Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ratbeard's 1st promotion quest

    After defeating ChumbaWumba on the top of Waponi Wu and saving what was left of Gunn's treasure, Ratbeard, our enemy decided to join our crew! (We aren't that quick to trust him yet but we could always use more help) Once he joins us he calls us to the tavern! Its time for him to be promoted!
    He is the only companion in the game so far that you do not have to level at all to be promoted, once you recieve him (he is an all class companion- like bonnie anne) he will ask you to come to the tavern. He starts out with "hold the line" which has the chance at stopping an approaching enemy in their tracks, and the critical strike which crits 100%. What will he look like after his promotion? What new abilities will he recieve? Check it out!


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