Wednesday, January 9, 2013


    How is everyones Wednesday going? In this post I will be sharing with you one of my ideas I think that will really improve Companions and their diversity in Pirate101. You know how we love to accessorize our Pirates/Wizards with cool looking robes, hats, shoes, weapons etc..? Well I was thinking what about our companions?
    I thought about this during a PvP match since there were so many El toro's on the board, same look just different color combos. Well what if we had the option to change our companions weapons (appearence) and accessories? Imagine Bonnie Anne with 2 handguns instead of her Rifle with a cowboy outfit. Or imagine El Toro with a different hat/robe on with a golden necklace. It would allow us to customize our companions to our hearts desire and would definatly create more diversity than colors.
    Another example say you wanted to give bonnie anne some earrings to wear or a necklace with a different set of clothes. Or change Mustang Sally's outfit to another theme and give her a ring to wear. The possibilites are endless.
    Now you are thinking, well what about when a companion promotes to the next level, what happens? Well all of the companions have their default look/gear. We could just beable to customize around that or remove the accessories if we wanted to go back to their regular look.
    I went through my Pirate101 screenshots and found multiple accessories/gear that I think would be perfect to accessorize our companions with. Not the same obviously but you get the point of what I mean by seeing these.

[Headbands with different patterns, Necklaces with different themes/patterns]
[Different types of Jewelery, we are pirates after all lets show off our loot]
[Different types of hats, shoes]
[Jewelery, Weapons]
[Different themes of attire]
[Bowtie, Tuxedo attire, Wrist cuffs, hat]
[Cowboy hats, cowboy attire]
[Earrings, Eyepatches]
[More hats]
    What do you think? I would love to hear your opinions on this. Obviously this wouldn't be priority right now, they need to get settled as the game came out only a few months ago, but I really think this would give us more diversity in our companions which is a good thing, because who wants to see the same companions over and over all around you?
Leave your comments/suggestions below and thank you for reading!

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