Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bones Mcgee!

    Hello ye landlubbers! Last time on our adventure, we docked at the small Monquistan city of Puerto Mico. Avery wanted us to meet the govenor there to ask to sign a treaty. The Govenor declined in the end, but there was a bishop in the cathedral who had an idea on how we could get the treaty signed! The Golden Monkey on the Isle of Doom!
    Before we head to the Island, we are going to go back to Flotsam for a sidequest there that gives us a new companion (Witchdoctor exclusive only!) You recieve this quest from the Captain on the docks before entering Flotsam.
     Once we are near the Ruined Lighthouse, Bonnie Anne informs us that the ship wreck that is floating around the lighthouse is infact the Octavius! We dock and head into Shady Hollow following the footprints we see in the sand!
    When we enter the cavern, there are a bunch of undead who engage battle with us. While we are fighting we can see Young Jack in the back. After battle we talk to him.
    Old Scratch says dark evil is working here and says he will bring help. He summons up Bones McGee! He ends up joining your crew (if you are a witchdoctor). Bones is a Musketeer, and a very powerful one at that! I've been using him in some battles and he crits alot!
    Once we add Bones to our Crew, we bring Jack back to Flotsam and find a cure for what happened to him through the side quest. Once the Captain at Flotsam thanks us for everything, we set sail to the Gold Mine near Scrimshaw! Anchors aweigh!
Until next time! Thank you for reading.

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