you how fortunate I am, to have been given the chance to share them with you.

Thank you."
J. Todd Coleman
“Headmaster Ambrose”
    I want to personally thank you and all of the Kingsisle staff for creating these great games that all ages can enjoy. I'm so greatful to have found Wizard101 in 2008 and have been playing for a great 5 years! I've made many great memories and friends. Pirate101 recently got released and is going to be just as successful. I really hope you do return time from time to say hello to the KI community, we all will miss you. Thank you for the awesome memories! :) You will always be our Headmaster!

    Don't fret pirates and wizards, Kingsisle is going to continue with Wizard101, Pirate101, and other new projects! They have a wonderful staff and I'm sure we all will be amazed! Thank you for everything!
    If you want you can go leave a message for Mr. Coleman here.
Until next time pirates! See you in the skyways!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Adventures!

    Last time on our adventure, we climbed to the top of Waponi Wu to take back Gunn's stolen treasure from the Watermoles. We had to defeat their leader, Chumba Wumba. Ratbeard was betrayed and they tied him up hovering over the pit of lava. After we save him he decided to join our crew. [Very strange..] Should we trust him?
    We then head over to the treasure on the side that hadn't got thrown into the lava. The chalice Avery wanted was there! Time to go see our good ol' Captain!
    After returning to Skull Island, we return the Chalice to Avery and he thanks us. He tells us he has a plan to use this for something and another job for us! Yes! New adventures ahead! He asks us to bring this treaty and the chalice as a gift to the nearby Monquistan city "Puerto Mico" in Tradewind Skyways.
    Before we head off to go speak to Majordomo in Puerto Mico, we stop by and visit our Teacher. Vadima has a new talent boost to teach us called Lucky. It boosts our resist up by 4! Sweet! The next day, Kingsisle had released the Tribal Crew pack! The first Pirate101 pack in the game. You can read more about the pack on my previous post on it and you can also get a FREE P101 code for a random item out of the pack or the pack itself here!
    There are 5 Aztecosaur companions in the pack, and after a few tries, I got the privateer one! Itzen Kaan aka Spike!
    I also got some new ancient aztecan gear and even a Trident looking staff which is great for my hoodoo powers. My Dorm is now a pimped out golden chamber with my own throne! The pack costs only 399 crowns, and you have a chance at great items, mounts, pets, treasures, and even ancient companions from the land of Azteca!
    After traveling to Tradewind skyways which is right near the Presidio, we head to Puerto Mico! Everything is so small here! I hope we can fit into the door! lol. We pick up some of the side quests available for us to get some extra XP and gold then head towards the Govenors building. You may also want to check out some of the local vendors, and upgrade your gear!
    Avery has given us a passport with the alias of "Madam Zardo" of Darkmoor... and the monkey thinks we are her! xD He tells us we have to have a proper outfit on before we see the Govenor. So he sends us to his friend in town that is a clothes maker.
    We head out to go collect the Silk we need so Bernardo can make some fancy clothes for us! Believe me they are pretty fancy...! And its 1, 2, 3 strikes your out at the old.... ball... game! Look at Spike go! He is a pro baseball player! ;) Those Monquistans stand no chance.
After returning back to Puerto Mico with the silk, Bernardo tells us he has delivered the clothes to Majordomo at the Govenors Building. Oh boy, lets see what these look like!
    LOL! Ratbeard and Bonnie are clearly just jelouse they do not have awesome fancy clothes like us. When we head upstairs to meet the Govenor, he accepts our gift and tells us that Majordomo has his answer on whether he will sign the treaty. When you head back downstairs Majordomo says no! Dang, all that baseball practice for nothing! ;)
    Head to the Cathedral on the other side of town and enter to meet Bishop Hidalgo and another epic Puppet Show! Woot!

     That's all for today Pirates! Next time we will be exploring the Gold Mine where Gortez is suppose to be! Doom Island doesn't sound so nice! What treasures and challenges await us? See you in the skyways!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

W101 and P101 players raise $100,000 for Texas Charities!

    Kingsisle has released some great news today! Read about it below:

PLANO, TEXAS (January 23, 2013) – Due to the extraordinary generosity of Wizard101 and Pirate101 players, KingsIsle Entertainment will donate a total of $100,000 to two Texas charities devoted to helping children. The donation is part of KingsIsle’s ongoing commitment to make a positive difference in the communities where the company and its employees are based. To raise the funds, KingsIsle created a special holiday charity item, a festive Fa-La-La-La Llama mount, and made it available for purchase in both Wizard101 and Pirate101.
“This year, with the launch of Pirate101, we decided to up the ante and double our contribution goal to $100,000,” said Elie Akilian, chairman and CEO of KingsIsle Entertainment. “Today, we’re pleased to announce that we achieved that goal. This brings KingsIsle’s total charitable contribution since the launch of Wizard101 to over $326,000 – all going to children’s charities in Texas and around the country."
    There is also a video you can watch about this here.
I just wanted to give a big shoutout to our awesome community! This wouldn't have been possible without us! Cheers to Kingsisle and our epic community!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MMORPG Giveaway!

    Hello Pirates! Want to test your luck? Head over to and claim a code that could be any of these items from the pack!
-  Aztecosaur Throne (Housing Decoration)
-  Priest King Statue (Housing Decoration)
-  Companion Training Tome (1 free companion training point)
-  Aztecosaur Cube (Treasure – sells for gold)
-  Aztecosaur Charm (Treasure – sells for gold)
-  Ceremonial Arch (Housing Decoration)
-  Aztecosaur Symbol (Treasure – sells for gold)
-  Troggy Totem (Housing Decoration)
-  Aztecosaur Statue (Housing Decoration)
-  Bone Drake (Pet)
-  Aztecosaur Altar (Housing Decoration)
-  Rare chance for the pack itself.

    They have 10,000 codes to give away! To claim yours you will have to login to MMORPG. If you do not have an account, you can register, but make sure you ask your parents permission if you are under the age of 13! :) Yes I did claim a code and got an Aztecosaur charm! Gonna save it for when I need some extra gold!

    Goodluck with your code! I am hoping some of you lucky peeps get the pack and a companion from the pack! Woot! See ya in the skyways!


More Interactive Battleboards and Puzzles/Events.

    Today we are going to talk about the Battleboard! This is the place where all battles/ship-board battles take place! So far we have had some interesting goals during battles like "Break the totems", "Hit the Switch", and many more.
    I was brainstorming some ideas, and I've come up with a cool idea that I think would be a big hit. What if for a boss battle the room would be set up like a maze~ Treasure chests would be placed in spots at deadends that would essentially make you give up some time to go grab. Not to mention the monsters that block your way to the exit on the other side of the board.. Which is being blocked by the Boss.
    The twist for this idea is that there is a moving wall behind you that takes up a column of the battle board EVERY 3 turns. Will you risk getting some cool treasures? Defeat the monsters and head straight to the exit? Would you Split up having some companions go for the treasure while you head for the exit?
    The bosses would have ability's to put up even more obstacles in your way~ [Spike walls, Fire, Traps] I've created an image based on the idea, even though the maze battle board would definatly be alot longer horizontally.
    This is just one of the ideas I've come up with, but Id really love to see more puzzles and interactive challenges during battle. The cool thing about the idea above is that, you've got to be on your game since you have a moving wall behind you, have a choice of risky rewards, and monsters blocking your way to the exit.
    Imagine a boss who could choose any square on the board and eliminate it? Bad thing about this is, what if all 4 squares around you or your companion are now blocked? They would be stuck there for the rest of the battle! ;)
    Imagine a battle board that would constantly change its shape/areas on it? One turn it would be a plain/grassy area, and then 2nd turn it would change to lava/rock format. There are so many options you could play with on battle boards!
    Do you have some Battleboard Ideas? I would LOVE to hear them! :) I can even try to create graphics like the above to showcase your ideas if you would like. Just let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading! See ya in the skyways pirates!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Aztecan Story Contest Winners!

    Today is the day! The winners for the Story contest have been chosen! I just want to first thank everyone for entering, all of the stories were awesome in there own ways. I really liked the story plots.
1st Place - Lucy - "Ship's Log"
2nd Place - Charming Tasha Blake
3rd Place - D.S. Devereaux
4th Place - Clever Luke Lawson - "The Royal Hermit"
5th Place - Fiery Alonzo Teach

Ship's Log

Ships' Log Twentieth January Year of Our Lord Twenty Thirteen

It has been seven days since we found land, four since the first crew members showed signs of infection and just one day since I became the last surviving member of the Red Anchor. Me, the ships cabin boy.

            We had been searching for landfall for such an age both water and food supplies were running low. When John Collins finally sighted this lush green isle we all felt that it was a miracle. He was the first to die. That we were finally saved. Upon making landfall scouts were sent out to find food and drinking water. They came back soon after with various fruit and canteens full of water. As we were having our fill the scouts described the animals they had seen, colourful scaly creatures who grazed on the many green leaves of the island.

            It was a few days later that people started getting sick. It was the bright eyes and shiny pallor that were the first signs. Stomach pains followed, then delirium and fever and finally a period of lucidity before they passed away. At first we all thought it would pass but when John Collins passed followed shortly by the first mate we all knew and began to wonder who would be the next to go.  I was the only one not to contract the disease and spend days trying to comfort crew members in their final hours.

            Eventually it was just me and the cook Simon Reeve. We decided we ought to move and camp away from the bay we had first landed on. We had heard strange noises nearby in the night.    Further inland we discovered a clearing around a waterfall. Having made camp and prepared dinner we were watching the stars when I noticed his lack of focus and clammy skin. I said nothing but found his body by the water this morning.  I must decided where my fate now leads me. I cannot sail the ship alone meaning my only option is to explore the island. I am isolated on a uncharted island. I have no shelter and only rudimentary weapons with which I have little skill. My future looks bleak at best.

Twenty-First January Year of Our Lord Twenty Thirteen

My eyes have been open to new and exciting possibilities. It is all down to my new friend, Kawil Doomclaw. Let me start at the beginning.

I was awoken by a loud squealing and squalling. On the waters edge nearby were creatures unlike any I had ever seen before. Green and yellow scales covered their bodies which was covered in old scars. They appeared to be flocking together like sea birds over a school of fish. Fighting for position on the carcass. Or rather what I thought was a carcass, a groaning alerted me to the fact that the victim of the attack was still alive. Having a weakness for the underdog as I do, I rushed at the creatures, making as much noise as possible. They all took off into the sky and settled in the trees where they stared at me balefully.                                                                                                                       
Now that I could see him, the creature I  had just saved was purple in colour and scaled he also appear to be bleeding in multiple place. As I looked at him he appear to look straight at me and smile. I know it sounds crazy but he did before promptly falling unconscious. I managed to manoeuvre my purple friend to my camp site and tend to his wounds with some effort. Now I could see him properly I realised he was only slightly shorter than me and appeared to be wearing some kind of rudimentary armour. His shape he scales which covered him reminded me of the stories my father used to tell me of ancient lizards called dinosaurs that lived on the earth millions of years ago.

Hours later he began to stir, his eyes flickered towards the bird-things in the trees before resting on my face. Then to my great surprise in rusty but fluent English he thanked me for saving me. My astonishment must have show on my face as he explain that I was not the first visitor to the island. Apparently others who looked like me with 'power over the elements' had arrived through a different route and help his tribe in a time of need. For saving him he insists that he must repay the debt and has swore to protect me where ever I go on the island.

My new friend Kawil appears to recover very quickly from his ordeal as he was soon up and searching in the undergrowth nearby. He found what he was looking for and appeared with two swords in his short front claws which he could use while standing on his back legs. He motioned for me to enter the jungle and we began travelling.

I am astounded that not only are there the dinosaurs my father described but that they have a real civilization with a culture and language. More of these incredible creatures were revealed when took me to his village. There were numerous creatures who looked just like him in different sizes and varying shades of blue and purple. Kawil guided me to a hut in the centre of the village. Smoke surrounded the interior, as it cleared I saw what appeared to be an ancient version of Kawil. We sat in a circle and the elder stared at me silence for several minutes. When he finally spoke it was clear that he had been expecting me for some time. Apparently the legends of this tribe predicted my coming, I am believed to save them for the great evil that threatens the island.

I am now in a small hut in the village, in the morning Kawil and I will start out on a great adventure. I can't wait.
Charming Tasha Blake's Entry

Azteca, the land of Aztecosaurs had thought to have been lost by many. A number of pirates had sailed around the spiral in search of such a land. Many had returned empty handed with dampened hopes, and the others? Well they never returned. 'Probably because they were too embarrassed to come back' thought Captain Charming Tasha Blake with a smirk on her face. 'If there's a pirate who could find Azteca in all the land, sea and sky then it'd be me' she told herself. Charming Tasha Blake had her heart set on finding Azteca, she was convinced she would. Why might a a pirate be so interested in Azteca and the Aztecosaurs you may wonder. Well it's simple really, Aztecosaurs mean gold! That's right, what else could interest a pirate so?
There was a reason why so many had failed to reach Azteca. It was well hidden in order to protect the Aztecosaurs who were sought by many. And the few who had actually made it to this land, well let's just say they were no more. Azteca was protected by an elite force. The group comprised of Chilam Bak, Lemba Moonskull, Kawil Doomclaw, Itzen Kaan, and Holkun Doomhorn out of which Kawil Doomclaw was the leader. Kawil Doomclaw along with his elite group had vowed to put their people and land before them and protect them with their lives. The Azrecosaurs were the last living kind of the dinosaur race, which is why they were worth so much.

After dark while the elite force were performing their daily patrolling duties Chilam Bak heard a small cough from behind a large tree. He slowly gestured for his group members to follow. They silently made their way over to the tree, but before they reached the tree they saw a figure speed off away from them. "Well boys" says Lemba Moonskull "Looks like we've got a pirate on our land, first to catch her wins" he says and runs off followed by the rest of the members.

Charming Tasha Blake had finally found Azeca, that hadn't been too hard, but now she was being chased by a group of Aztecosaurs. A group of very large and powerful looking Aztecosaurs. 'Just my luck' she thinks as she, closely followed by her first mate, Egg Shen run towards a cave. They finally reach the cave. "We should be safe in here" she says mostly to reassure herself. "I think we should head back to the ship and get the rest of the crew out here" says Egg Shen which was followed by a disapproving look from his Captain in response. "And let Ratbeard think that I can't take care of myself? I don't think so." she says.

Earlier that day when Charming Tasha Blake along with her crew had sailed the skies in search of Azteca, Ratbeard who was a recent addition to the crew, had snidely remarked that the Captain would never be able to take on the Aztecosaurs alone. In truth Charming Tasha Blake loved and dearly appreciated her crew, but after hearing Ratbeards' words she decided that she would take on the Aztecosaurs alone. After she told her crew about the decision she had made they made immediate protests. Ratbeard had laughed and said "I didn' mean it Captain". However Captain Tasha wasn't going to change her mind. Finally it was agreed that Egg Shen would accompany the Captain on her search for the Aztecosaurs. Remembering this Charming Tasha Blake was certain that there was no way she was going to ask her crew for help, not this time atleast.

'Strange, it's awfully quiet here" thought Charming Tasha Blake suddenly. She looks around for Egg Shen, only to find that he's nowhere to be seen. Captain Tasha quickly picked up her round buckler and cautiously looks around when suddenly there is a bright flash of purple smoke and everything goes black.

"Captain! Captain wake up!" Charming Tasha Blake hears a distant voice speaking to her. She could even feel a tug on her sleeve. With great difficulty she manages to open an eye lid and finds Egg Shen hovering over her with an anxious look on his face. "Captain you're alright! I was so worried..." Captain Tasha had a splitting headache and could barely hear what Egg Shen was saying. "Where are we?" she manages to ask. "I wish I knew Captain, these barbarian's came out of nowhere, they stuffed my mouth, blindfolded me and locked me up in this cell. Just then the cell door opens and four Aztecosaurs enter. "Well well it looks like the Captain has finally woken up boys" says a strong looking Aztecosaur. "Who are you?" asks Captain Tasha. "My name is Holkun Doomhorn, not that you need to know really. I hope you and your friend are ready to meet your end." "That's enough" says another Aztecosaur who enters the room then, "you know you don't have the right to make these kind of decisions without consulting me first" he says. "K-K-Kawil Doomclaw" stammers Holkun Doomhorn. "Don't worry brother. I understand that you were only protecting our people. But this pirate is different,".

"What are you talking about?" asks Charming Tasha Blake. "Forgive me young pirate. Let me introduce myself, I am Kawil Doomclaw, leader of the elite force in charge of protecting all the Aztecosaurs. You are Tasha are you not?" he asks. "It's 'Captain' Tasha, yes I am, but how do you know who I am" asks Charming Tasha Blake suspiciously. "Ah pirate, not only do I know who you are I've also known that you would come in search of Azteca." says Kawil Doomclaw. "B-B-But how?" stammers Captain Tasha. "Well Captain, that's a long story. Why not discuss this over dinner?" asks the elite force leader. "Dinner? Am I going to be dinner?" asks Charming Tasha Blake with a gulp.

It turns out that Kawil Doomclaw had indeed been expecting Charming Tasha Blake's arrival to Azteca. There was a prophecy involved. Azteca's very own witchdocter 'Irina Destinyseeker'. an Aztecosaur, had predicted that a pirate named Charming Tasha Blake would one day arrive to the land of Azteca. She had also said that the pirate is the key to saving Azteca from the great peril that was yet to come. Hearing this Kawil Doomclaw had grown gravely upset. 'This was his land, it needed to be protected' with that thought in mind he made one of the toughest deisions he was ever going to have to make, he decided to leave Azteca. He knew that the elite force, his brothers would manage without him. He needed to face the danger before it reached his land, so he asked Captain Charming Tasha Blake if he could join her crew after explaining the situation to which she said, yes.

Seem surprised? Yes it's true Captain Tasha loved gold and had gone to Azteca with the hopes of trading any Aztecosaurs she captured in return for gold, but there were a few things which meant more to her than all the gold in the spiral. Her crew was chief amongst them, and also helping those in need. 'This is the right thing to do' she told herself when she had decided to let Kawil Doomclaw join her crew. Capturing Aztecosaurs no longer interested her. This is where a new adventure begins. Though Charming Tasha Blake may not know it now, this was the beginning to a whole new chapter in her life. And she along with her faithful crew were about face danger head on.
D.S. Devereaux's Entry

Who was Itzen Kaan? It was many a local who started to doubt that
Itzen himself knew the answer. An outcast from his family, a leaf
plucked from his family tree and sent down rapids, Itzen had taken to
something even more primitive than expected by the wizards – the art
of weapons. Limited to the safer reaches of the Cloudburst Forest,
Itzen spent his days with a spear, hunting and foraging for whatever
he needed. Though he survived, he did just barely, and his talent soon
became a disgrace.

In fact, it was just another one of those days, where the creatures
scurried away from the towering Itzen. Grunting out a sigh, Itzen
stormed back to the tree where he had started that day, having woken
up there after the previous night's meal. It was then, over the
withering grass on which Aztecosaurs and wizards alike hobbled
something small, bigger than a mere bird (to Itzen's surprise) but
smaller than a younger Aztecosaur, something perfect, like a frog. It
took no time for Itzen to perk up and sniff the air, taking in the
drool-creating scent that contributed to the will to draw his spear,
to strike and earn another meal, but through his thinking, the
creature crossed the path, all while Itzen planned and watched.
Muttering words under his breath, Itzen decided to busy himself a
little by attending to the slight flaws in his spear. Looking from one
side, then to the other, he raised a clawed hand over the splintered
shaft and watched the wood be surrounded by a flock of small birds,
thus repairing the spear instantly. Uneducated even on Aztecan
standards, Itzen was not sure whether he was truly the weird Ptero of
the family, or perhaps a spear-wielding theurgist, but it was truly an
idea that he didn't want to think about.

“Itzen!” Itzen turned, not sure how to respond. Very few had ever
called Itzen's name in the past few years, but he still turned
positively, “Itzen Kaan!” Itzen left his spear behind and took a few
steps out. In a matter of seconds, Itzen heard a new sound to him – a
slight hissing, a sort of snake-like dialect infiltrating what would
count as ears on his scaly head. His entire body was surrounded in
wisps of green, tendrils that snaked up and seemed to coil around, as
if not intending to hurt, but Itzen understood the intentions of the
attack immediately, and he struggled.

“Hello, Itzen,” a cloaked figure approached Itzen, but he knew who was
under it – his cousin, Maosi Kaan. She too sported a Ptero figure, but
like her mother was a master in necromancy, a not-so-common trait in
the Kaan bloodlines, “I knew you'd be here.” Maosi approached Itzen
with a curious glance, keeping her hold in case of an attack. “Itzen!”
His mouth ajar, Itzen received a hug with mechanical qualities, little
emotion and minimal cling. His clawed toes dug into the bare earth of
Azteca, causing a bit of lukewarm groundwater to rise where Itzen had
dug in.

“What do you want, Maothi?” Itzen whispered with his hereditary lisp,
“It'th dangerouth already to theek me out like thith.” Itzen looked to
the sides again, looking for any passerby who could have listened.
Sometimes, it truly hurt to kill, but revealing his own location would
send him off to elsewhere, a place probably hostile or barren. It
scared Itzen, the thought of a place so new that he'd have to explore
and keep his head down in, something that he couldn't possibly do at
the same time. Before his exile had gone “official”, Itzen had learned
the forest's paths and growths like the webbing between his toes.
Eventually, the simile of the forest merged from Itzen's toes to his
spear, but it made sense either way. Maosi looked behind her shoulder
and whispered,
“There's someone hurt. I saw you mend that spear, can you mend it?”
“What do you mean, it?” Itzen was a little alarmed by the lack of
gender and species associated with whatever was hurt. In most cases,
Maosi lived up to her reputation as a know-it-all, whatever she didn't
know tended to scare Itzen. Still, the crease in Maosi’s forehead and
the worried tongue-biting look in her eyes convinced Itzen enough to
go with her. Maosi received Itzen’s approving grin (the two were used
to communicating through facial expressions because of Itzen’s lisp)
and took her cloak off, handing it to him.

“Bring your spear, come on!” she exclaimed. Itzen bounded off, spear in hand.
Over the course of the dash, Itzen was very surprised that he didn’t
get noticed, though he suspected Maosi to be the reason. If she were
truly a handy magician, then she would have made him invisible. Itzen
perked up as he approached the smaller but more frequent bodies of
water that in which he used to stomp around, in comparison to the
groundwater and scarce pond where Itzen roamed. In fact, the thrill of
being closer to home and to his family made Itzen a little nervous,
even though he was very excited to see them again. He could just
barely put together the faces of his nuclear family, and (except for
Maosi, a returning visitor to him) he had no recollection at all of
his extended family members. Maybe it would be rejuvenating. Looking
down for the first time at his arms and practically useless wings
(because they were so short. A birth defect, Itzen always guessed.),
Itzen found them to be semi-transparent. He looked towards the path he
took, the one that would go back home, and the one he took to flee.
Itzen took one step after the other, each bound feeling like an hour
in the mere seconds they truly took. Maosi held onto Itzen’s elbow and
pulled him away.

“It’s too dangerous, we’re taking the backroad.” Mouth agape, Itzen
backed away from his ambitions, still looking back. Shaking himself
back to reality, Itzen caught up to Maosi, who was already on the
unused back path.
“I don’t know what it is, really. It’s humanoid but doesn’t have the
power of a wizard. I wonder what it’s doing out here, I think it’s a
merchant.” Maosi explained, “Have you ever seen things like it?”
Itzen shook his head. The only human things out in Azteca were the
wizards, and a merchant would be new.
“Where ith it?” Itzen asked.

“Well, it’s back in the forest, on the other side of the village. It
was hurt, but when I tried to help it attacked me. So it’s tied down,
and was out cold when I left.” Itzen’s eyes widened, and he smiled a
little bit, his grin widening until he was laughing.
“Are you kidding me, Maothi? The thing mutht have woken up by now.”
Itzen shrugged, spear in hand, “I think that it would be pretty
annoyed by now.”
“Well...” Maosi started, growing a little annoyed by Itzen’s state of
fact, “We should hurry.” The two Aztecosaurs hurried through the
overgrowing back path, and a small shack eventually came into view.
“Alright, tho you tied it to a potht? Nithe going, Mao.”
“You’re talkative today,” Maosi said, sarcasm dripping from her words.
Indeed the human had woken up already. His, a “he” being Itzen’s
conclusion of body stature, shaggy hair had covered his face enough to
limit visibility, but when Itzen lifted the locks, he could swear that
the human tried to bite him. Upon seeing the Aztecosaurs, he began to
thrash in his bindings.

“Huth, who are you?” Itzen tried to make himself clear through his
lisp, but spoke very quietly still.
“Let me GO!” the boy cried, continuing to thrash. It was only when
Maosi unleashed a minor strike of necromancy, and the boy writhed for
a few precious seconds, did an answer uncover itself. However, the
answer wasn’t exactly what Itzen and Maosi expected. It was a girl,
the same height as the tied boy but with a fierce glare lining her
scuffed up face. She carried two identical steel blades, both looking
very weathered and was panting.

“Don’t...don’t hurt ‘im. ‘E’s me brother, ‘e is.”
“And you are...?” By how the human composed herself, Itzen felt that
she would budge a little easier. Over time, he had learned basic
gestures of other creatures by watching them when he gathered
supplies. The girl stood a little straighter, still a little hunched
over just in case of an approaching threat.
“M’name be Devereaux. Destiny Devereaux. If ye lay a hand on me
broth’r Remmy, then I’m not ‘fraid to strike, en’t not.” Destiny
flipped her blades around her wrists baton-style, a habit, Itzen would
soon learn. Destiny, still facing the two Aztecosaurs, scurried to the
side of Remmy and cut him free from the primitive bindings.
“Alright, I don’t know how we got here, but we’re not supposed to, and -”
“That’s enough.” Itzen cut Remmy off. He quickly assessed Remmy’s
better speech and marked him as the intellectual of the two, whereas
Destiny would be the better fighter, since she wasn’t tied up.
A great rumbling was heard overhead, but it wasn’t loud enough for
anybody to ignore Destiny’s angry exclamation in what seemed like in
older tongue because of all the Flotsam drawl.
“So,” Maosi started, “What do you think that is?” While Itzen and
Maosi looked directly up, Destiny and Remmy looked to each other and
ran for a bush. They stood up in tandem and side-stepped behind a

“You have two options,” Destiny grunted, “Fight, or run and hope you
don’t have to.”
“Are you sure it’s them?” Remmy whispered to Destiny.
“Of all beings, I’d suspect the Armada to get through the time barrier
and try to attack us, frankly,” Destiny said, “I’m just worried

“You’re worried about everyone,” Remmy snickered, “They can defend themselves.”
“Doubt it,” Destiny muttered, clasping her sweaty palms around her
twin blades and watching for any movement. Itzen had drawn a spear,
and Maosi looked like a capable witchdoctor, or at the very least more
powerful than Destiny had ever seen. Still, she doubted that the two
Aztecosaurs knew what they were up against - brilliant fighters,
expert strategists, and ruthless killers - the Armada. Five clockworks
touched down in tandem, all carrying spears and shields. Without
another thought, the Aztecosaurs charged into battle, and Destiny
barked an order before she and Remmy joined the fight. Destiny took it
upon herself to take two clockworks, using a spinning technique to hit
both of them. Maosi took the first clockwork out very quickly, and
then assisted Remmy, who wasn't a master of HooDoo but learned a few
things as Maosi used her necromancer-style spells, like how he could
incorporate a few fighting moves into his attacks, adding a little
more pressure. It took a little longer for Itzen to take his clockwork
out, but joined Destiny in her pursuit against the two clockworks.
When they were both broken and twitching, Destiny acknowledged Itzen.
“Ye’re not s’bad o’ a fighter, are yeh?” she asked.

“Well, it took lot-th of training, you know,” Itzen attempted to be
humble, “There’th not much elthe to do when you’re thtuck.”
“Hmm,” Remmy said, raising his hand and watching sparks around it,
“Normally, I wouldn’t do this, but I have enough mojo.” Itzen cringed
as wisps surrounded his head, glowing so brightly that he closed his
eyes and brought his hands up to cover them. When the glow receded,
Itzen didn’t feel any different.

“Um, what was...wassss....” Itzen stared in awe at Remmy and Destiny,
not sure what to say without his lisp. Meanwhile, Maosi was mumbling
to herself, and she gasped.
“What have you done!?” She shrieked, “I can’t go on like thith!”
Destiny raised an eyebrow.
“Nice going, Rem.” She said sarcastically. “Now then, shouldn’t there
be...” Around the pirates and Aztecosaurs stood what seemed like an
army, at least to Destiny, being the smallest of the group.
“...more?” She finished.

The Royal Hermit

“A long, long, time ago, an old king of an Aztecosaur village, was getting wary and depressed. The king, whose name has been lost to time, was getting frail, weak, and closer to Death’s door. He was worried that the fortune he had amassed throughout his life would be lost in his passing, to his unworthy family, or his careless friends he no longer talked to. You see, this king was a lonely king. His fortune had driven him absolutely insane. He loved his piles of gold and jewels more than anything else, and if anything happened to his precious stockpile of treasure, well, he would have wept and wept until he died. In fact, he was so obsessed with the gold that he isolated his treasure and himself in his palace, not leaving for anything. This sad king was so scared that someone would take his treasure that he took matters into his own hands to guard it. For how long to guard it, he decided, would be forever.

To try to accomplish such a seemingly impossible feat, the king commanded his subjects to come forward if they could help him; none did, except for one. A large, malicious-looking pterodactyl appeared at his window one day asking to come inside, for he had help. The king, so incredibly desperate for help, abandoned his policy of isolation and let the intimidating Aztecosaur inside. The pterodactyl introduced himself as Acan Swiftmoon, a prestigious witchdoctor. He claimed that he had the power to help the king on his quest for eternal protection of his treasure. He suggested the ingenious idea of granting the king immortality.

A simple potion and spell shall do the trick. I am well-renowned and my rituals are potent and powerful, he coaxed. The king believed him, the old fool. He drank the potion, the spell was chanted, and an unimaginably awful thing happened. The king fell to the floor and convulsed in fury as his flesh was dissolved from his body, leaving nothing but a luminescent skeleton of the now-undead king. Incapacitated, the king was dragged out of the castle and thrown out onto the streets, unrecognizable as a skeleton. The greed and foulness of the king’s obsession doomed him from the time the witchdoctor stood at the palace window. As for Swiftmoon, he took the form of the king, in his healthy, live form and ruled from that time on. Altering his, or should I say the king’s, personality, he became a great leader and cast a real, flawless, immortality spell on himself. To this day, he still deceives the king’s subjects and abuses the precious fortune. In fact, the village was eventually renamed by the liar, after his pterodactyl form: Swiftmoon Village,” the lowly hermit explained.

                “How heart-wrenching,” Bonnie Anne expressed, holding back tears.

                The hermit, also on the edge of tears, clarified, “I know what you are all thinking, how does he know so much? Well, I am the greedy king.” The mysterious hermit stepped into the faint tavern lamp-light. Every aspect of him emanated sadness and misery.

                “Poor soul,” Ratbeard whispered.

                “My real name is lost, but just call me by my alias: Chilam Bak.”

                “Aye,” I said. “Well, my name is Clever Luke Lawson and this is my crew, we are pirates, but we still know what’s right and wrong, and right now, what feels righter than anything else, would be to avenge you,”

                “Thank you, but centuries of living, being tortured by my failures, there’s nothing you can do to help me now,” Chilam explained, “You see, Swiftmoon’s potion worked, I’m immortal, I live forever, but I really lost the life I wanted to live the day I became immortal.”

                “No, we just have to,” Old Scratch responded, “You’re mojo’s been down for a while, we need to get it back up or else you’ll waste away, living, but dead inside.”

                “We’re going to help,” I added, “To make it easier, want to help us get to Swiftmoon village?
                “Well, if you insist,” Chilam proclaimed.

Thus, our journey began. We sailed through the skyways, watching as the sunrise bloomed like millions of beautiful orange flowers in the morning sky. Then finally, after a morning of rough sailing, we arrived at the small, secluded, and primitive Swiftmoon village. Though undeniably primitive, the carvings, sculptures, and architecture of the village were definitely elaborate. As we paced through the village we came upon many statues of the apparent king, whom the townspeople either obviously loved or silently hated, and only pretended.

“See, they love him!” Chilam muttered.

“I don’t know, this place’s mojo seems off,” Old Scratch observed.

                As we continued I noticed the entire village was silent, and the villagers were either all away, inside, or there were no villagers at all. Finally, after wandering around for a while, my crew, Chilam, and I finally came across the heavily guarded palace, not by Aztecosaurs, but by visible, elaborate traps. “I got this!” Sarah announced confidently. She was telling the truth as she bounded from wall to wall, over traps, and under pulleys, swinging her blades all the while until all pulleys were dismembered, all nets shredded, and all spikey objects on the ground, mutilated or crushed. Sarah really knows her way around traps! Astounded, my crew walked through the entry of the place, and found it completely bare!

                “Search over there! There be a strange vibe comin’ from that room up ahead,” Old Scratch directed, pointing to large, closed, and presumably lock doors.

                “Oh no, the tr-tr-treasure room,” Chilam stuttered.

                We all rushed to the door. After shooting, pounding, and slicing at the door, it finally creaked open. Inside was a room full of swarming balls of violet light zooming past everyone. In the center of the room, the king, Acan Swiftmoon, appeared connected to all of the orbs by faint, violet, rays of light. His eyes were closed, yet he definitely noticed us as he said, “Aha, my old pal, the old king. What was your name? Oh, who cares?” He grinned, opened his eyes, and continued, “I see you’ve brought friends!”

                “Where are the townspeople?!” Chilam exclaimed.

                “Oh, don’t you see? These balls of light are the people, well they’re their souls! I like to absorb them to gain power, want me to show you what kind of powers I have obtained?” the evil king said. Then, raising his arms, he channeled a power unlike any other and focused a dangerous beam of energy onto Chilam, sending him back into a wall. Then, he yelled “SOULS!” and the alleged souls swarmed my crew and me, slamming into us. While we fought, the possessed souls, Chilam, regained his strength and charged toward Swiftmoon. Then, the both of them erupted into a fury of light and energy. My crew and I continued to fight the souls until, the floated away and stopped paying attention to us completely. Right after, Chilam, emerged from the ball of light, obviously victorious! The evil king was defeated!

                Then, Chilam gave us a heartwarming thank you: “Thank you, my friends; I have definitely had revenge on that dastardly witchdoctor. Now that I have my village back, the people’s souls have returned to their bodies, and the evil Swiftmoon has been defeated, I can restore this village to a new height of glory!”

                “No problem,” I grinned, Chilam was happy and that’s all that mattered. My crew thanked Chilam, and vice-versa. Once we left the building, it exploded, and we never recovered Chilam from that mess. Our theories as to what exactly happened after we left that building and how the explosion was triggered were never perfected, but we all agree, we definitely saw a pterodactyl silhouette emerge from smoke of the explosion. Old Scratch also claims that Chilam seemed different after the battle. Who knows?
Fiery Alonzo Teach's Entry
One shady morning, in the Saltmeadow Swamp, Chilam Bak woke up to the terrible, blood curdling, sound of monquistans yelling at each other. Chilam Bak got up slowly and stretched with a loud roar, which made the monquistans stop for a while, but then they just started up again, louder than ever. So, Chilam Bak headed over to the base of the Pyramid of Storm Eye. 
Once Chilam Bak reached the bottom step of the pyramid, he let out a tremendous roar, which is sign of respect in Azteca. Once he finished his roar, Chilam Bak started a witch doctor chant. Suddenly in the middle of Chilam’s chant, something that looked like an overgrown monquistan wearing Aztecan garbs dropped out of the sky right in front of Chilam’s feet. Chilam Bak stopped his chant emediatly, and went to check on the strange figure that had fallen from the sky. 
Once the strange figure had come to it, Chilam Bak introduced him self, and the strange figure introduced himself as Fiery Alonzo Teach, a witchdoctor from Skull Island. After they had finished introducing themselves, Chilam told Alonzo of his problems, and Alonzo told Chilam that he could help him with the monquistan problem. Later on after all the monquistans had been knocked out and dragged away, Chilam begged to join Alonzo’s crew. So, of course Alonzo had to agree.
Again, thank you all for entering, and for those that didn't place, dont worry there will always be future contests! Have a wonderful Monday!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ratbeard's 1st promotion quest

    After defeating ChumbaWumba on the top of Waponi Wu and saving what was left of Gunn's treasure, Ratbeard, our enemy decided to join our crew! (We aren't that quick to trust him yet but we could always use more help) Once he joins us he calls us to the tavern! Its time for him to be promoted!
    He is the only companion in the game so far that you do not have to level at all to be promoted, once you recieve him (he is an all class companion- like bonnie anne) he will ask you to come to the tavern. He starts out with "hold the line" which has the chance at stopping an approaching enemy in their tracks, and the critical strike which crits 100%. What will he look like after his promotion? What new abilities will he recieve? Check it out!


To the top!

Yohoho and a bottle o' yum!
    Earlier on our adventure we explored Bounty Island! The clue we found in Shady Hollow had directed us to that Island to where Gunn's treasure was. After completing the rest of Gunn's puzzles and such on the Island the cannon on the ship blew up the gate and we had access to underneath the island where Gunn's yum maker was and all of his gold!
    Sadly we saw waponi footprints coming from the drain pipe on the side of the room. Suddenly Squinty the crab appears and yells at us for finding the treasure. He summons up some crawlies and we battle them. After we beat them he says he is done at the island and leaves. Old scratch then uses a spell on Captain Gunn's skeleton so he can talk (well his head at least). He tells us that The waponi's have swam through the drain pipe on the side over there. He asks us to go take the treasure back from the Waponi's on Waponi wu the volcano nearby.
    Before heading to the Volcano, we first sail back to Skull Island to talk to Madame Vadima who had called us before entering Bounty Island. Lets see what new things we can learn!
   Spirit sight and Soulreaver this time! Spirit Sight is an ability that allows us to use our magic one spot further on the battleboard if we are using a staffy weapon. Soulreaver is similiar to Ghostwail as it hits a couple of times but Soulreaver actually "curses" the target so it gets damaged at the beginning of their turn for the next 2 turns. Similiar to a DOT over on Wiz.
    We finally arrive on Waponi Wu! Home of the Waponi's! What dangers will we face here? Is Ratbeard here?
LOL! Until next time Pirates!

Bounty Island!

     Last time on our Pirate101 adventure, we followed Captain Gunn's clues to Shady Hollow on Buccaneer Island. While we looked for his firstmates gravestone we found an area owned by a witchdoctor named Old Scratch. He engaged battle with us and once we defeated them, Old scratch decided to join our crew!

    He has a ability that allows him to summon a skeleton npc to the battleboard! Awesome!
After Old Scratch decides to join our crew, he tells us that the gravestone we are looking for is over in the corner of the hoodoo house. As we approach it, the next clues says we must go to Bounty Island which is near Flotsam and Waponi Wu. When we are there we must find the next clue at the mermaid statue. Time to head out on another wild adventure! 
    When we dock on Bounty Island, a crab is at the entrance to it. Who is he and will we finally find Gunn's Treasure here? Time to find out!

I want to thank you all for following our adventure! It means alot! See ya around the skyways pirates!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Treasure Hunt!

    Last time on our P101 adventure, One-eyed Jack told us the house Ratbeard was hiding out in while we were at Flotsam. Quickly we ran to the Flotsam summer rental house and by the time we entered, ratbeard jumped out the window and there was Gunn's Will on the table on fire. We made it just in time to see where the next clue was; Corsair's Channel!
    Once we are inside, we see the barrel on the side of the room with the next clue to Gunn's treasure. Mormo (or your kraken skull companion) will also tell you to go read the book on the table which turns out to be a training tome. You will find these scattered throughout the spiral. Keep your eyes out!
    On the outskirts of Flotsam, there is an old lighthouse on Buccaneer Isle. Achors aweigh!

    When you dock your ship near the old lighthouse you will notice there are pieces of it floating around. Head up towards the Island and you will see footprints! There is also a funky bunch pile in one of the houses before following the footprints into the back. Who's foot prints are these and where does this lead to? What is Shady hollow which was described in Gunn's clue?
    When entering the pathway into the woods, you see tons of undead walking around and guarding houses scattered everywhere. In Gunn's last clue he asked you to find the grave of his first mate. Time to go grave hunting! ;)
    After searching the gravestones in the area (LOL look at the rhymes above) we do not see Gunn's firstmates gravestone. Milo then points out an area over on the other side and we decide to explore! What will we discover? Is the gravestone we are looking for inside? Time to find out!

As always, thank you for joining us! :) See ya in the skyways!