Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Maruzame the key to Ninja101?

    How is everyone doing? Earlier when I was finishing up Mooshu - (Yes lots of new blog posts coming soon for my p101 adventure!) You end up going on a floating turtle to find Cao Tzu. The NPC who helped Marco Pollo find El dorado!
    Before we could summon forth the beast, we had to collect the 5 legendary turtle balls guarded by the legendary beings. (Monkey King, Friar Sand, Pigsly, and Dragon Prince - Shunzang held the last one)
After lots of adventures and challenges, we collected them all and threw them out into the skyway while at the Eye of Harmony.
    After summoning the Turtle, we sailed our ship to him and had to complete a set of trials before getting to meet Cao Tzu. This included, the Water temple, Wood Temple, Fire Temple, Metal Temple, and the Earth Temple. Now call me crazy, but what if this is an Easter egg of a possible "Ninja101"? What if these are the schools that Ninja's can learn?
    I then thought, nah that wouldn't make any sense... but then when I was thinking about it more and more, each of these are weak/strong against eachother. 5 classes, Water is strong against Fire. Fire is strong against Wood. Wood is strong against Water. etc...
    What do you think? Could this be possible? Just for fun, which "Ninja" school would you be? Water, Fire, Metal, Earth, or Wood? Leave your answer in the comments below!
Thank you all for reading! See ya in the skyways!



  1. Ooh that's a really cool idea! :D I would personally either be Fire or Water :) yeah, complete opposites XD

  2. OMG If they made a Ninja 101 that would be so cool. I would definitely play that. I'm not into the pirate thing so much. Since I'm a life wizard I would probably choose wood lol, but then again I like the water too. This was a cool post I enjoyed reading it!!