Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse!

    How are all ye landlubbers doing this fine day? Today in our Pirate101adventure it is a very special day. We get to meet the don of the spiral. We last left off exploring Rapa Nui and then had to save Norville from the group of pirates who kidnapped him and brought him to their lair in the Skull Island sewers.
    Before we set sail for Jonah Town to return Norville to his father, we stop by Madame Vadima's to learn a new spell.

    Jobu's Breath! Wow we get to drain the health of one enemy and get 50% of the damage done back to us as health! Epic! This spell is similiar to the Vampire spell in Wizard101 that necromancers use. Time to set sail to Jonah Town!
     When we bring Norville back to Captain Ahab he is very greatful and decides to tell us finally where the Frogfather is. You can also notice in the picture above that The reward from the quest "Crown Surprise" is a companion that got unlocked in the crown shop. Nanu Nanu the water mole spearman buccaneer. Captain tells us that Frogfather lives Under the town. How is that possible you may ask? He lives inside the whale!
    To get inside the whale, the captain tells us to go into the bucket behind him and he will lower us down. We have gone into Sewers and now we are going into a whale! That is the pirates life!

    When you are lowered down, you will now be in Gullet. This is also a little town inside of the whale and below Jonah Town. This is where the Frogfather resides. When you are about to explore a frog named Slimy Jenkins. He tells you to go up the ramp behind him and turn to the left and look for the big double doors. Knock 3 times and ask for Rocco, and tell him the password. Maybe we will find the Frogfather inside?

    Finally we meet the Frogfather! Woot isn't his voice epic? Badabing badaboom. He made us an offer we cant refuse, he wants us to go to the nearby Monquistan Fortress, the presidio to steal some of their spices. He will then tell us more about ratbeard if we bring them back. Sounds like a nice deal?
    Next up the Presidio! One more thing, make sure you go and check out the Frogfathers (Jay Gordon) Facebook page! He is the producer of Pirate101!

Thanks for reading!

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