Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rapa Nui ahead captain!

    Hey all! Today my witchdoctor is headed to Rapa Nui! We last left off with saving Brody from the Vortex of Doom and returning him to Jonah Town. Captain Ahab agreed to tell us where to find the Frogfather if we go look for his son Norville. He said he last knew that he was at the Watermole Island nearby called Rapa Nui.
    Before heading there we take out some of the Cutthroat ships surrounding the Island to look for Tim and Perry's Musical Instruments. Once we dock at Rapa Nui, we see a little village of water moles. There are a variety of vendors here, if you want to sell some of the loot required here you should go ahead. Make sure to check if there is any gear or housing items you like here also! You should always purchase new gear when arriving at a new area. [Keeps you on par with the mobs around] Unless of course you have some cool crown gear.
    After checking out the vendors, you should make your way to the back of the island and meet
Uma-Guma. He will ask you to visit another watermole on Skull Island as a side quest to create a potion. One you are done talking to him, Trader Tahi near the life fountain will ask if you want to buy from the market, but then he realizes you are looking for Ratbeard. He tells you to go and talk to Chief Omutu behind him.
    When you talk to the Chief of Rapa Nui, he fills you in that Ratbeard was once friends with their tribe, but he betrayed them and took their sacred feathers and gave them to their rival tribe, the Waponi's.

    The Chief asks you to go and defeat some of the waponi ships around the island. When I was defeating them I recieved a cool new ship headpiece that is a Skeleton figure. Also I got a Basic side table, and new sails. After you are finished, head back and the Chief will give you your first Mana potion. This means if you are low on health or one of your companions died in battle, you can just click your full potion and it will heal you and revive your companion(s).

    Once you recieve your Mana potion, we ask about Norville and he tells us to go and talk to Hunter Raku for information. When we approach the hunter, he informs us that Norville "left" with a bunch of pirates who sailed to Skull Island. He also says the bird was "happy". But when we see the picture, you can clearly see they kidnapped him!
    To find out where the Frogfather is, we have to bring Norville back to Jonah town which means we need to go save him from that group of pirates. After raising our anchors from Rapa Nui docks, we go and finish our side quests (Saving Terry, Flying fish, Tim and Perry's musical instruments, Watermole potion)
    Once we are finished and have a nice clean quest book we head to talk to the bartender in Krakens Skull Tavern to ask if he has seen Norville or the group of pirates. He tells us to go and ask Blind Mew. When we talk to Blind Mew (who is blind) he tells us that he smelled the pirates scents and that they went over to the sewer gate next to the little shack. Now you can say you have went into a sewer as a pirate! :D What will happen inside?
    Once inside, you will find the group of pirates with Norville in the background. There were 5 pirates originally in the picture but one of them got lost or must have gotten yum crazy at the tavern! When you walk into the room they first think you are the other crew member but then see its you. They engage in battle. This is really easy, just focus all of your companions attacks on one pirate at a time instead of attacking multiple pirates with different companions.
    What will happen when we return Norville to Jonah Town, who is the frogfather and will he tell us where Ratbeard is? Stay tuned! Thanks for coming along with us on our journey!

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