Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pirate101 Tribal Crew Pack!

    Today is a special day in Pirate101! The first ever Pirate101 pack is released! The ancient aztecans have awoken! Lets begin this post and talk about the different items you can get in this pack!
    In this pack there are different kinds of loot you can get! Each type is a different color card.
Green is Housing items.
Blue is gear/weapons/treasures.
Purple is Mounts.
Grey is Training tomes.
Light purple is pets.
    First up is Housing Items! There are tons of ancient looking Aztecan furniture pieces in this pack. From Rubble, carvings, statues, wallpaper/flooring and much more! Who will be turning there bunkroom into an aztecan temple? :)
    Second is Gear/Weapons! Robes, Hats, Shoes, weapons, Accessories galore! All Aztecan themed of course. There are a few different sets, all classes can use them but each set will benefit certain classes better state wise. For example the Four Rain set is useful for my Witchdoctor since it gives Will boosts.
    Third is Treasures! This type of reward is new! There is nothing like this in the Wizard101 hoard packs. There are tons of treasures you can get from this pack. Some examples are below. What the purpose of this reward is, you bring it to any item vendor and you sell them for different amounts of gold. There are different tiers, uncommon, common, rare, ultra rare, etc. The higher tier they are the more they will sell! The Monkey Idol sells for 6000 gold!

    Next is Mounts! The main mount for this pack is the Ankylosaurus. There a few different colors you can get it in if your lucky. The other mounts I have seen are different types of Jaguars. For example I got a Hunter Puma which is a purple color.
    There are also Training tomes in the pack! In different denominations. This is great news for pirates who love to level their companions!
    New pets! If you are a pet collector you will want to add these to your collection!
    Finally there is one more catagory! The Companions! I was lucky enough to get one in one of my packs. I'm not 100% sure on this but there are 5 companions in this pack and 5 pirate classes. I think each one is a different pirate class. Mine is a Privateer that comes with the Riposte talent and the healing rouse ability.
    So now you have seen all of the cool Aztecan treasures you can obtain from this pack and its almost time for you to have a chance at winning some packs! I first want to thank Kingsisle and Friendly Necro for passing along some packs to give away! You guys are the best! If you win a pack goodluck when opening it! Make sure to share what you got!
    I may do some trivia later tonight or may come up with another contest! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


  1. i got a bowgun, a hammer, and a dagger

  2. i got a golden jaguar

    1. whats the percent on the golden jaguar???

  3. Lots of people are getting this pack. Sadly, I can't afford it. )=

    1. I guess you could do the trivia on freekigames for 4 days?
      that's what I did and I got a Spiny Serpent, Golden Jaguar and Doomclaw companion out of it :)