Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flotsam ahead!

    Last time on our adventures, we had to go and find who stole Captain Avery's Mooshu falcon statue! In the end, the one who had it was Joey Karo and Marcus. Joey asked us to ask Avery to sell it and then he goes and has people steal it! Once we returned the special statue to Avery he thanks us.
    We have to now head to Flotsam to see One-eyed Jack like the Frogfather instructed us. Maybe he will know where Ratbeard is! As we arrive there, we get some of the side quests in the area and complete them.
    One of the Npc, First Mate Roll (above) told us that his captain went to bottle his ship and he bottled himself with the ship! LOL. The local waponi tribe captured the bottle and we had to go retrieve it to release him. After exploring the new town of ships smashed together, we visit the vendors! If you feel like upgrading your gear/weapons now would be a great time!
    After checking out the new gear here, we head to the tavern at the top of the flotsam to meet One-eyed Jack! When we arrive we see him no where in sight, but we do ask the bartender, Barkeeper Flopsy if he knows where he is.
    Flopsy says his "uncle" went to go collect rent from his other establishments he owns in Flotsam. We go and check out the flophouse to speak to a girl named Sally. Once we arrive, we are bombarded by a few dog pirates. Mustang Sally joins us and asks for our help.
    The dogs were sent by Ratbeard to collect payment? Hmm... Sally says she owes us a favor for helping her and we ask her about One-eyed Jack. She tells us to go talk to Salty Ned to find out where Jack is. Once we talk to him he tells us that he is in the Tavern. Ned tell us to tell Jack that he will have the money in 2 days. When we arrive at the Tavern again, we see that rabbit but towards the back of the room. When we approach him, it turns out that Flopsy was One-eyed Jack! That little trickster! He apologizes and says a rabbit cant be too careful.
    He tells us that he told Ratbeard we were looking for him when we left to go to the flophouse. Thats why those dogs showed up and fought us. Jack then tells us where Ratbeard is hiding in Flotsam. Before we head there, we recruit a new companion! Wut Tang is from the Crowns shop and is a Privateer. He has the talent Riposte and Critical Strike! Riposte is a talent where if your companion dodges an enemies attack, your companion has a chance at hitting back with alot more damage than normal! He looks beast with his karate kicks and standing on one leg! ;)
    When entering the house that Ratbeard was hiding in, he says we are too late when we enter. He jumps out the window..(LOL) and then he we see the burning Will on the table. We rush to read it before it is gone. We reached the Will and learned we had to go to Corsair's Cove to find the next clue! Lets hurry before Ratbeard gets there first!
Thanks for joining us on our adventure! Untill next time!

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