Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What do you want in Pirate101 hoard packs?

    Today I wanted to talk to you all about Hoard Packs! Alot of us know them from over on Wizard101. They are "booster packs" containing multiple kinds of items. [From Pet snacks, reagents, pets, spells, mounts, furniture etc..] In Pirate101 beta, there was a Troggy Booster pack available to buy. (Pic above) It contained Furniture items, a cool Troggy Warrior companion, ship parts, weapons and much more.
    Basically I want to go through the things that I think would be pretty awesome to be put into these packs for Pirate101! First up is.........
  Just like in Wizard101, I think it would be great to see new pets in the card packs. Maybe there would be an armada themed pack with a robot cog pet? What are your ideas for pets? Leave it in the comment section below!
We all love mounts right? I am hoping for armada type mount or a Marleybone car in Pirate101 port royal style! :D What are your ideas for mounts in the hoard packs or the game in general?
Definatly ships! I know I keep saying armada ideas, but I love the style of their things. Imagine an armada pack with a huge armada themed ship?! It would be epic! :D Arabian themed ship for the world of Mirage? Krokotopia ships, Darkmoore? The possibilities are endless!
Obviously the gear in the packs should be set up like the way it is in Wiz, by the level of your pirate opening the pack. Companions! Yes! I think a companion matching the theme of the hoard pack would be brilliant. Especially if they have a rare power or talent! What are your ideas for new companions in the packs?
I would love to see new exclusive talents/powers we could add to our battle strategies from both hoard packs and in-game storylines! The one I really enjoyed from when I first started playing Pirate101 was the one that Boochbeard has in the tutorial! The style of it is epic. What Powers/talents are you looking forward to?
Housing Items
Who doesn't like housing items? Right Paige? :D I really liked the mooshu housing item pack in Wizard101 which was a pack basically devoted for housing items. It had multiple interactable items to place in your house, like the Koi pond and the Jumping Ninja Wall. What furniture items do you wish to see in the hoard packs or in the game? Ideas?
    If you have anymore ideas on what should be placed in the hoard packs for Pirate101 let us know by leaving a comment! What pack themes would you like to see? (My favorites to collect are going to be the companions!) As always thanks for reading!


  1. Absolutely nothing. I don't want hoard packs in Pirate101 at all. Unless they sold the good gear separately along with the packs...

    1. Thanks for commenting! :) I know alot of people who feel the same way you do, but I do see them coming to P101 soon.

  2. Instead of calling them "Hoard" packs, I want to call them "Bounty" packs. It just has that nautical ring to it, doesn't it?

    Anyway, I wish to see the "Clockwork's Bounty" pack. What I imagine would be in it:

    Maybe a clockwork seagull, or something more like... Ooh, wait! One of those mechanical mystery birds from that sidequest in Valencia! Yeah, definitely!

    MOUNTS: Robot Ostrich, or something? Haven't really thought that part through all the way...

    SHIPS: Armada Galleon, of course. Maybe it would drop some Armada Skiffs and Frigates in there as well.

    GEAR: Of course gear that makes you look like an armada officer. I'm thinking of having one of the clockwork Sniper masks with a +Agility for Musketeer/Swashbuckler pirates, and a clockwork Marine mask with a +Strength boost for Buccaneer/Privateer pirates. A random mask with for Witchdoctors/Privateers +Will bonus, and armor/boots to match. In the realm of weapons, a revamped Armada gun for Musketeers, and revamped Armada weapons for the melee classes and Witchdoctors.

    COMPANIONS: Clockwork Sniper/Clockwork Marine companions, of course.

    POWER/TALENTS: I don't think that's the type of thing Pirate101 will be able to incorporate into their Hoard/Bounty packs.

    HOUSING: I can't think of anything at the moment.

    So, what are your thoughts on my thoughts?

    1. I like your idea of calling it bounty packs! :)
      All of your ideas for each catagory is great!

      They should make a pack theme based around each class so we all can benefit from it.

  3. Just to add on to Cole Crow's idea, maybe they could release Kane clothing items in an Armada pack.

    I would also like to see a Valencian pack. It would be more geared towards skills and abilities, since the unicorns are all about learning.

    Pets would be those little clockwork birds or maybe owls that represent wisdom.

    It would be cool to include clothes, though, like the women's dresses for girls or those tunic/cloak/...whatever those outfits are for guys. xD The weapons could be giant atlas books that you bonk enemies over the head with. It could stun them for a round or two and do some damage.

    Perhaps acquired skills would be like training tomes but for your character where they read the tome and learn the skill. The skills could be fancy renaissance-themed swordfighting moves, or maybe you could literally throw the book at someone with a ranged attack skill. ;)

    Ships could be modeled after gondolas or maybe even ancient Greek/Roman war ships.

    Housing could be fancy Italian-themed stuff like those historical items you have to go rescue from the city streets.

    You got my imagination going now, Johnny! Awesome post.

  4. I think that there does not need to be Greek/Roman style warships because the newest world Aquila already has that covered. As for a Clockwork pack, I would suggest adding "Rogue elites" to the pack. Rogue elites are rogue versions of the clockwork elites which can be obtained through a quest code provided by the pack, and the quest involves you finding a super prototype of the elite clockwork matching your class, and you will follow the quest to gather parts to finish it then program it to follow your commands. Elite clockwork list: Deacon(Musketeer rogue elite), Rooke(Bucaneer rogue elite), Bishop(Witchdoctor rogue elite), Phule(Privateer rogue elite), ???*(Swashbuckler rogue elite). The special thing about these rogue elites is that they will automatically revive if destroyed after a battle because they are robots and story would say they are auto repaired back at your ship then come back. That's what I can add.

    * = That is the female clockwork(maybe the commander of the battle angels), nicknamed "Queen" by players.