Sunday, January 20, 2013

To the top!

Yohoho and a bottle o' yum!
    Earlier on our adventure we explored Bounty Island! The clue we found in Shady Hollow had directed us to that Island to where Gunn's treasure was. After completing the rest of Gunn's puzzles and such on the Island the cannon on the ship blew up the gate and we had access to underneath the island where Gunn's yum maker was and all of his gold!
    Sadly we saw waponi footprints coming from the drain pipe on the side of the room. Suddenly Squinty the crab appears and yells at us for finding the treasure. He summons up some crawlies and we battle them. After we beat them he says he is done at the island and leaves. Old scratch then uses a spell on Captain Gunn's skeleton so he can talk (well his head at least). He tells us that The waponi's have swam through the drain pipe on the side over there. He asks us to go take the treasure back from the Waponi's on Waponi wu the volcano nearby.
    Before heading to the Volcano, we first sail back to Skull Island to talk to Madame Vadima who had called us before entering Bounty Island. Lets see what new things we can learn!
   Spirit sight and Soulreaver this time! Spirit Sight is an ability that allows us to use our magic one spot further on the battleboard if we are using a staffy weapon. Soulreaver is similiar to Ghostwail as it hits a couple of times but Soulreaver actually "curses" the target so it gets damaged at the beginning of their turn for the next 2 turns. Similiar to a DOT over on Wiz.
    We finally arrive on Waponi Wu! Home of the Waponi's! What dangers will we face here? Is Ratbeard here?
LOL! Until next time Pirates!

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