Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aztecan Story Contest!

    Hello everyone! If you do not know already, today on Pirate101, Kingsisle released its first pack. The Tribal Crew Pack is derived from the world of Azteca. If you wish to learn more about the pack you can either visit the main site and my previous blogpost on it explaining what is inside.
    For this contest, all you have to do is choose one of the companions above and create a short story with them as the main characters. Their names starting from the Skeleton figure are, [Chilam Bak, Lemba Moonskull, Kawil Doomclaw, Itzen Kaan, and Holkun Doomhorn] It has to take place in Azteca. If you need more information on Azteca, you can check here.
    You must also include your pirate at some point in the story. (Will the dino you choose above become friends with your pirate? Will it attack you? That is up to you and your story!)
1st- 5 tribal crew packs
2nd- 2 tribal crew packs
3rd- 2 tribal crew packs
4th- 2 tribal crew packs
5th- 1 tribal crew pack
    The winning stories will be posted on the site! Time to polish your storytelling skills! The deadline is this sunday night at midnight eastern time. Winners will be posted sometime on Monday!
    Please send your short stories to . (If you are under the age of 13, please get your parents permission first, thanks!) With the subject title "Aztecan Story". If you have any questions feel free to contact me on twitter, email, or just post a comment below! Goodluck to you all! Winners goodluck when opening your packs, hopefully there will be some companions inside!
Quick thank you to Kingsisle and Pirate101's awesome CM, Friendly Necro, for allowing us to give away some of these new packs!


  1. Hello, is there a word minimum/maximum for the stories? If I get off to a good start, then my entries end up being around 1500 words. However, I participated in your last contest, and achieved the word maximum of 750.


    1. Hi! :)
      There is no limit, write to your hearts content.

      I will be looking for unique storylines and any twists or turns.

      Thanks for participating!

  2. When do we have to send in our stories by? :)

    1. Sunday at midnight eastern time is the deadline.

  3. x It was a sunny day at the jungle in Azteca. All the dinosaurs were playing a game of dodge ball together joyfully, except... x

    Chilam Bak: x Gets hit in the face with a dodge ball x Ouch!

    Lemba Moonskull: Oh come on! That was one of my lightest throws! What kind of dinosaur are you? You don't even have a special ability! I'm super fast x runs circles around Chilam at extreme speed x

    Itzen Kaan: I'm one of the very few dinosaurs that can fly x starts flying around Chilam Bak x

    Holkun Doomhorn: I have the ability of awesomeness! x awkward silence x

    RAAAAAWWRRRRRRR! Echoed a gigantic voice. It was Kawil Doomclaw, a friend of Chilam Bak.

    Kawil Doomclaw: Leave Chilam Bak alone or feel my wrath!

    Lemba Moonskull: AAAAHHHHHHHH!
    Itzen Kaan: AAAAHHHHHHHH!
    Holkun Doomhorn:AAAAHHHHHHHH!

    x the three dinosaurs fled from the jungle x

    Kawil Doomclaw: Are you ok Chilam Bak?

    Chilam Bak: No :( they're right, I don't have any talents.

    Kawil Doomclaw: That's not true,you just need to find it, that's all.

    Chilam Bak: Easy for you to say, your talent is super strength.

    Kawil Doomclaw: I could help you find your talent.

    Chilam Bak: It's ok, I'll just go home now. x Chilam Bak walks through a rocky path and then stops when he notices a cave with a shining light x Lets check out the cave. x Chilam Bak enters the cave and sees a glowing stone, then a voice was heard x

    Voice: Chilam Bak, you have finally arrived.

    Chilam Bak: Arrived for what? Chilam Bak asked.

    Voice: For your talent of course. I am the only one left that knows it, and I shall teach it to you.

    Chilam Bak: COOL!!! What is it?

    Voice: x teaches Chilam Bak three talents x


    Voice: Now i must tell you about the history of your race. You come from a very ancient race of dinosaurs called "The Protectors". They were called this because they protected an artifact called "The Triangle Of Balance". The Triangle of Balance is used to keep balance and peace in our land. It was stolen by none other than "Captain Avery". Avery decided to give it to a pirate that goes by the name of "Fearless Adam". Find him just a little bit to the North from here and retrieve it.

    Chilam Bak: I'll get it back no problem! x heads north and sees Adam x HEY YOU STOP RIGHT THERE!

    Adam: Hmm?

    Chilam Bak: x uses his first talent, the Fireball x

    Adam O.O x quickly dodges x HEY BE CAREFUL!

    Chilam Bak: x uses his second talent, the Frostbite x

    Adam: x freezes x

    Chilam Bak: x uses third attack, the Stormcharge x


    Boochbeard: Hey!

    Chilam Bak: I want the triangle of balance back. If we lose it, Azteca will lose it's peaceful nature.

    Adam: What! Avery never mentioned that! Here take it back, I don't want to end the peace here.

    Chilam Bak: Thank you x heads back to the cave x

    Voice: You fought bravely today, and for that you are now officially...A Protector. As A Protector, you learn an intensely creative and energy-consuming technique x whispers it into Chilam Bak's ear x

    Chilam Bak: Cool, I know just who to use it on. x goes to the forest the next day and sees that everyone is playing dodge ball without him x

    Lemba Moonskull: Sorry Chilam Bak, specially talented dinosaurs only!

    Chilam Bak: x Starts glowing x

    Everyone: O.O

    Chilam Bak: Kawil Doomclaw, move out of the way! Quickly! x combines all three talents and uses them to form any shape he wants x Let's tie these three up with ropes! x ties them to a tree x

    Three Dinosaurs: Let us go! Let us go! We're sorry! You can play!

    Kawil Doomclaw: Wow, how did you do that?!

    Chilam Bak: I had a good teacher :P


  4. Oh my! that was the most nerve racking story i have ever written lol