Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spice delivery!

    Hello me hearties! I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything the past 2 days, on Friday I had to put my dog down! :/ It was his time to go and I am at ease with it now even though I feel bad for my other dog who is now alone looking for his buddy. We are hoping he adjusts well! . . .Back to the story!
    Last time we left off, the Frogfather had us go to the nearby Monquistan Fort; The Presidio, to steal special spices.We succeeded in our mission and now are returning to the Frogfather for him to tell us where Ratbeard is with Captain Gunn's will!

    When returning to the Frogfather, he thanks you for your work and says he has heard you did a great job at the presidio. While at the Presidio you meet one of your Parents friends (Mine happens to be Milo Graytail the Swashbuckler because I chose in the beginning that my parents died in a storm) Each different choice has a different companion with it that is at the presidio.
Sky Squid: Birgus Latro, Crab Thug, Buccaneer
Storm: Milo Greytail, Rat Brigand, Swashbuckler
Armada: Gaspard De Vole, Guinea Pig Buccaneer, Buccaneer
Shipwrecked: Lucky Jack Russel, Dog Private, Privateer
Mutiny: Undead Mike, , Buccaneer
    AntP over on Pirate101central has listed the choices above. In my personal opinion my favorite is Milo! He has great power and is a killer in combat. It is great to know you have someone on your crew that knew your parents! Maybe we will find out more about them! Once you gain your new companion, the Frogfather will also tell you that your parents had asked permission to dock their ship on the private dock in Jonah Town. He gives us his blessing and lets us have access to the secret dock next to the Tavern building.
    Before heading to the Dock, we stopped by the tavern and in gullet to pick up the new side quests that opened up. (Who doesn't like extra xp/naut xp/gold! ) We then go to the dock and we bottle up "The Dancing Ransom"! Milo says our parents equipped it well! Woot looks epic with my skeleton flag!
Up Next! The Mooshu Falcon, and we buy a crown companion to add to our crew! As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Is this on your Witchdoctor, Johnny? If so then you are a kindred spirit since my own WD, Cruel Cordelia Voss also chose Milo as her companion (unknowingly of course) :)

    You are so very right because he really is a great companion especially with Epic Talents like Bladestorm, Second Chance, Riposte, and Cheap Shot :D

    Good luck in Flotsam!


    1. Yep its on my Witchdoc, :) All of the parts are under P101adventure tab at the top. Thanks for the gl!