Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year!

    This is the first post of 2013! Woot! Happy New years to you all! The snow has all melted on Pirates-of-the-Spiral, and the beautiful oasis breeze and warmth is back. (For us yes, for you possibly not!) ;) Very exciting news! Remember when the whole community came together to vote for Pirate101 game of the year on
    Well congratulations to Pirate101! We completed our quest and we won by a mere few points from Guild War 2! Woot us pirates get anything accomplished! (Even with some help from our Wizard friends!)
    Next on the list, is the Game of the Year Poll over at Massively! Now Massively is a little different, they already chose their choice for game of the year without a poll, but alas they let the community vote for what game they thought was game of the year 2012.
    Yes, us Pirates smashed Guild of War 2 yet again in that poll also! ;) Woot our Kingsisle community is the best one ever, you will never find another one like us!
    Today is the last day to purchase any of the Yuletide weapons/gear in the Crown Shop! Also the exclusive Buccaneer companion "Yule Trog" will be removed after today. If you want any of these, get them before the day is over! Bought the candy cane swords and Yule trog myself! Its worth it! Especially if you love to collect exclusive content!
    Finally, you all should head over to the Main Site to check out the new January Newsletter and the first producers letter from the Frogfather himself! :D (Jay Gordon, Producer) He promises more twists and turns in the coming months for Pirate101!
As always, thank you for reading and visiting Pirates of the spiral!

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