Friday, February 1, 2013

Friendship Festival!

Hello there!
    You may recognize me, I'm Valentina Heartsong who visits Wizard City every February! Before heading to WC, we are making a stop at Pirates of the Spiral! An interesting fact about me is that I am not only a wizard, but a pirate too! :) You may ask what Pirate class I am? Privateer at heart, with a little touch of Witchdoctor power! [Where do you think the Charm spell comes from? ;)]
    The piggle next to me is my special pet, Cupid. He loves being a pirate too! I have brought with me a whole bunch of goodies and throughout the next couple of days there will be some charming events! Take a look at them below, when they open I will make sure to announce it!
I brought along with me a bunch of piggles! They have been roaming around the site and need to be found so I can bring them to Wizard City! They could be on any blogpost, or page, those sneaky little things! If you find one, click it and it will bring you to a code! 5 of them have gone missing. Each day starting tomorrow at 6:00 PM eastern, one will show up. The winner will recieve a code for 5,000 crowns when clicking on the pig, act fast!
 1- This piggle was on the Boochbeard Bundle Stats post. @Wizard101Source found it first!
2- This piggle was on the Stupendor-X post. ??? found it first!
3- This piggle was on the "P101 adventure page" (tab at top of the page). @Real_Fireball44 found it!4- This piggle was on the "El Dorado" blog post! @dannywizzy94 found it!
5- This piggle was on the Jeff Toney Interview post! ???? found it!
During a couple of days in February Johnny may ask a Trivia question on twitter! Make sure you follow him - @Jcentral1 . There will be 5 questions, each winner will recieve a code for 5,000 crowns! (You cannot win twice, these codes only work on one account once.)
1 - How many golden coins are scattered on the dock @ select screen?
Answer: 9 Winner: @Hayteman22
2 - What was the name of the ship wreck in Scrimshaw near the jaw of the whale?
Answer: Pequod Winner: @Talkintheplank
3 - What 3 members of the Magnificent 7 joined you while breaking into the Frogerale Jail Compound?
Answer: Bat Masterson, Wild Bill Peacock and Jane Canary! Winner: @SGriffinsong
4 - Name Captain Bloods hand of cards in his card game with death, (#'s and symbols).
Answer: 9 horseshoe,8 knife,8 skull,Ace knife,Ace skull Winner: @korgre2
5 - Who are the current Magnificent 7 after the Magnificent 7 storyline?
Answer: Timmy,Billy the Kid, Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Peacock, Jane Canary, Bat Masterson, Duck Holiday. Winner: @tabithasword
Johnny will post a few riddles on Twitter of a poem written by a character in the game. You will have to correctly tweet who wrote the poem and who was it to?
Answer- Mustang Sally to El Toro; Winner- @Clevercolecrow
Answer- Lucious Fox to Bonnie Anne; Winner- @MarissaPetal
Answer- Finn Dorsal to Sarah Steele; Winner- @JordanSeaWiz
Answer- Pirates Father to Pirates Mother; Winner- @Swordroll
Answer- Ratbeard to Bonnie Anne; Winner- @Sundreamwiz
Good at Poems? Here is your chance to show Valentina your writing powers. Create a Valentine Poem Pirate101 style. Send these to . (If you are under 13, please get permission from a guardian first! Thanks!)
There will be 5 winners chosen and their poem's will be showcased on the site. Each winner will recieve a code for 5,000 crowns!
1. By Richard Sharpe~
My love is like a brand new boat
   That’s launched at high noon :
My love is like a white throat
   That’s freshly cut in June.
As fair art thou, my bonnie fox,
   So deep in love am I :
And I will love thee still, my cox,
   Till a’ the skyways die.
Till a’ the skyways die, my love,
   And Skull Cave melts wi’ the heat :
And I will love thee still, my love,
   While Death is at my feet.
And fare thee well, my soon to wed,
   And fare thee well a time !
And I will come again, my red,
   Thou’ it were a skyway climb.
2. By Boris Ghostgarden~
There was a lovely maiden who lived near Avery Court
Who all throughout the day would see Pirates of every sort
Then one day came a brigand who did catch the maiden’s eye
Thought she, “throughout the skyway, there is no one like this guy!
I must devise a plan of sorts to make him notice me
And this yellow exclamation mark, might just be the key!”
Gingerly, she placed the mark atop her wind-blown hair
In hopes she’d catch the notice of this dashing young corsair
He skittered over to her, riding on his lobster steed
Said he, “good evening, madam, is there something that you need?”
“In deed there is, young pirate,” said the maiden all aglow
“I’d like to make you dinner, is there somewhere we can go?”
The pirate’s eyes grew distant in the gentle evening breeze
Said he “I’m sorry, madam, but I don’t date NPC's!”
3. By Stubborn Duncan Freeman~
On the horizon, in a big convoy,
with Jolly Roger, high above,
We met a friendly ship and said Ahoy!

Our lovely Lass, Bonnie Ann,
across the deck saw a Lad,
Fearless Jo was his name,
and love on first sight happened.

They've bought a ship,
"Fair winds" we said,
couple made a final leap,
and the boat continue ahead!
4. By Katherine De Bouff~
One sunny day, on a blue windlane,
I saw a ship and on a deck a scary man,
with parrot on his shoulder,
Captain Avery was his name!

I heard some tales, about this pirate,
fearless and gruesome, and a really great shooter,
he send all bad guys to Davy Jones Locker,
so I was shocked, when he asked me to a date.

At first I trembled in fear,
but under that rough surface,
he was really dear,
so in my heart love took a place!
5. By Reckless Heather~
Arrr! Th' love month
finally here.
filled with love an'
O' what I seek
is fer me t' keep.
Get ready t' be
shot by me
arrow of
    A big thank you to One-Eyed Jack for letting me have the opportunity to host these contests for you all!